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BRAZIL ... Welcome to a Tropical Paradise!


Brazil seems to embody everything that is best in South America; the world’s largest rainforest, thousands of miles of glorious beaches; an array of natural and cultural wonders and world heritage sites. Cities include heart stopping Rio de Janeiro; sprawling, metropolitan Sao Paulo; and further north, the entrancing canals and bustling piers of Recife, ‘the Venice of Brazil’.

You can volunteer on programmes in Rio de Janeiro and also on the beautiful Island of Florianopolis (where Brazilians go on their holidays!).

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We've added some exciting new half-day and 1-day tours of Rio, with your own personal guide, to make your stay even more ejoyable!

You can add one, two or more of these low-cost / high fun tours to your itinerary and get to see Rio from a local's perspective.

See the "Optional Add-Ons tab below - the hardest part is which choice to make!

NEW! Cultural Extravaganza in Stunning Rio de Janeiro
Immerse yourself into the culture of Brazil on our extravaganza week that includes Portuguese language classes, Samba and Capoeira lessons, plus an additional "Discover the Real Rio" adventure tour of your choice in this fun packed programme offering some of the best of Rio de Janeiro.

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Care for Children in Creches on the Island of Florianopolis
Volunteer to care for young children from poor backgrounds in the beautiful beach town of Florianopolis. You’ll get involved with general caring and playing educational games, singing and narrating nursery rhymes, organising games in the playground, teaching them colours, numbers, etc - all these activities bring huge smiles to the children’s faces!
This is a great opportunity to spend time with the children of this wonderful island community.

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Care for Children in Creches in Rio de Janeiro
Care for little ones who come from extremely poor backgrounds and who could really use your time, energy and affection. You’ll work at one of our crèches caring for children ranging from 1.5 to 4 years. The activities are based on helping the teachers to take care of the children, as well as developing educational games, and recreational activities.
You'll mainly be playing with the children, feeding them, bathing them, reading to them and finding ways to interact and help them learn.

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Teach Children on this very Unusual Project on the Island of Florianopolis
This project is very unusual in that you won't teach in a school - rather, you'll work in a Centre that provides unorthodox learning outside of the school environment. Lessons are unique and great fun! You'll teach a variety of subjects to children, while keeping them off the streets during non-school hours.
You'll have the freedom to teach almost any type of subject, including basing lessons around your own culture, country and way of life back home.

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Teach Underprivileged Children in Schools in Rio de Janeiro
Teach English to deserving children who are full of spirit and enthusiasm. You can also teach Ballet, Music and Physical Education alongside your teaching English project.
You'll teach students from a variety of backgrounds and many of them are from some of the poorest areas in Rio, but they are full of life and their cheeky manner is infectious and endearing.

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Coach Football to Children in Rio de Janeiro
Coach football in Rio de Janeiro. Think of Brazil and you think of Pele, Ronaldo, Neymar ... You may coach a star of the future at one of our two football centres in the city! Our projects take place at a football centre in the north of Rio and also a favela in the south zone. At both centres you’ll work with young children and teenagers with a passion for football, whose enthusiasm is infectious.
You don't need any qualifications to coach sports

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Portuguese Language Courses in Rio de Janeiero
Our Portuguese courses take place in the dazzling city of Rio de Janeiro. You can choose to only learn Portuguese during your time in Rio or you can combine a Portuguese Course with another project/s.
The teacher will assess your level and develop a programme of learning appropriate to your standard.

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Photography Courses in Stunning Rio de Janeiro
Capture the flavour of this beautifully enigmatic city with your lens on one of our professional courses for all levels. Courses are available at beginner, intermediate & advanced levels, and as a full-time project or an Optional Add-On to your existing project. Courses available include:

  • Beginners Photography - 2 or 4 Weeks
  • Lighting & Studio Photography - 2 Weeks
  • Nature Photography - 2 Weeks

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Make the most of your time there! To help you do that, we've put together some exciting activities, courses and tours that you can add to your itinerary. These are designed to be fun, but also to enable you to learn, and expand your personal and professional development enjoyment ... but mostly for your enjoyment! :-)

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