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7 Best Travel Dog Beds in 2023 | Top Picks

7 Best Travel Dog Beds in 2023 | Top Picks

Anyone planning a weekend excursion or a lengthy getaway will want to focus on their own comfort, specifically by choosing a destination that offers a comfortable bed.By the same token, a traveling pet deserves one of the best travel dog beds to ensure a restful and relaxing trip.

What Are the Best Travel Dog Beds?

With a range of hotels, restaurants, and other businesses open to individuals traveling with their four-legged companions, it’s easier than ever to bring a dog along with you on a vacation or business trip.

This requires a bit of thought about how to keep your pet comfortable while on the move, as well as when you arrive at your destination.

Taking a bed along with you is a great way to accomplish this goal. If you’re not quite sure what to look for in such a product, we’ve compiled a list of top picks to assist you in your search.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Travel Dog Beds:

  1. Best Overall: Furpezoo Folding Dog Mat
  2. Best Design: VM Green Travel Dog Mat
  3. Best Construction: Furhaven Pet Bed
  4. Best Cot: YEP HHO Elevated Dog Bed
  5. Best Value: Petmaker Travel Dog Bed
  6. Best Materials: Chuckit! Travel Pillow Bed
  7. Best Portability: Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

Whether hard at work or busy at play, any dog is sure to be tuckered out at the end of an action-packed day. When on vacation, such busy pups will probably be especially ready for a nap upon returning from an extended period on the move.

Instead of forcing your canine companion to sleep directly on the hard floor, consider one of the following travel dog beds for added support and comfort. The list of top picks is below, but first we’ll discuss a few reasons anybody traveling with a dog might appreciate our advice.

Why You Need a Travel Dog Bed

White spotted dog next to a camper on one of the best travel dog beds looking content


Along with food, water, and exercise, it’s vital for any dog owner to provide access to a cozy spot to sleep while on vacation. Gone are the days when the family pet had to settle for a dingy blanket on the floor.

These days, manufacturers worldwide are revolutionizing the materials, designs, and functionality of the best travel dog beds.

If you and your dog haven’t experienced the joy that can come with finding the right product, keep reading for some of the best options currently on the market. 

Best Travel Dog Beds: Our Top Seven Picks

Regardless of whether you want something tough and rugged or your pup prefers a soft and plush spot to lay, there are a few common traits that any great travel dog bed should share.

That’s why all of the products we’ve added to our list are easy to carry, built to last, and offer plenty of bang for the buck.

1. Furpezoo Folding Dog Mat – Best Overall

Best Overall
Furpezoo Folding Dog Mat
  • Large size
  • Easy to clean
  • Built to last
  • Not as soft
  • Might slip on some surfaces
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Although it’s not as plush as some other dog beds, this mat might be the perfect place for your pup to lay its head. There’s some padding underneath the washable exterior fabric, so almost any dog can find a comfortable position.

It all folds up for easy transportation and can spread out for a sizable area to accommodate even larger breeds.

No matter whether the pup will be sleeping indoors or outdoors, the sturdy and easy-to-clean mat will serve its purpose with proficiency. One possible downside, however, is that the material can slide across some floors, particularly slick wood or laminate.

It should stay in place, as long as it’s secure when your dog lays down on it. And there’s a good chance that it will become one of your pet’s favorite places to catch up on some sleep.

2. VM Green Travel Dog Mat – Best Design

Best Design
VM Green Travel Dog Mat
  • Roomy
  • Easy to carry
  • Soft
  • Somewhat thin
  • Nylon straps
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06/10/2023 12:20 am GMT

If you’re in the market for a more traditional dog bed, this is an excellent option to consider. It has two soft sides and your dog is almost guaranteed to find a comfy spot to lie down for a while.

Despite its large dimensions, this product rolls up and secures tightly, which makes it easy to carry along, no matter where the path might lead.

Although it includes nylon straps and plastic clasps to keep it in place when rolled up, these materials aren’t on par with some higher-quality products.

However, if you value utility over innovation, it’s likely to suit your needs. Of course, part of what makes it so lightweight and portable is that it’s a relatively thin bed.

Without much padding, it might not offer as much support as some other items on our list. Nevertheless, it’s covered in soft materials that will welcome any dog to take a load off. 

3. Furhaven Pet Bed – Best Construction

Best Construction
Furhaven Pet Bed
  • Two sizes
  • Soft filling
  • Comes with bag
  • Fabric could rip
  • Possible loose threads
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08/15/2022 12:21 am GMT

Sometimes, high quality materials and craftsmanship are more important than innovation and features. Anyone who just needs a nice soft place for a dog to sleep while on a trip might find this product compelling. 

Its polyester filling stays soft and won’t break down even after heavy and frequent use by the largest of dogs. There’s also the option to wash in a machine, which can get rid of any pesky pet odors that might linger after an extensive outing. 

If your dog is especially destructive, however, it’s possible that those teeth and claws could rip the material.

For most animals, this will provide years of usefulness, but you’ll need to judge its features based on your own situation. Some buyers have warned that the stitching isn’t of the highest quality and there were a few loose threads along the seams.

Nevertheless, this is a lightweight product that comes in two sizes, and when you’re ready to hit the road, it all rolls up into a convenient carrying case much like a traditional sleeping bag.

4. YEP HHO Elevated Dog Bed – Best Cot

Best Cot
YEP HHO Elevated Dog Bed
  • Elevated design
  • Cooling material
  • Sturdy construction
  • Folding requires several steps
  • More expensive than some rivals
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06/10/2023 12:06 am GMT

Although your dog might be perfectly comfortable sleeping on the floor, there are a few reasons you might want to consider an elevated cot.

For starters, this will keep your pet away from the dirt and debris that might be on the floors of your hotel or any other travel destination. Furthermore, the mesh material and air flow underneath the bedding will help keep your dog cooler, even during the summer months.

It’s easy to fold this product up and secure it in a bag that is included in your purchase. Of course, it does take a few more steps and the process isn’t as quick as rolling up a more typical padded dog bed.

However, if you appreciate the design cues and high-quality materials used to create this cot, it’s definitely worth considering this new twist on a classic dog accessory. 

5. Petmaker Travel Dog Bed – Best Value

Best Value
Petmaker Travel Dog Bed
  • Low price
  • Memory foam
  • Convenient handles
  • No carrying bag
  • Flimsy construction
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There are plenty of expenses that come along with being a dog owner, but finding a comfortable travel bed for your pet doesn’t have to drain the bank account.

There are other moderately priced options on our list, but this one seems to pack the biggest punch for such a low cost. This product provides plenty for your pup to enjoy, from its two-sided comfort coating of faux fur to the supportive memory foam sewed up inside.

It all rolls up and can be secured with cloth handles that make transporting this bed a breeze. Since it’s got such a small price tag, however, there are a few accessories that are missing.

Most notably, it doesn’t include a bag to securely stow the bed away while traveling. This could mean that the material will become dirty or snagged, if it is allowed to bump against other materials in transit.

Of course, this is a minor issue for many dog owners who will see the comfortable construction and rock-bottom price as compelling reasons to consider this item.

6. Chuckit! Travel Pillow Bed: Best Materials

Best Materials
Chuckit! Travel Pillow Bed
  • Durable material
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality storage bag
  • A bit bulky
  • Not as soft as some rivals
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08/15/2022 12:22 am GMT

Many pet owners, especially those who travel with their dogs frequently, are sure to want a product that will be tough enough to withstand plenty of wear and tear. If that describes you, then this is a great contender. 

For starters, it’s crafted from some of the sturdiest materials of any item on this list. The stitching appears to be secure and tons of reviews have described it as a durable product, even under heavy use.

It’s got plenty of room for most breeds and it’s soft enough to welcome even the pickiest pets.

While some materials might be a bit more plush, this product has got a great balance of strength and comfort. The size of this bed makes it somewhat bulkier when rolled up, though it does fit snugly in a storage bag that comes with every order.

7. Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed – Best Portability

Best Portability
Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Convenient travel bag
  • Not very durable
  • Might absorb water
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08/15/2022 12:23 am GMT

Any of the best travel dog beds on our list must be easy to transport from one place to the next. This one stands out from the pack. Its large size belies its ability to fold up into a space-saving bag.

While you can rely on this material to hold up in a variety of environments, it’s possible that water might seep into the fabric. For that reason, try to keep it away from extensive exposure to puddles and rain.

Aside from that, however, there’s plenty to appreciate about the design and construction of this bed. Use it when you arrive at your destination or even as a comfy place for your dog to lay in the backseat of your vehicle.

No matter where you lay it out, your pet is sure to find it a welcoming spot. When you’re ready to pack it up, you’ll appreciate its ability to fit into a surprisingly small space.

Finding the Best Travel Dog Beds

Hippie couple lying on the bed of their camper van with their dog lying next to them on the best travel dog bed

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At its core, any travel dog bed should be easy to transport and comfortable for your dog. When determining what other features your top choice should possess, we’ve included a short list of factors that helped identify our recommendations.


There’s something to be said for a company that puts in the amount of research necessary to create a compelling and versatile design.

When you need something that will roll up in a matter of seconds, there are easy-to-carry options available on our list. 

At the same time, some dog owners might want something that is a bit more substantial. In those cases, a more complex design might be a better choice. 


Traveling can be expensive, especially when pet deposits and other related costs are factored into the equation. But it doesn’t have to cost a lot to find a great place for your furry friend to sleep each night.

Although value shouldn’t mean cheap, it’s helpful to consider how much you’re getting for the price when determining whether a particular model is worth its price.


Whether it’s soft padding, a furry material, or a sturdy mat, your dog deserves a supportive and comfortable spot to rest. While it might not be possible for your pup to give these beds a test drive, it’s easy to check reviews to find out which ones seem to be the most popular among the most breeds.

Determining whether your dog needs something that is soft, supportive, or some combination thereof will help steer your decision process in the right direction.


If you plan to travel with your dog on long excursions or explore nature while transporting a travel bed, it pays to ensure that the product is built to last.

Finding something that is stitched properly, made with durable materials, and packs up in a secure manner is an easy way to select a product that will serve you and your pet for many trips to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog wearing Lennon glasses and lying in the best travel dog bed next to a passport and a plastic lighted palm tree


How soft should your dog’s travel bed be?

As you might have noticed, your dog is probably satisfied with just lounging around on the bare floor. Nevertheless, any animal can benefit from having a supportive material on which to lie.

For that reason, finding a product made with a proven reputation for providing comfort is your best bet when it comes to giving your pet something appropriate. If it’s too soft, it might not be sturdy enough to stand up to frequent use.

The most robust options available, on the other hand, could sacrifice softness for strength. Finding the perfect balance will help ensure any pet will be satisfied.

How should you travel with your dog’s bed?

Some options on our list come with a specially designed bag that fits the bed snugly and securely. If yours doesn’t include this accessory, though, there are other easy ways to travel with it.

Be sure the bed is clean and dry before letting it share space with the rest of your luggage. If you can find a small area in a suitcase or in the trunk of your vehicle, there’s sure to be a cozy spot for your travel dog bed to hitch a ride.

Can you use a travel bed for daily use?

Just because a product is made for travel doesn’t mean that it can’t also serve an important role at home. Many options on this list can line a crate or simply provide a comfortable spot in your dog’s favorite part of the house.

If you choose to lay a bed out in your home, be sure to keep all of the travel-based accessories in a safe spot. That way you’ll be able to grab it all and pack it away if you decide to take a last-minute trip.

How much should you pay for a great travel dog bed?

When judging the value of a product like this, it shouldn’t all come down to the bottom line. Think about how long you’d like to keep this bed in good shape and spend enough to purchase a product that will stand the test of time.

That being said, there’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars for an item that might not provide much more functionality than one that costs a fraction of that amount.

What are some other factors to consider?

If you’re planning to travel using various forms of transportation, you might want a portable travel dog bed that will fold up into an especially compact space. This will allow you to carry it almost everywhere.

Another issue to think about when shopping for this product involves where you expect to use it. Many options offer indoor and outdoor capabilities, which will work well for busy pets and owners on the go.

So, What’s the Best Travel Dog Bed?

In the end, you’ll need a bed that is big enough for your pet, yet small enough to be easily portable. There are probably several options that fit the bill, and that’s when you’ll start looking at other features that might make one product a better choice than the others.