Read stories, case studies and feedback from families who took their children on holiday to experience life and a different culture from a unique angle - volunteering! They show that exciting travel and making a difference to communities at the same time and an awesome experience for the children AND for the entire family together!

DANIELA CAFE FAMILY, Brazilian, mother and four children
1. Cambodia
2. China
3. Malaysia
4. Thailand

Cultural Immersion program in Thailand:

I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn and feel the Thai culture. The visit to a Buddhist temple with instructions on what to do was very helpful for the remaining of our trip throughout Asia. The cooking class was super fun and doing the bracelets made me feel young again. The accommodation was good, clean and the AC really helped during the hot nights. Our coordinator was super nice and so was everyone we interacted with. Thank you for the experience.

Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand:

The experience to stay a week volunteering was amazing. The kids just loved all about it and so did I. Our coordinator was super nice and sweet and the accommodations was good and clean. It was great to wake up surrounded by all the elephants. I would say that the highlight was to bathe the elephants and get to play with them in the river but floating in the river was also something never to forget.

The possibility to sleep on the forest at Our Land was also an amazing and different experience. The mahouts are super nice and I would highly recommend this placement for family with kids.

Orangutans in Malaysia Placement:

The two weeks I spent with the kids were amazing. We all got attached to the orangutans and could even tell who was who. Each of us had a “favorite” one so we would all be able to give ice-cream or watermelon juice to our cuties.

The kids learned a lot about working experience, that we cannot choose jobs and so we all shared all the work and we all had to clean the cages. For me, as a mom, it was a unique experience to get to work alongside them and see how each of them works. The accommodation at Sojourns was amazing.

Teaching at the School in Cambodia:

I would say that being a volunteer teacher at the School with my kids sharing a classroom was the best experience I had. In the beginning it was frightening to teach and see all those cute children eager to learn and I understood the importance of our role there.

The students were so caring that we felt embraced by them the minute we stepped inside the classroom. We got attached to them and daily received gifts from the students being drawings and lotus flowers.

This was a great opportunity for my kids to value school and appreciate the efforts their teachers put into a classroom back home.

For me, this experience changed my life and I have decided no longer to work at the financial market but have just started my own education company in Brazil. The Greenway School is a true inspiration that education can change lives!

Construction Volunteering at the School in Cambodia:

We got to paint the classrooms and I was impressed with how we, as a group, were able to pull it off. We have no ability whatsoever drawing but somehow we did it. During the breaks we were all surrounded by the kids at school and they were curious to know what we were painting. Some helped us out and it was great to have their contribution.

I loved to bike back and forth to the school and do “high 5s” to the kids along the way. Cambodian children are just so cute and loving.

The accommodation was good and so was the food. Last but not least, all coordinators were super nice and helpful.

Pandas in China:

This placement was extremely organized and we felt it. We were given uniforms to wear as well as gloves to help on our daily routine. The keepers were super nice. Working with pandas was amazing and sometimes we had to stop to admire them, they are too cute!

We learned how to break the bamboos and clean their cages, make the panda cake (which was hard but fun) and were able to feed them. It was so worthwhile. We all loved it.

The accommodations were amazing and so was the food. Our coordinator was super nice. I highly recommend this placement for families.