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The Best Time to Visit San Diego in 2023

The Best Time to Visit San Diego in 2023

The beaches, coastal vibes, and city nightlife are just some reasons to visit San Diego. Knowing the perfect times to go will help you get the most out of your stay and offer money-saving opportunities.

Whether you are visiting San Diego to soak up some sun on one of the many beaches or prefer what city life offers, we will provide helpful tips so you won’t be stuck on a crowded beach or be met with poor weather.

If you want to find affordable lodging, cheap flights, and enjoy the warm sunshine without sunbathing right next to a stranger, check out our guide below. We promise to offer helpful travel tips and ensure you are ready for your trip to San Diego!

Why You Should Visit San Diego

Downtown skyline with a sailboat in the water in front with a gorgeous clear sky in the background


San Diego is full of exciting destinations waiting for you to experience. Whether you enjoy the uniqueness of a coastal festival or the subtle beauty of the beach, San Diego is a popular vacation destination for more than one reason. 

The beaches and coastal vibe are a major draw to the oceanfront city. Beachgoers from around the world find their way to the sandy beaches of San Diego for sunbathing and to dig their toes into the fluffy white sand.

Besides the draw of the beaches, San Diego provides vacationers with exceptional weather, making it easy to spend lots of time outside exploring the city streets.

Walk through the towering city skyscrapers that overlook the harbor or dine on the patio of a city café. Area attractions are also plentiful, including SeaWorld, USS Midway Museum, and the San Diego Zoo (ranked one of the best zoos in the U.S.).

Don’t let the coastal vibes make you think the beach is the only attraction in San Diego. Take time to explore everything the area offers during your visit!

Overall Best Time to Visit San Diego

Sunset and marine layer with a little fog off the ocean at Terry Pine beach during the best time to visit San Diego

Janson George/Shutterstock

The overall best time to visit San Diego is March through May. Visiting during this timeframe offers fewer crowds while still providing the perfect weather to sit out on the beach and soak up some sun.  

Most states across the U.S. don’t let out school until late May. This means that visiting San Diego between March and May is the best time to steer clear of families on vacation.

Keep in mind that there may be a couple of weeks where the beaches are more populated than normal due to spring break dates. One of the best parts about visiting San Diego during spring is the exceptional weather.

When visiting before the hot summer months hit, you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze without having to worry about the blistering heat.

This gives you an overall relaxing visit as you’re less likely to need buckets of Aloe on the first beach day. Because San Diego is a larger city, you won’t run out of things to do, even during the slow season.

Join the locals and select tourists and walk the streets of the city while enjoying select festivals and concerts held throughout the springtime. 

Cheapest Time to Visit San Diego

Road to the harbor over the water with sailing ships in the background during the best time to visit San Diego


If you are looking for a budget-friendly trip to San Diego, consider visiting from December to February.

Because the winter months are considered the off-season, it’s the cheapest time to book lodging and travel, not to mention tickets to local attractions like the San Diego Zoo

When tourist destinations hit the off-season, they offer a variety of sales or specials when it comes to lodging and travel.

For instance, you may find a 2-for-1 sale on a flight or a 50% off room deal because it’s more difficult to fill rooms when tourists aren’t flocking to the destination. You will also find that visiting San Diego from December to February means less crowded beaches and restaurants.

Keep in mind that during these times, attractions may have limited hours or a lessened capacity to accommodate cash inflow with employee expenses.

While visiting in December is generally cheaper and less crowded, visiting during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday seasons is an exception.

Therefore, when planning your discounted trip to San Diego, you may want to eliminate the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year to ensure you get the best deal. 

Least Busy Time to Visit San Diego

Colonial neighborhood with the downtown skyline in the background and yellow and pink walls during the least busy time to visit San Diego

William RG/Shutterstock

Once kids start reporting back to school and the freedom to go on vacation becomes limited, this may be the least busy time to visit San Diego.

This is typically between September and November, as most families have already gone on vacation and begun saving up for next year. 

When you visit San Diego in September and mid-October, you still have the warm weather perfect for diving into the ocean or laying out on the beach.

When visiting in late October through November, you are met with slightly colder temperatures. Therefore, if you are not much into the sun tan beach scene, visiting during these months is perfect. 

You will also find that booking your trip to San Diego between September and November will offer slightly better deals on flights and lodging than the ones you’ll find throughout the summer months when everyone flocks to the beach or the city. 

Worst Time to Visit San Diego

Very foggy pier pictured during the worst time to visit San Diego

Bill Chizek/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit San Diego is from June to August. While it may seem like the best time to visit if you plan your vacation during this timeframe, you will be met with long lines, expensive flights and lodging, and crowded beaches.

June through August is the most popular time to visit San Diego. This means that hotels in and around the city will spike their prices to accommodate the sudden influx of visitors.

The same thing will happen with airline tickets as the limited quantity is a hot commodity. The crowds and prices are not the only reason to not visit San Diego during this time.

Also known as “June Gloom,” June is one of the worst times to visit the beach. This is because of the gloomy and hazy weather that covers the skies. More often than not, this haze evaporates around noon, but not always.

The constant gray skies cause a damper to beach goers’ plans of soaking up the sun all day. If you brave the hustle and bustle of summer in San Diego, you can still find deals and create enjoyable memories.

However, to do this, you need to plan. Book your lodging and airfare before prices spike. Also, consider booking lodging near the places you want to visit so you don’t spend all your time traveling from one place to another. 

Things to Consider

A young couple parked their bikes to sit on the grass and look at the ocean during the best time to visit San Diego


Taking a trip to the Golden State has endless benefits like sun-filled days and more attractions than you know what to do with. In San Diego, visitors are met with attractions like SeaWorld, La Jolla Cove, and endless dining options.

In addition to the attractions, San Diego is full of pristine beaches for you to soak up some sun. 

Before purchasing your tickets and booking your attractions, take these considerations to heart to ensure you are prepared for what could result from your trip.

Time of Year

The time of year you visit San Diego is a vital consideration. To pick the best time of year to plan your vacation, determine why you are going to San Diego and what you want to do while you’re there. 

If you are hoping to soak up some sun on the beach, you will want to visit when the weather is warmer. If you plan on visiting area attractions, you have a wider window of time to plan your visit. 


San Diego is a thriving metropolis that hosts multiple special events like festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Plan for your trip by researching what is going on during your targeted vacation dates. If you discover an event that interests you, purchase your tickets in advance to ensure attendance. 


The weather is a major factor to consider before booking a trip to San Diego. Hurricane season in San Diego occurs from mid-May through November. This occurs during prime vacation season for a lot of travelers. 

It is vital to stay up to date on weather patterns and ensure you have an escape plan or a safe place to go if you find yourself in a coastal city during a hurricane. 


Are you the type of vacationer that wants to get to your destination as quickly as possible? Or do you enjoy watching the landscape change as you spend hours on the road? 

Whether you prefer to hop on a plane and get to your destination in a couple of hours or you enjoy long car rides where you can soak up every bit of the trip, planning and booking your rental vehicle or purchasing your flight tickets is vital. 

If you are a road tripper, keep in mind the cost of gas when you plan on taking your vacation. 


Shopping for discounts and booking a vacation for on-sale dates is an excellent way to get the most out of your San Diego vacation. The more you save on lodging and travel, the more you can spend on things, like dining and attraction tickets. 

Beach Closures

If you plan to spend your San Diego vacation soaking up the sun, you’ll want to ensure you stay up-to-date on beach closures. Beaches can close for multiple reasons, like rough waters, dangerous marine life, or high winds.

Keep an eye on the beach flags that the lifeguards fly to know if it is safe to swim, as these closures can change daily and even hourly. 

Packing List

Weather along the coast can be unpredictable at times. This means packing a few extra clothes that you think you may not need may come in handy.

Whether a rain storm comes through or it’s colder out than what you would have expected, pack a few extra things to ensure you have everything you need for what the day brings. 

Try Something Different

Going on vacation is all about experiencing something new and getting away from the normalcy of your everyday life.

Therefore, make the most of your time away from home and try something new. Go to a restaurant and try a dish that you can’t get at home or visit an attraction that is unlike anything you have where you’re from. 

The best way to make memories is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new with your vacation partners. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Two surfers holding boards and walking on the sand for a piece on the best time to visit San Diego

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Planning a vacation to San Diego may spark a variety of questions. Luckily, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about San Diego to ensure you have all the answers necessary to book the perfect vacation. 

What is the rainy season in San Diego?

The rainy season in San Diego runs from March through May and again in September through November. During these months, you will find discounted flights and lodging as most vacationers book their vacations during the hot summer months.

What are the hottest months in San Diego?

The hottest month in San Diego is in August, with temperatures averaging 77 degrees Fahrenheit. July through early October are the hottest months, with an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How many days should I spend in San Diego?

If you want to take a short trip to San Diego but want to get a feel for the city, consider spending at least three days there.

Three days gives you enough time to explore the city and walk along one of the many beaches. If you have more time, we recommend spending five to seven days to ensure you get your fill of the coastal city. 

Does San Diego have the best weather?

Based on ratings by the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego ranks number one as the most pleasant place in the United States. San Diego averages 261 “pleasant days” throughout the year, with an average high temperature in the 70s and lows in the 40s. 

What is San Diego known for?

The most known part of San Diego is the 70 miles of beautiful beaches it has and its near-perfect climate. In addition to the coastline and weather of San Diego, the city offers a plethora of family-friendly activities to ensure visitors have plenty to keep them entertained. 

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit San Diego?

Visiting San Diego in the spring gives you nice weather, small crowds, and relatively decent lodging and travel rates. Therefore, March through May is the best overall time to visit San Diego.

If you are looking to take a cheap vacation to San Diego, consider booking your stay from December through February. We recommend staying away from the coastal city from June through August to avoid large crowds and overly priced lodging.

If your vacation style is to relax and unwind without the interruption of family vacationers, consider visiting San Diego anywhere from September to Novemer.

These dates ensure that students are back in school and less likely to cause interruption to your beach sunbathing. No matter the time of year you visit San Diego, ensure you plan and consider things like discounts, beach closures, and the weather.