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The Best Time to Visit Colorado Springs in 2023

The Best Time to Visit Colorado Springs in 2023

When you travel to Colorado Springs, you’ll experience the magic of its pristine beauty throughout the year. From vibrant springs to snow-kissed winters, there’s charm when this picturesque destination is at its peak.

We’ll show you the best time to visit Colorado Springs to experience all it has to offer, when to visit to avoid crowd, and how to save big on your trip to this storied city. Let us be your guide!

Why You Should Visit Colorado Springs in 2023

Gorgeous mountain-top view of the hiking trail pictured from the summit during the best time to visit Colorado Springs

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Did you know Pikes Peak is a mere 12 miles from Colorado Springs? The notorious summit is the reason most people visit the city. Pikes Peak is one of the state’s fourteeners — summits with an elevation of 14,000 feet and above.

The peak is no amateur’s game. This portion of the Rocky Mountains is one of the most difficult to climb, but if you’re up to the challenge, you’ll experience the view that inspired Katherine Lee Bates’ infamous poem, “America the Beautiful.”

While we think seeing Pikes Peak up close and personal is reason enough to visit Colorado Springs, we have plenty more reasons to visit.

Colorado Springs also flaunts the national landmark, Garden of the Gods, an abundance of history, the U.S. Olympic training center, delicious eats, unique breweries, and so much more!

The Best Time to Visit Colorado Springs

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The best time to visit Colorado Springs is in the spring, between March and May. During this time, temperatures begin to rise to a bearable degree for non-natives.

March and April have an average high in the mid-50s and frequently dip into and slightly below the 30s. May is much warmer with average highs in the upper-60s and lows rarely below 40. Despite the cooler temperatures, Colorado Springs still sees snowfall into April.

However, the snow melts quickly, leaving the nearby trails clear for exploring. Most Colorado Springs visitors wait for summer to ensure any signs of winter are long gone.

For this reason, springtime sees fewer crowds and lower hotel rates. Despite a few cold days and snowfalls, the weather is nice enough to delve into the great outdoors. Daytime weather is perfect for hiking up one of Pikes Peak’s many trails.

You may also enjoy a visit to Garden of the Gods — a national park filled with towering red rock formations left behind from the Pleistocene ice age. While at the park, you can partake in a nature walk, jeep, trolley, segway, or bike tour.

You can even scale one of the colossal red rocks! The park also frequently hosts events, such as Saturday yoga, scavenger hunts for children, and learning presentations.

Springtime, in April, also marks the beginning of whitewater rafting, as this is when the last snowfall usually occurs. Soar down the Arkansas River while taking in unmatched views from the Rocky Mountains.

Cheapest Time to Visit Colorado Springs

The cog rail in Colorado Springs pictured at the summit with snow on the ground

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The cheapest time to visit Colorado Springs is in the winter, between November and February. Low temperatures draw fewer crowds, prompting hotels to lower their prices.

During winter, the highs hover around the low to mid-40s while the lows frequently drop below 20 degrees. There’s not much opportunity for skiing or snowboarding in Colorado Springs, but it is nearby popular ski and snowboarding destinations, such as Summit County.

Visiting Colorado Springs during the winter is best for anyone seeking an affordable, relaxing holiday season.It may be cold out, but there’s still plenty of fun to partake in!

We’d advised against hiking or biking Pikes Peak, but you can remain in the warmth of the Cog Railway. The railway treks through the mountain, giving guests a close view of the beloved snow-covered summit.

You can also snowshoe through one of the nearby trails. If Garden of the Gods is at the top of your list, choose from over 21 miles to explore.

The Broadmoor Resort is another popular place to visit during winter as it hosts massive holiday events that begin at the end of November and last until the new year.

Tourists and locals enjoy festive lights, holiday shows, and much more. Because Colorado Springs sees fewer guests during winter, the Broadmoor Resort and others like it lower their prices.  

You can also score on cheaper flights. Plane tickets to Colorado Springs are the least expensive in January and February, but compared to the rest of the year, November and December are inexpensive, as well.

Least Busy Time to Visit Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods pictured with snow on the ground with clear skies above the mountains during the winter, the least busy time to visit Colorado Springs

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The least busy time to visit Colorado Springs is in the fall, between September and October, or winter, between November and February.

As mentioned above, most people would rather avoid Colorado’s notoriously cold winters. If you’re one of those people but still want an uncrowded getaway, visit during the fall instead.

Early fall is generally the best time to vacation. Most families have children who have just started school and don’t have much time to get away. This is unfortunate for them but lucky for you!

The weather is perfect for exploring Colorado Springs’ outdoors without the crowds. The average high sits between the 60s and 70s, while the low ranges from the 30s to 40s.

Best of all, the fall foliage paints a view unattainable elsewhere. A popular fall-time activity is ziplining through all the foliage! If you’re not big on free-flying, you can explore on horseback, on foot, or by helicopter!

Colorado Springs and the nearby areas have multiple adventure companies that specialize in giving you an up-close view of Colorado Springs.

Although flying to Colorado Springs is the cheapest during the winter, prices begin their plummet during September and October. Maximize your savings by traveling on a Saturday and booking your flight approximately three weeks in advance.

Worst Time to Visit Colorado Springs

Summertime in the Garden of the Gods pictured during the worst time to visit Colorado Springs, the middle of the hot summer

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The worst time to visit Colorado Springs is in the summer, between June and August. Don’t get us wrong. The weather is perfect, and there’s an abundance of things to do, but it is overly crowded and pricey.

Hotel prices nearly double in summer, and flight prices skyrocket, reaching their highest point in August. You only need to worry about high prices if you find a hotel to stay at! Most locals would advise you to book your trip a few months in advance as finding an open room for a reasonable price may prove impossible.

We can understand why so many people flock to Colorado Springs during the summer. Average temperatures in the 70s and 80s create prime opportunities for outdoor adventures.

In addition to hiking and biking through Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, many summertime vacationers also spend a day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The zoo was named the third-best zoo in the country by USA Today.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is another event that draws the masses. The event takes place at the end of June and features a variety of motorsport vehicles racing a 156-turn course up to the summit.  

Other popular summer events include the Manitou Springs Wine Fest, the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, the Royal Gorge Whitewater Fest, camping, and much more. If you can bear the crowds and don’t mind paying extra, summer is one of the most fun times to visit Colorado Springs.

Things to Consider

Air Force Academy in the middle of winter pictured during the best time to visit Colorado Springs

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Here are a few things to consider before taking a trip to Colorado Springs:

  • Pack layers for your hike. Colorado natives will advise you to pack extra layers in your hiking pack, even if it’s summer. The higher up on Pikes Peak you climb, the colder it gets. With every thousand feet, temperatures decrease by 4 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The summit is often 30 degrees cooler than the base.
  • Afternoon thunderstorms during summer. You may not see snow during a summer getaway, but you will likely experience an afternoon thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are unpredictable, so consider only embarking on longer hikes with a guide who can read the weather well. If you happen to get caught up in a thunderstorm, attempt to find shelter beneath a roof, even if it is just in a car.
  • Some hotels close in winter. Planning a winter getaway? Beware that some hotels close during this time because they have little to no guests to accommodate. Before booking your trip, research stays near your planned activities to ensure they’re open.
  • Delve into history. Once part of the American frontier, there’s no lack of history in this region. The Cripple Creek Historic District, Glen Eyrie Castle, US Air Force Academy, Penrose Heritage Museum, Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, and Old Colorado City are all worth adding to your to-do list. Colorado Springs also has historic natural landmarks that you can’t miss. Aside from Garden of the Gods, consider visiting the Paint Mines Interpretive Park, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crazy stairs of the Manitou incline pictured during the best time to visit Colorado Springs, the spring

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We hope we’ve provided you with nearly everything there is to know about Colorado Springs. Still have questions? Keep reading.

Where Do I Fly Into Colorado Springs?

Fly into the Colorado Springs Airport. The Colorado Spring Airport receives flights from the following cities:

  • Minneapolis
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Phoenix
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Salt Lake City
  • Denver

If you do not live in one of these cities, you’ll need to book a connecting flight to one of them. Additionally, only certain airlines offer service to Colorado Springs in certain cities.

Finding your way to Colorado Springs can be slightly stressful, but it’s smooth sailing once you arrive. The airport is small and easy to navigate. It is also a mere 12 miles from downtown Colorado Springs and approximately a 20-minute drive from most stays.

Is Denver or Colorado Springs Better to Visit?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences for a vacation. Denver is the largest city in Colorado and therefore, much busier than Colorado Springs.

Often considered a mountain town, many people opt for a Colorado Springs vacation because they want to slow down and recharge in the great outdoors. There’s easy access to outdoor activities in Denver, as well. Hiking and whitewater rafting are popular activities.

The city is also closer to skiing and snowboarding destinations. Denver has plenty to do inside the city, as well. It offers better shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Although there’s more room for keeping busy in Denver, it is also more expensive than in Colorado Springs. If you’re looking for a lowkey and relaxing vacation, visit Colorado Springs. If you’re looking for nonstop things to do, visit Denver.

What Are Some of the Best Hikes in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is full of hiking trails for varying levels and preferences. As mentioned above, Garden of the Gods has over 21 miles of trails to explore. We suggest prioritizing a hike here, as the views and history behind the park are breathtaking.

If you want to get your heart pumping, embark on the Manitou Incline trail. The hike is less than one mile but has a 2,020-foot elevation gain and 2,744 stair steps to conquer.

If you’re willing to travel one hour south to the Tunnel Drive Trailhead, you’ll get to see the awe-invoking Royal Gorge. The Royal Gorge is a canyon naturally-formed by the Arkansas River.

This trailhead takes adventurers through three tunnels that offer unmatched views of the river gorge. Last but not least — you can’t miss hiking around the base or up Pikes Peak.

How Many Days Do You Need in Colorado Springs?

Three to four days is enough time to explore Colorado Springs. Dedicate the first two to three days to embarking on the outdoor activities you likely booked your trip for — Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds Mountain Park, the Manitou Springs Mineral Springs, The Seven Falls, and the Arkansas River.

Spend your last one to two days exploring everything else the quaint mountain town has to offer. From countless museums to choose from to breweries full of friendly faces, you won’t regret it.

What Is the Coldest Month in Colorado Springs?

January is the coldest month in Colorado Springs. The average high is 42 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can stand the frigid weather, the city is empty during January, making for a relaxing winter getaway.

Although it snows, the snow melts rather quickly, so you can still enjoy exploring the city. If you do visit, be sure to pack appropriately.

During this time of year, it’s best to dress in layers, especially if you have outdoor activities planned. Although, don’t be surprised if you find yourself comfortable beneath the sun. Colorado Springs is notorious for sunny days, even during winter.

So, When Should You Travel to Colorado Springs?

We hope this guide has advised you of everything there is to know about Colorado Springs, including the best time for you to visit.

If you desire an uncrowded, fair-priced getaway with weather nice enough for exploring the great outdoors, visit during the spring between March and May or the fall between September and October.

Looking for perfect weather and endless options of things to do? Visit in the summer, between June and August. If your primary concern is finding a cheap hotel to unwind at, plan a winter vacation.

Regardless of when you visit, we know you’ll be in awe of everything Colorado Springs has to offer. So what are you waiting for — book your trip today!