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The 7 Best Travel Business Backpacks in 2023

The 7 Best Travel Business Backpacks in 2023

Finding the best travel business backpacks can pose challenges as you look for one in 2023. Luckily, we have the best options on the market to get you started and pick an ideal business backpack for your travel needs.

What’s the Best Travel Business Backpack?

To find the best travel business backpack, you must discover a comfortable one with multiple pockets that fits on a plane. After all, some people want to bring their bags as personal items, so they need to fit under a plane seat.

However, you also need to find a durable material and look into other features, so let’s look at the top picks.

Our 7 Picks for the Best Travel Business Backpack:
  1. Best Overall: Matein Laptop Backpack
  2. Best for Transportation: Ambor Wheeled Backpack
  3. Best for Staying Organized: Bange Travel Backpack
  4. Best for Emergencies: Muzee Business Backpack
  5. Best for Packing Space: YH&GS Rolling Backpack
  6. Best for Durability: BagSmart Travel Backpack
  7. Best for Comfort: HollyHome Wheeled Rolling Backpack

Each backpack offers something different to pick the best one for your situation. But, first, you may question why you should buy a travel business backpack, so we want to review the benefits to help you pick one out.

Why You Need a Travel Business Backpack

Front view of a man in a suit talking on a phone, toting a rolling suitcase, and wearing one of the best travel business backpacks


If you plan to travel, you need to consider a business backpack to make the process easier. In addition, business backpacks will benefit you as you travel to your destination, such as the ones below.

  • Give yourself a good size personal item to bring more belongings.
  • Make it easier to carry your most essential belongings and keep them on your person.
  • Keep your belongings organized by using the various pockets included.

Finding an ideal personal item can pose some challenges. However, since most airlines let you bring an individual item and a carry-on for free, you can save money if you get a larger personal item.

You can find many backpacks in the required dimensions and bring them on a plane. On top of that, navigating through airports with multiple bags and luggage can pose some challenges.

However, if you bring a backpack, you can throw some of your belongings in the bag and carry it on your back. That way, it doesn’t get in the way, and you have an easier time. Also, you need to pull out belongings at the airport quickly.

If you have a backpack, you can organize your belongings and bring them out of specific pockets as necessary.

Doing so makes it easier to remember which pockets you store them in. Even if you don’t go on trips often, backpacks remain one of the best personal items you can bring on a plane.

Best Travel Business Backpacks: Our Top 7 Picks

As you recognize the importance of a business backpack, you need to pick an ideal option for your situation. Luckily, we have 7 picks to cover various needs to let you choose a great one as you handle your business travels.

1. Matein Laptop Backpack: Best Overall

Best Overall
Matein Laptop Backpack
  • Available in two backpack sizes.
  • Includes a USB charging port.
  • Has a separate laptop compartment.
  • Not as much shoulder cushioning.
  • Lacks any wheels or handles for transportation.
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The Matein Laptop Backpack works excellent for laptop transportation since you can keep your laptop in a large pocket. You can choose between 15.6 and 17 inches to find the ideal size for your situation.

As you read through customer reviews, you’ll notice that people loved how the backpack included plenty of pockets. They also appreciated the USB charging port included. However, others felt the bag didn’t have good zippers.

While the backpack doesn’t include wheels, it has a handle at the top to make it easier to carry around. You can also take advantage of the mesh pocket if you plan to bring any water with you on the trip. The backpack uses water-resistant polyester as well.

2. Ambor Wheeled Backpack: Best for Transportation

Best for Transportation
Ambor Wheeled Backpack
  • Includes wheels and a handle.
  • It has a front clip.
  • Offers quick access to the pockets.
  • Has a longer length than other luggage.
  • Lacks additional cushioning for comfort.
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The Ambor Wheeled Backpack focuses on making transportation easier with an aluminum handle and wheels on the bottom. That way, if you need to rush through the airport or don’t want to mess up your suit by wearing a backpack, the handle will help you out.

If you check out the reviews, you’ll see plenty of people who love the backpack’s smaller size. They also appreciated the durability of the bag. However, despite that point, some reviewers had problems with the zipper breaking.

Even though the zippers may break, the backpack holds up well overall, so you don’t need to worry about rips or tears. When you consider that alongside the various compartments and pockets, it keeps your belongings organized. It also has polyester material.

3. Bange Travel Backpack: Best for Staying Organized

Best for Staying Organized
BANGE 35L Travel Backpack
  • Includes a large organizer compartment and multiple pockets
  • Features an extendable main compartment
  • One of the more affordable travel backpack recommendations
  • The design isn’t very comfortable for long trips
  • Some people may not find the design stylish
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The Bange Travel Backpack offers tons of space for people who plan to use their backpack as a carry-on. You can easily fit belongings, laptops, clothes, and more for your upcoming business trip. They also have durable stitching throughout to prevent breaks or issues.

As you read the reviews, you’ll find people who appreciate how the backpack provides space for a laptop.

They also felt it works great for traveling and as a personal item. However, a few people had problems with the charging port not working. Even though it doesn’t have wheels, it has waterproofing on the interior and exterior.

In addition, the backpack includes ventilation on the back to prevent you from sweating. You can also rest easy with the PVC material since it is waterproof.

4. Muzee Business Backpack: Best for Emergencies

Best for Emergencies
Muzee Business Backpack
  • Offers a USB charging port.
  • Has additional zipper stitching.
  • Includes an emergency whistle.
  • Lacks additional padding.
  • Doesn’t offer other transportation features.
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The Muzee Business Backpack comes in two major types: two or three pockets. That way, you can offer more space in two more oversized pockets or pick three pockets if you want more organization.

It even has a USB port for charging if you want to avoid battery issues. When you check the reviews, you’ll find people who loved the water resistance offered by the backpack.

They also loved how it provided plenty of space to store their belongings. However, some people noticed the fabric would rip and break on them.

Despite that point, the whistle makes it great if you plan to travel somewhere unfamiliar or dangerous. You can also put on the waist strap if you want to provide more support while carrying it. In addition, it uses PU material for waterproofing.

5. YH&GS Rolling Backpack: Best for Packing Space

Best for Packing Space
YH&GS Rolling Backpack
  • Wheels and handles for transportation.
  • Designed to carry heavy loads.
  • Includes a convenient wheel cover.
  • Have to use as a carry-on.
  • Larger wheels will get in the way.
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Looking at a YH&GS Rolling Backpack, you can choose between the 18- and 20-inch options. The large wheels help you with transportation since they won’t get stuck in cracks or other areas. It even has padded back panels to avoid back strain.

You’ll find multiple people who appreciate the larger durable wheels when you go through the reviews. They also noticed the backpack provides plenty of storage space. However, a few reviewers noticed problems with the seams coming apart.

Despite those points, the backpack has 52 liters of space in the main compartment. It includes wheel covers, so the wheels won’t press against you while you wear the bag. In addition, the backpack uses polyester material with a waterproof layer.

6. BagSmart Travel Backpack: Best for Durability

Best for Durability
BagSmart Travel Backpack
  • Offers durable padding throughout it.
  • Opens and shows belongings for security purposes.
  • Expands up to 35 liters.
  • It quickly looks and gets dirty.
  • It doesn’t include any transportation wheels.
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The BagSmart Travel Backpack focuses on durability by using polyester alongside EVA foam. Not only will the backpack hold up during travel, but it’ll also have mesh pockets for electronics.

The charging port also makes it convenient for people who like to bring technology on their trips. By looking at the reviews, you’ll see how people appreciate the various pockets included with this backpack.

They also noticed it holds quite a few items, making it great for travel. However, people said the bag quickly got dirty.

Not only does it have three pockets, but you can enjoy two side pockets and 12 inner pockets for your organizing needs. The bag expands from 28 to 35 liters as you fill it up. It has polyester material with EVA foam for additional protection.

7. HollyHome Wheeled Rolling Backpack: Best for Comfort

Best for Comfort
HollyHome Wheeled Rolling Backpack
  • Has an overall lightweight design.
  • Has a protective strap for the laptop.
  • Offers additional shoulder strap padding.
  • The handle sometimes sticks or breaks.
  • It provides less storage space.
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The HollyHome Wheeled Rolling Backpack remains a light option that people can easily carry around. Not only that, but the wheels and the handle make it an excellent choice for transportation in the airport.

It even includes wide padded shoulder straps for comfort. Reviewing the comments, you’ll notice how the backpack easily fits under an airline seat.

They also loved the space and pockets provided by the pack. However, some people had problems with the handle breaking or getting stuck. 

Even though it has issues with the handle, the wheels come with back covers, so you don’t get dirt on your clothes. The top handle also has cushioning to avoid hand strain or pain while transporting your backpack. The backpack uses nylon as the primary material.

Finding the Best Travel Business Backpack

Guy working on a laptop with the best travel business backpack next to him on the ground

Worawee Meepian/Shutterstock

You must consider the most critical points to find the best travel business backpack. You need to see what works best for your situation, from comfort to material, to ensure you purchase a good business backpack.

The Material

As you look into backpacks, you’ll find some with different materials such as PVC, PU,  polyester, and nylon. PVC and PU might not provide as much comfort as the other materials, but they offer excellent waterproofing for those worried about the rain.

Polyester and nylon work great as durable materials, though nylon stretches better and holds up more. On the other hand, polyester offers a water-resistant design, so you may want to go with it if you want a balance of comfort and water resistance.

Each material works great for different situations, so see which one you care about the most. Each product will state the material online, so you’ll know what to expect as you check each option and pick out a backpack for your trip.

Padding and Comfort

Carrying a backpack on your back can quickly become uncomfortable. After all, you don’t want your back or shoulders to hurt from the pack and the straps.

As a result, some people will purchase bags with additional padding to make them more comfortable. For example, the backpacks will have padding along the straps to prevent the shoulders from hurting.

They also help distribute the weight, so you don’t feel as much tension along your shoulders. The additional padding on the back can prevent any pain or discomfort for your back. While some may not offer generous padding, others may spend tons of time in lines or waiting on layovers.

Getting a backpack with padding can help you remain comfortable during these moments, so consider the option if you get uncomfortable quickly or travel often.

The Dimensions

As you pick out a business backpack, you must consider the dimensions. If you plan to bring it as your carry-on, you won’t need to worry as much since most of them will fit in the overhead compartment.

However, it must fit under the seat if you want it to be your personal item. While most travel backpacks should work, you must double-check the dimensions before going on the plane.

After all, different airlines offer different personal bag dimensions, so you’ll need to know this before purchasing a backpack. However, you mostly need to worry about the length when it comes to a backpack.

You don’t want it to stick out from the bottom of the seat, so make sure you avoid one with more than 18 inches in length if you’re going to play it safe.

Additional Features for Convenience

As you look into travel business backpacks, you’ll notice some differences between them regarding their features. For example, some may include USB cords for you to plug in a portable charger, others may have wheels on them, and some have carrying handles.

Depending on what you need, you must consider the various features. For example, you may want the wheels to make transportation more accessible, but a USB port can let you charge your phone while keeping your portable battery safe.

While the additional features don’t stand out as necessities, they can help you determine the best backpack for you. Make sure you review what features each bag offers to see which ones matter the most when it involves traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man in a suit pulling a suitcase and wearing one of the best business travel backpacks that's leather and brown in color


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) remain important since you can go through them and figure out important answers. As you go through the FAQs, you can learn more about backpacks and find out what you need to consider while picking one out.

Do airplanes let you bring backpacks on board?

While some people think airlines banned backpacks, most airports allow them. Usually, you can find more information online to confirm the data. Either way, airports put your belongings through security, usually allowing you to transport everyday items.

What are the maximum dimensions for a backpack on a plane?

The dimensions will vary between airlines, so you must double-check them online. Some may allow any personal item underneath the listed length, width, and height, while others may tell you the linear inches you can bring.

What do I do with my backpack when I go to the airport?

Once you reach the airport, you’ll need to remove electronics and similar items from your backpack. Once you put them through security, you also need to put your bag on the conveyor belt. Afterward, you’ll get your gear back once security checks it.

What should I pack in my backpack?

What you pack depends on where you plan to go. For example, you may need a laptop to work, an extra change of clothes, and some water for your trip. Spend some time thinking about what matters most to ensure you pack everything you need.

Can backpacks cause me any problems?

You can face back pain and muscle strain if you put too much weight inside your backpack. Avoid filling your pack with too many belongings since doing so can lead to pain. On top of that point, your gear may go over the size limit for a personal item if you stuff it.

So, What’s the Best Travel Business Backpack?

While the Matein Laptop Backpack stands out as the best overall travel business backpack, the best option depends on your situation.

Best Overall
Matein Laptop Backpack
  • Available in two backpack sizes.
  • Includes a USB charging port.
  • Has a separate laptop compartment.
  • Not as much shoulder cushioning.
  • Lacks any wheels or handles for transportation.
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Make sure you consider everything you need, review the points for finding the best option, and go through the FAQs to find your ideal backpack. Happy travels!