These worthwhile wildlife conservation projects are best enjoyed in a group! Many of them have lots of cultural activities built in, but their main content is conservation volunteering.

You'll work together to assist local staff, either with monitoring wildlife in the bush in order to collect valuable data, or you can work hands-on in an animal sanctuary, care centre or veterinary centre where your help means so much to the animals and the staff!

If you're a School group, community group, sports team, corporate group, university group or just a bunch of friends looking for a great experience, you can choose any one of the established Group Conservation trips below ... or we can customise a trip for you to suit your requirements.

The choice is yours. It'll change your life!

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A volunteer on the Animal Care and Conservation Project near Sydney, Australia

Animal Care and Conservation in a Sanctuary near Sydney
This worthwhile project offers your group the opportunity to assist at an Australian wildlife sanctuary, working alongside the sanctuary team. You'll play an active role in preserving and increasing populations of rare and endangered Australian animals and plants.

The Wildlife Park Sanctuary is located at Calga, a suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales, near Gosford, which is its nearest main town. It is roughly 40 miles / 70 Km from Sydney.

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Volunteers handling a turtle during their Turtle Conservation programme in Bali

Turtle Rehabilitation and Cultural Adventure Activities
Start your action-packed programme with a week of adventure activities that will immerse you in the Indonesian culture and give you an in-depth insight into Bali and all that it offer. Then follow this with some much-needed Turtle Conservation and Rehabilitation on Nusa Penida Island.

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A volunteer with a Panda on the Conservation project in China

Giant Panda Conservation and Cultural Immersion Activities
Start your volunteering adventure with a fun-filled week of cultural activities that will immerse you in Chinese culture and give you an in-depth insight into this fascinating country. Then follow this with some much-needed Conservation work with the endangered Giant Panda, near Chengdu in China.

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Volunteers messing around on the Amazon Forest Conservation and Community Development project in Peru

Amazon Rainforest Conservation and Community Development in Peru
A marvelous opportunity for your group to get involved in conservation and community development and contribute your volunteering efforts to this very rewarding multi-activity project in the greatest jungle in the world - the AMAZON!

Your group will actively assist in the environmental monitoring study, possibly at multiple locations, depending on what's required while you're there. Some aspects of the programme may be tailored to your group's specific requirements. You may also get involved in rewarding Community Development work with the local indigenous families and communities.

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Mother and Baby Elephant being monitored on the Conservation project in Sri Lanka

NEW! Coach Sports to Children plus Elephant Conservation in Wasgamuwa
This programme will give you and your group a wide experience in Sri Lanka, PLUS you'll contribute valuable and appreciated efforts to the local communities.

  • You'll coach sports to children in the local school, extremely satisfying because you're helping disadvantaged children who have very little exposure to sports learning as they are in a rural location.
  • You'll also participate in exciting conservation with elephants. This adrenalin high activity will shoot your trip experience sky-high!

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Volunteers washing an elephant on the Elephant Care project in Thailand

Caring for Elephants in Kanchanaburi, plus Cultural Activities
Work with rescued elephants that are mainly injured, sick and elderly. They've been relocated to the Sanctuary where they are cared for and given a better quality of life. You’ll work hands-on with them, including swimming and taking mud baths with them, mucking out their enclosures and ensuring they live in a happy, comfortable environment!

If you do this project for one week, you'll start your programme immediately, but if you're lucky enough to be there for 2 weeks or longer, you'll start with a Cultural Activities Week that will immerse you into the fascinating culture of Thailand. This week includes Thai language and cooking lessons, visits to temples, and generally exploring and experiencing the region. Your Elephant Programme will start in Week Two.

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