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15 Best Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs in 2023

15 Best Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs in 2023

Harry Potter is a household name, with books and movies beloved by many. It is easy to immerse yourself in such an engaging story. With its popularity comes fans who love everything connected to it, including hotels and Airbnbs. 

The 15 Best Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs in 2023

Airbnbs are a relatively new idea, only started in 2008. While the big resorts are fun, they are expensive. Plus the experience is watered down to cater to as many people as possible.

The beauty of a Harry Potter-themed Airbnb is that it is an Airbnb! Airbnbs are everywhere, while Harry Potter hotels are few and far between, almost always located near Disney or Universal. 

1. Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts Fan School Dorm

Harry Potter Fan School Dorm, one of the best Harry Potter themed Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Salem, Massachusetts
  • Average Cost Per Night: $325

This Airbnb models itself after the Gryffindor dorm and common room. Located near the heart of Salem, it is very close to many restaurants and even some of the sets in the Hocus Pocus film.

There are two beds, Harry and Ron’s from Hogwarts, and a breakfast nook to enjoy tea or coffee in. 

2. Wizarding Home

Wizarding home in Orlando, one of the best Harry Potter themed Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Kissimmee, Florida
  • Average Cost Per Night: $115

This home is perfect for the larger group wanting a Harry Potter experience. Up to thirteen guests can stay in this five-bedroom house. The four bedrooms on the main floor represent a Hogwarts house, and the lone bedroom upstairs represents Dumbledore’s office.

A common room-themed living area has a Nintendo switch and assorted games. There is a full kitchen as well as a washer and dryer. This location features:

  • A pool and jacuzzi
  • 15 minutes from Disney 
  • 20 minutes from Universal Studios

3. Harry Potter Fan’s Dream Dorm Room

Harry Potter Fan Dream Dorm in Georgia, one of the best Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Chickamauga, Georgia
  • Average Cost Per Night: $120

Only a mile from historic downtown, the Dream Dorm Room is unique in that the host creates an experience for each guest. There are movable, interactive objects so superfans can investigate and find all sorts of small memorabilia. 

Chickamauga National Park is only a few miles away and the town also features many scenic shops and restaurants to enjoy as well. 

4. Wizards Welcome!

Wizards welcome, one of the best Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs in New York

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Queens, New York
  • Average Cost Per Night: $144

Only a twenty-minute walk to the Long Island Railroad, and close to pretty much everything in Queens, this Airbnb has an almost perfect location! It has one bedroom and bathroom but has a full kitchen. 

It features unique Potterhead decor. It has a lovely deck to sit on and a cute breakfast nook. Guests can enjoy:

  • Markets and restaurants around the corner
  • Convenient parking
  • Stores and shops within walking distance 

5. Wizards Way by Loma Homes

Wizards Way by Loma Homes, one of the best Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Champions Gate, Florida 
  • Average Cost Per Night: $529 

With eight differently-themed bedrooms, the Wizard’s Way can hold sixteen guests. The dining room table looks eerily similar to those in the Great Hall. 

Guests get access to all the pools, lazy rivers, and amenities of the resort the home is in, plus a movie theater within the Airbnb. Kids will enjoy reading under the stairs in the comfy nook!

6. Wizard’s Hollow

Wizard's Hollow, one of the best Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Woodfin, North Carolina
  • Average Cost Per Night: $364

While the outside of Wizard’s Hollow looks like it could be the Shrieking Shack mixed with Hogwarts, the inside of the house is gorgeous with subtle Harry Potter influences. 

Wizard’s Hollow is part of a group of seven treehouses that are called the “Treehouses of Serenity.” It is only ten minutes from town but feels isolated in a good way within the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

7. Alchemy

Alchemy, made to look like Hagrid's Hut, one of the best Harry Potter themed Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Asheville, North Carolina
  • Average Cost Per Night: $396

Alchemy is also part of the “Treehouses of Serenity” in Asheville. With beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this smaller house resembles Hagrid’s Hut and even has a small tent for outdoor adventures.  

While Alchemy seems surrounded by nature, it is actually within a few minutes of town. Alchemy features bright colors and a cozy feel that makes guests feel at ease and relaxed. 

8. Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle Theme

Harry Potter Themed Airbnb as seen from the living room

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Greer, South Carolina
  • Average Cost Per Night: $150

This house can hold up to six guests and resembles the Common room and dorms of Hogwarts. There is even a full suit of armor to make it feel like Hogwarts. The home has minimalistic elements that subtly carry the Harry Potter Tune.

It is close to a highway and only a few miles from a town with all the restaurants and shops a vacationer could want, but still has the quiet peace of a secluded location.

9. Harry Potter RM

Harry Potter Themed Airbnb in Florida as seen from the bedroom

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Osceola County, Florida
  • Average Cost Per Night: $284

This Airbnb has plenty of room for lots of people, nine specifically. This Airbnb is not solely dedicated to Harry Potter, unfortunately. But it does include a game room, outdoor pool, and home theater plus a full kitchen. 

It is in a gated community that has biking and walking trails! It is only about ten minutes from Disney World and a little farther from Universal Studios. It is also closely located in the town of Reunion.

10. Luxury Reunion Mansion

Train room in a Harry Potter Themed Airbnb

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Kissimmee, Florida
  • Average Cost Per Night: $1088

While at first glance, this Airbnb does not give off pure Harry Potter feels, it incorporates very nicely Harry Potter-themed aspects. There is also a Frozen bedroom and Batman/Jurassic Park-themed game room. 

This villa is massive! It can hold up to sixteen guests and has nine bathrooms. The Harry Potter room alone has nine bunk beds. This luxury home is only six miles from Disney World. Here guests can enjoy:

  • An Arcade Room
  • Private Pool, Spa, and Patio
  • A Home Theater
  • A Wet Bar
  • Resort Golf Course
  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • All the Resort Amenities 

11. “Wizarding World” Tiny Home

Wizarding World tiny home, one of the best Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs in Texas

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Buda, Texas
  • Average Cost Per Night: $105

Behind a drive-in movie theater, this tiny house embodies the heart of the wizarding world with some subtle and not-so-subtle Harry Potter elements. It has only one bed, but there is a sofa and even a blow-up mattress.

This home is within twenty minutes of Austin, Texas. There is even a s’more maker with all the necessary components included to make the best nighttime snack. A restaurant is right beside the Airbnb, and small dogs can be brought for an additional fee.

12. Magical Luxury Harry Potter Themed Airbnb

Magical Harry Potter Themed Airbnb room

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Average Cost Per Night: $169

This Harry Potter getaway is snuggled in San Francisco and can have up to five guests. There is a terrace for guest use, and there is a gym for use in the apartment building. 

It may not be the closest to Disneyland, but it is near the big attractions of San Francisco like the Orpheum Theater, City Hall, and even the UN building. It is also very close to shops, markets, and many restaurants. 

13. Harry Potter Cottage by Universal Studios

Interior of a Harry Potter Themed Airbnb near Universal

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Los Angeles, California 
  • Average Cost Per Night: $275

Also referred to as Storybook Cottage, this scenic home is in a great location, only twenty minutes from Disneyland and Universal Studios. 

This Airbnb resembles a witch cottage or even a cleaned-up Hagrid’s home. It can house up to six guests. Great for a family vacation or self-care, it is in a peaceful neighborhood that suits the laid-back nature of a vacation.

14. Harry Potter Suite With Private Entry and Bathroom

Harry Potter themed Airbnb suite featuring a photo of one of the rooms

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Orange, California
  • Average Cost Per Night: $106

This one-bedroom suite is the perfect place for fulfilling Harry Potter dreams. The decor is intricately influenced by Potter’s story, even including a stuffed Hedwig and a map of the Wizarding World.

The unique staircase can almost make you think it is actually moving, just like Hogwarts. The location of this Harry Potter suite has a view of the Rosemary House garden. It is less than five miles from Disneyland and within walking distance of many local attractions.  

15. Apartment Harry Potter Victorian Themed

Harry Potter themed apartment Airbnb in DC

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Arlington, Virginia
  • Average Cost Per Night: $131

This apartment is perfect for Harry Potter fans but also for those not obsessed with the series as it features Victorian décor. It has a beautiful Gryffindor red color scheme. 

Just ten minutes from D.C., this apartment is close to anything a guest could want. There is free parking, and up to eight guests can stay here comfortably. The décor perfectly fits the Hogwarts or Hogsmeade vibe. 

Finding the Perfect Harry Potter Airbnb for You

After you’ve decided which Harry Potter Airbnb you want to stay at, there are a few things to know about staying at an Airbnb that differ from a traditional hotel experience.

How To Check Into an Airbnb

Each Airbnb host will have specific instructions when checking into their Airbnb, however, you can usually expect to receive a passcode to a keypad, smart lock, or a lockbox with a key that will provide entrance inside.

Occasionally, you may need to pick up a key in person. Additionally, when you check out, your host will have procedures for you to follow when cleaning and locking up. 

Average Prices 

The price of an Airbnb will vary greatly depending on its location. Even on this list, there are more affordable options as well as options for those with a larger budget.

The benefit of opting for an Airbnb over a hotel is that you generally have access to a kitchen as well as other amenities which can be more affordable in the long run if you are visiting somewhere for an extended amount of time. 

So, What’s the Best Harry Potter Themed Airbnb?

Wherever you choose to vacation, you can’t go wrong with a Harry Potter-inspired Airbnb. So take a chance and you may just discover something magical.