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The 7 Best Travel Shoe Bags in 2023

The 7 Best Travel Shoe Bags in 2023

Are you tired of your shoes getting all of your clothes dirty when you travel? Before you cancel your next trip, consider some of the best travel shoe bags to make traveling less stressful. Read on to learn more below.

What Are the Best Travel Shoe Bags?

When looking for the best travel shoe bags, you should consider your situation. Then, you can determine what to prioritize to help right the correct bag or bags for you. The following are 7 of our top picks for the best travel shoe bags for various scenarios.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Travel Shoe Bags:
  1. Best Overall: SPIKG Portable Travel Shoe Bags
  2. Best for Wet Environments: YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags
  3. Best for Saving Time: Vorspack Transparent Shoe Bags
  4. Best for Air Flow: Dot & Dot Shoe Bag
  5. Best for Organization: Krone Kalpasmos Sneaker Travel Bag
  6. Best for Versatility: MISSLO Multi-Functional Bag
  7. Best for Cleanliness: Travelon Antimicrobial Shoe Covers

Each of these travel shoe bags offers something unique to differentiate it from the rest. Keep reading for a more in-depth review of each of these bags.

Why You Need a Travel Shoe Bag

Someone who needs the best travel shoe bag because their shoes are dirty

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If you like to travel often, you should invest in a good travel shoe bag. Using a bag will make it easier to pack all of your items. You won’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty if your shoes have dirt on them.

A travel shoe bag can also help you organize your suitcase more efficiently. You won’t have to dig to the bottom of your bag to find a pair of shoes. Instead, you can pack the shoes with the outfits you’ll wear with them.

All of this can help you save time when packing and when you’re on your trip. You won’t need to wash and dry your shoes between wears. Instead, you can spend more of your vacation relaxing or doing other activities.

Best Travel Shoe Bags: Our Top 7 Picks

Are you ready to make packing and traveling less stressful? You should consider some of the best travel shoe bags. That way, you won’t have to waste time searching for bags that meet your needs.

1. Best Overall: SPIKG Portable Travel Shoe Bags

Best Overall
SPIKG Portable Travel Shoe Bags

  • Affordable
  • See-through window
  • Keeps pairs together
  • Cheap fabric
  • A bit stiff
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The SPIKG Portable Travel Shoe Bags feature a drawstring closure, so they’re easy to open and close, and you can carry the bags by hand. These black bags feature a small window near the bottom that allows you to identify the shoes inside.

Sandals, slippers, sneakers, boots, and other shoes can all fit in the bags. They’re dust-proof so they can keep your shoes clean. By keeping your shoes in the bags, you can also keep your clothes and other items from getting dirty.

The work for shoes sizes 9 to 13, but the non-woven fabric isn’t of the best quality. Each bag fits two shoes so that you can keep pairs together. You can use them multiple times, which is great for frequent travelers.

2. Best for Wet Environments: YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

Best for Wet Environments
YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

  • Comes in a set
  • Multiple sizes
  • Good fabric
  • Not the most waterproof
  • Not for larger shoes
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Another set of travel shoe bags to consider comes from YAMIU. The travel shoe bags come in sets of two, four, or a dozen, so you can store plenty of shoes in them. Each bag fits a pair to keep from losing one shoe.

You can choose from the standard size or large size bags so that your shoes can fit. The waterproof nylon fabric helps keep dust from getting into the bags. These bags are also lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down when traveling or going to the gym.

A center zipper makes it easy to get the shoes in and out of the bag. You also get a lifetime warranty in case the bags break. Unfortunately, the material is a bit thin, and they aren’t as waterproof as the company claims.

3. Best for Saving Time: Vorspack Transparent Shoe Bags

Best for Saving Time
Vorspack Transparent Shoe Bags

  • Easy to find shoes
  • Comes with plenty of bags
  • Works for different shoes
  • Drawstring may not be that secure
  • Not the best size
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If you don’t want to dig through a ton of shoe bags, you may like the Vorspack Transparent Shoe Bags. They’re completely clear, so you can tell which bag contains which pair of shoes. You’ll get 13 bags, so you can use them all for yourself or share them with family.

Not only are they useful for travel, but they also work well for long-term storage. That way, you can keep your shoes safe when you aren’t wearing them. These bags fold down to take up less space when you don’t have shoes inside.

Plus, they won’t stain or develop an odor. You can fit work boots and other shoes, and you can keep your shoes in pairs. They may not look the best if you want to keep your suitcase clean since the bags do show everything inside.

4. Best for Air Flow: Dot & Dot Shoe Bag

Best for Air Flow
Dot & Dot Travel Shoe Bag

  • Good air flow
  • Zipper closure
  • Lining to separate shoes
  • Not the best quality
  • Only fits one pair
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The Dot & Dot Shoe Bag has a mesh panel on the top that lets air flow in and out of the bag. That way, you can keep your shoes from making the bag smell. It features a zipper and a sturdy design, so you can maintain structure when packing.

Inside the bag is a special lining that keeps shoes from rubbing against each other. You can keep your shoes in good condition, and you can store just about any pair in the bag. Sadly, this bag only comes as one, so you’ll need more bags for more shoes.

The bag is also a bit small, so it may not work if you have larger shoes. After a bit of use, the material can start to rip, even if you’re gentle. While it has some structure, it’s not the best at protecting your shoes.

5. Best for Organization: Krone Kalpasmos Sneaker Travel Bag

Best for Organization
Krone Kalpasmos Sneaker Travel Bag

  • Easy to organize
  • Adjustable inner panels
  • Useful outside pockets
  • Expensive
  • Hard to carry on its own
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If you want to invest in the best travel shoe bag, consider the Krone Kalpasoms Sneaker Travel Bag. This thing fits as many as four pairs of shoes at a time. You can store shoes up to a size 12, so it should work for most people.

Inside the bag, there are panels that separate the pairs of shoes. That way, you won’t have to worry about one pair getting the others dirty. You can adjust the dividers so that there’s the right amount of space for each pair of shoes in the bag.

There’s even a side pocket you can use to store your travel documents or other necessities. You can use it in or out of a suitcase, but it can be hard to carry on its own. This bag is also quite expensive, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

6. Best for Versatility: MISSLO Multi-Functional Bag

Best for Versatility
MISSLO Multi-Functional Bag

  • Multiple sizes
  • Cotton fabric
  • Easy to use
  • Thin material
  • Expensive for what you get
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If you want a set of shoe bags that you can use for other things, you may like the MISSLO Multi-Functional Bag. This bag comes in a set of three bags, so you can use the set to store a few pairs of shoes.

Each bag has a drawstring closure, so it’s easy to open and close. You can tie the drawstring to secure it when packing your suitcase. Plus, the bags come in four sizes, so you get to choose the right size based on your shoes.

The cotton is soft and won’t scratch your shoes or whatever you want to store in the bags. You can easily toss the bag in the laundry to wash it so that it stays in good condition. And if you find the bags don’t fit your shoes, you can buy a different size and use the first set for other items.

7. Best for Cleanliness: Travelon Antimicrobial Shoe Covers

Best for Cleanliness
Travelon Antimicrobial Shoe Covers

  • Easy to open and close
  • Antimicrobial technology
  • Helps with odors
  • Only one shoe per bag
  • A bit small
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The Travelon Antimicrobial Shoe Covers are another fantastic set of travel bags. You can open and close the drawstring quickly, which makes them convenient for last-minute packing. They also feature Silvadur antimicrobial technology.

That helps keep your shoes clean, so you can avoid odors and other issues. If you want to bring athletic shoes, those can easily smell bad. You’ll be able to put one shoe in a bag to help contain the smell and keep your clothes clean.

Unfortunately, you can’t keep a pair of shoes together since the bags are a bit small. And since you only get four bags, you can only store two pairs of shoes in the set. Still, they’re a good option if you want to keep your shoes in good condition.

Finding the Best Travel Shoe Bags

Gucci dust bag for a piece on the best travel shoe bags


Once you know about some of the best travel shoe bags, you should consider how to find the right bags for you. That way, you will get the best protection and organization. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for travel shoe bags:


First, you need to consider how durable the material is. Some materials, like cotton, are moldable, which helps you fit the bag in your suitcase. But if you want to pack high heels or cleats, you need a durable bag. That way, the heel won’t rip through the material after a few uses.


Next, think about your shoe size and if you may need larger travel shoe bags. Some bags are great for smaller shoes but would have to stretch to fit anything else. Fortunately, you may find bags that come in different sizes.

That way, you can get bags that fit your shoes without having too much extra room for your shoes to slide around.

Make sure to measure the shoes you want to store in a travel bag. When choosing the best bag, look at its measurements to determine if your shoes will fit.

Number of Shoes

Most of the best travel shoe bags let you keep two shoes in one bag. However, when looking at the size, consider if you will fit a full pair together.

This is particularly important if you have boots or other big shoes. You may need a larger bag even if your shoe size is average or smaller than average.


Another thing to consider is the style because some travel bags are more like sacks or boxes. A bag is nice if you don’t have much extra room in your suitcase. However, a box or a similar style may offer more structure. That can be nice if you don’t want your clothes or other things to smush your shoes.

If you want or need to carry the bag separately from your suitcase, consider if it has a handle or shoulder strap. Then, you’ll be able to bring plenty of shoes without using up all of the space in your luggage.


You may also want to consider if you can throw your travel shoe bags in the washer. If not, consider if you can hand wash them and how easy that will be. Being able to wash your shoe bags is crucial, especially for hiking boots or tennis shoes.

That way, you’ll get to use the same bag over and over. Think about the materials of the bag and if you’ll need to use special detergent. Then, you can keep your bag in good condition after each use.


Even if you plan to only use shoe bags in your suitcase, you may want water-resistant bags. You never know what can happen inside your luggage.

Maybe your shampoo explodes, or water gets inside the suitcase. Having waterproof or water-resistant shoe bags will offer an extra line of protection. Then, you won’t have to worry about the water ruining your favorite pair of shoes.

Water resistance is also important if you need somewhere to store wet shoes. Then, you won’t get your other clothes wet.


Along with water, consider if a set of travel shoe bags will resist stains and odors. This is especially useful if you’ll use a bag for athletic shoes. When you work out, your shoes can get smelly, and you may not have a good place to let them air out.

If the bag itself isn’t resistant to odors, consider if it’s breathable or has good air flow. Then, you can keep your shoes from holding the smell in making the bag smell bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure about getting a travel shoe bag? Consider the following things people ask about to help decide if shoe bags are right for you.

How Do Shoe Bags Work?

Shoe bags are special bags that separate your shoes from each other and the rest of your suitcase. The material of the bag can keep your shoes from touching your clothes or other personal items.

That way, you don’t have to worry about dirt on your shoes getting all over. You can also keep wet shoes in a bag and dry them when you get to your destination.

What Shoes Can You Put in Travel Shoe Bags?

You can put almost any shoe in a travel shoe bag. If you have boots or bigger shoes, you’ll need larger bags. For heels or cleats, make sure the travel shoe bags you use have a thick material. That way, the shoes won’t break the bag.

How Do You Put Shoes in a Shoe Bag?

You should be able to open the zipper or drawstring to have room to put your shoes in. Then, you can close the zipper to secure the shoes. If a bag has a drawstring, you can pull it tight for some security. You may want to tie the strings to keep the bag from coming open in transit.

Do You Need Dedicated Shoe Bags?

You can use plastic bags or other bags to store your shoes during travel. However, travel shoe bags offer special features. Some are resistant to water or odors, and others fit multiple pairs at once. If you travel a lot, you should invest in some good travel shoe bags.

Are Travel Shoe Bags Expensive?

Some travel shoe bags are expensive, especially if they use good materials and come with space for more shoes. However, you can find more affordable options with similar features.

That way, you can get the protection you need without having to break the bank. If you can’t justify the cost, consider using the bags for other things or at home to get your money’s worth.

So, What Are the Best Travel Shoe Bags?

The best travel shoe bags are the bags that fit your shoes and that meet your needs. Whether you want to resist water or keep smells away, consider a few bags. Then, you can store your shoes safely and protect your other belongings.

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