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19 Best Restaurants in St. Lucia in 2023

19 Best Restaurants in St. Lucia in 2023

Breathtaking natural beauty and luxury are what most people have in their heads when thinking of St Lucia. This Caribbean paradise also provides versatile dining options to suit various tastes and budgets, ranging from fine dining to homemade cuisine.

The menus range from heavenly Creole and Caribbean plates to flavorful seafood options.  We love the Caribbean, so we’ll show you the 19 best restaurants in Saint Lucia, why we love each one, and what to order at each.

19 Best Restaurants in St Lucia in 2023

St Lucia is home to multiple high-quality restaurants that cater to a broad range of clients. The versatility means you can find a dining spot suitable for different needs, ranging from family to romantic dates.

These restaurants also feature varying architecture, letting you experience different ambiances, such as a tropical or high-end feel.

The numerous restaurants may make it challenging when seeking an eatery. In the list below, we’ll present you with 19 of the best St Lucia restaurants to add a memorable culinary journey to your itinerary.

1. Spice of India

Overhead view of a person eating spices-encircled Biryani Rice by hand served on a wooden table at Spice of India, names as one of the best restaurants in St. Lucia


Spice of India is your choice when you want authentic Indian meals. Its location at the heart of Rodney Bay enhances convenience via its accessibility.

The restaurant also offers dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery options, enabling you to satisfy your preferences.

Spice of India includes celiac-friendly, gluten-free, and halal menus upon request, albeit subject to availability. The restaurant lets you choose how spicy you want your dish to ensure everyone dines comfortably.  

2. Martha’s Table

Served National Dish on a native bamboo tray at Martha's Table, one of the best restaurants in St. Lucia, a plate of Green Fig and Salted Codfish with green Bananas and a lime


Martha’s Table is famous for its homemade Creole cuisine. The Creole entrées such as curry chicken and spicy jerk pork are a hit among diners. Its open-air design and warm atmosphere blend with the menu, giving a casual eating spot to hang out with friends.

Although it is not an eye-catching joint, its pocket-friendly prices let you make the most of your afternoon in style. It serves only lunch from Monday to Friday between 11.30 am and 3 pm, closing on weekends.

3. The Beacon Restaurant

The Beacon Restaurant lets you dine on exquisite menus while appreciating the beautiful vistas of the famous Pitons. It is among St Lucia’s restaurants that merge Caribbean ingredients and techniques with international flavors.

If you love eating outdoors, you will enjoy the patio seating space. This outdoor area offers magnificent nature views as you dine and breathe in the fresh air.

4. Coal Pot

The Coal Pot restaurant is the place to visit when you crave Creole and French meals. Its main fish courses include barracuda, dorado, snapper, and kingfish.

They come with various sauces, with ginger sauce getting the most recommendations. The best sitting spot is on the long verandah beside the water.

You can feed your eyes with beauty as you eat alongside the sleepy marina. Most diners at Coal Pot are businessmen from Castries who visit the location often for lunch. It is wise to dress smartly if you wish to fit in.

5. Jade Mountain Club 

You can enjoy fine dining at Jade Mountain Club, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This luxurious club features extraordinary cooking techniques and contemporary fusion cuisine.

It also provides a special dessert, the St Lucian Tiramisu. Jade Mountain Club also has live entertainment to make your night more fun and exciting.

You can enjoy varying performances, including St Lucia’s top jazz acts and classical acoustic music. It is also among the best birthday eateries on the island. You can prepare a memorable surprise party by calling the restaurant in advance.

6. The Pink Plantation House

The Pink Plantation House is a former colonial mansion-turned restaurant. It sits above Castries, meaning you can appreciate tropical garden views when dining on the verandah.

Feast on its Caribbean menu, including grilled fish of the day, lamb curry, fish cakes, and Christophe au gratin. 

The restaurant serves all meals on the owner’s handmade ceramic plates, enabling you to appreciate some art. It offers a special sunlit pink treat during the Sunday brunch.

7. Jacques Waterfront Dining

Jacques presents a quality dining experience on a striking waterfront perch at the Rodney Bay Marina’s entrance. It serves lunch and dinner daily, between noon and 3 pm, and 6 pm and 10 pm.

The upscale restaurant is a perfect pick when you want to spoil yourself in a quiet atmosphere.

You can enjoy French and Mediterranean menus with a distinctive Caribbean influence. Keep an eye out on specialties like red snapper and pan-seared scallops. 

8. Fedo’s

Fedo’s provides a lovely restaurant with affordable menus, making it ideal for taking the burden off your wallet. The authentic local meals and friendly ambiance let you feel comfortable, even when traveling with kids.

It opens daily except Sundays, operating between 9 am and 5 pm. Fedo’s has a wheelchair-accessible parking lot, entrance, and toilet to increase different customers’ comfort.

You can also get dine-in and takeaway services to suit your schedule demands. The menus offered include organic, vegetarian, healthy, and quick bite options.

9. Treetop 

Various dishes served on a fresh banana leaf at Treetop Restaurant and Bar, one of the best restaurants in St. Lucia


St Lucia offers different delicacies for various people at Treetop restaurant and bar. This joint has Caribbean and Indian menus to deliver an incredible food experience. The servings include special offerings such as vegetarian and gluten-free selections.

Treetop presents an ideal spot to visit with friends or colleagues, with its live music creating an excellent atmosphere. The bar includes experienced staff that can customize your drinks to suit your preferences.  

10. Liz Roti

Enjoy another taste of India at Liz Roti during your trip to this beautiful island. It provides tasty rotis and cakes, enabling you and your family to fill your stomachs at this beachside eatery.

A recommended menu is the moist and delicious chicken roti packed with flavors. Appease your sweet tooth with Liz Roti’s delectable pineapple cake. The simple establishment delivers a relaxing vibe, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day.

11. Big Chef Steak House

Big Chef Steakhouse offers a reliable option when you desire an excellent dinner to enjoy with friends or family. The indoor and air-conditioned restaurant gives you a classy look with its warm ambiance.

You can dine on outstandingly tender steaks accompanied by tasty sweet potato fries. The menu includes rich puddings such as the famous cranberry vanilla crème brulee.

Interestingly, the restaurant has a sister establishment called Tapas on Bay. This tapas bar offers Spanish and Caribbean meals. You can begin your dining journey here before finishing your night at the steak house.

12. Dasheene

Dasheene is among the eclectic and innovative restaurants on the island. It serves authentic St Lucian meals, ensuring you fully experience the land’s food culture. Keep your eye out for Dasheene’s lobster specials with their crispy, sweet, lean meat.

The location also gives you views of dramatic sunsets to deliver a pleasant and romantic experience. Dasheene includes a live band to add a fun atmosphere to an enjoyable evening.  

13. Bayside Restaurant

A serving of fresh steamed Mussels with lemon at Bayside Restaurant, best known for its fresh seafoods and one of the best restaurants in St. Lucia


Bayside is your go-to restaurant when you seek a beachfront eatery with stunning scenery. It offers breathtaking views of the Pitons that merge well with savory seaside dishes. If you are a seafood enthusiast, this eatery is for you.

Bayside specializes in offering freshly caught Caribbean seafood. You can also get a French menu to enjoy a different experience. For instance, its confit duck is one of the French staples to try when visiting the Bayside restaurant.

14. The Cliff at Cap

The Cliff at Cap is a restaurant at the hacienda-style hotel, Cap Maison. Its clifftop location with an open-air design delivers fantastic scenery. You can enjoy panoramic vistas of the ocean and Martinique on the horizon.

This restaurant provides Caribbean and French cuisine, featuring menus like roast jerk pork belly with caramelized plantain. It runs on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you want to hurry when visiting the spot with family.

15. The Trysting Place

A couple each holding a glass of red wine with a beautifully served steak on the table at The Trysting Place, one of the best restaurants in St. Lucia


St Lucia presents a quality romantic getaway, and the Trysting Place is a suitable restaurant for a lovely dinner. Couples can access a la carte menus involving a fusion of French and Caribbean cuisines.

One of its recommended dishes is the Salade de pays des Merveilles. You can appreciate this menu, regardless of whether you are a vegan or not. Its proximity to Rendezvous hotel also increases convenience.

16. Matthew’s Rooftop

Matthew’s Rooftop is an excellent restaurant to visit when shopping. It sits at Baywalk Mall with convenient access to the stores.

This eatery flaunts a rooftop terrace, allowing you to take in panoramic vistas over Rodney Bay. Matthew’s Rooftop’s location is close to nearby convenience facilities, including a hotel.

You can find vegan-friendly menus to ensure you and your loved ones can match your tastes. It also includes Mexican options such as beef fajitas served on a corn tortilla.  

17. Orlando’s

Orlando’s is a St Lucia restaurant giving an elegant yet homely feel. It gets its name from the British-born chef Orlando Satchell, a passionate champion for Caribbean dishes.

Besides, this joint provides affordable lunches featuring plantain chips, grilled triggerfish, and a light salsa dip. Your little ones can enjoy the baked banana-filled ice cream and guava for a tasty dessert pudding. 

You want to get a seat on the upstairs terrace to have the best tables and experience. Dinners feature relatively expensive set prices and five-course meals. You can enjoy Orlando’s “Mango Madness” themed menu when mangoes are in season.

18. Key Largo Italian

Key Largo Italian includes live music in its offerings, enabling you to unwind and dine in a unique ambiance. Its menu incorporates kids’ dishes, halal food, wood-fired pizza, a salad bar, organic meals, and vegetarian options.

Additionally, the accessible restaurant provides a wheelchair-friendly entrance, car park, and seating. Key Largo Italian prioritizes your safety and comfort during the pandemic, offering outdoor seating and no-contact delivery.

It also requires reservation as part of its health and safety measures. Additional services are available for your convenience, including dine-in, curbside pickup, and takeaway.

19. Rabot Restaurant

Rabot presents another quality restaurant for chocolate lovers. It serves one of the best chocolate mousses on the island. Moreover, you can find non-chocolate menus such as coconut curry and rib eye.

If you prefer healthy options, the restaurant serves vegetarian and fish dishes. Rabot restaurant from Hotel Chocolat has a beautiful chic and smart design.

It lets you take in terrific vistas of the Pitons while enjoying the fresh air. Its connection to the hotel enhances comfort and convenience for busy visitors who cannot travel much.  

Things to Consider

Arancini, rice balls on a table from one of the best restaurants in St. Lucia


It is necessary to examine some logistics when you intend to visit any of the restaurants above. Below are some essential aspects to look at before going to any restaurant:

  • Verify if the restaurant offers takeaway services
  • Find out if the location permits you to bring a pet
  • See if the restaurant has a balcony or patio option
  • Confirm if the site has accessible features for disabled visitors
  • Learn the menus available, including kid-friendly or vegan options
  • Find out the menu costs
  • Identify any special events and the dates
  • Check parking availability and what it costs
  • Find out the covid19 restriction and safety measures

Frequently Asked Questions

Gorgeous harbor view of one of the best restaurants in Saint Lucia with a water view

Lucian Milasan/Shutterstock

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the best restaurants in St. Lucia:

What is the most popular food in St Lucia?

St Lucia features many foods locals and visitors enjoy, including lamb, stewed meats, bouyon, and grilled fish. Green figs and saltfish are the island’s national dish, taking the top spot in popularity.

Do St Lucia restaurants offer vegetarian options?

Several restaurants include vegan options on their menus. Nevertheless, the limited dishes mean you can get more vegetarian options in the local markets and supermarkets.

Is it easy to get to restaurants in St Lucia?

You can comfortably access the restaurants via car, taxi, or bus. Some restaurants are close to hotel premises, placing them within a walking-distance radius.

How is the weather in St Lucia?

This Caribbean island has wet and dry seasons, with the former beginning from July to December. The latter runs from January to June. Tropical showers can occur throughout the year, although they last for a few minutes.

Are St Lucia restaurants expensive?

The high-end restaurants with international menus and the eateries catering to tourists often have a high price tag. You can find more pocket-friendly dishes at the local eateries.

So, What’s the Best Restaurant in St Lucia?

A lovely couple enjoying a little meal at one of the best restaurants in St. Lucia

David Prado Perucha/Shutterstock

St Lucia has plenty to offer, and their restaurants with heavenly dishes are among the top delights you can experience.

The various menus and ambiance ensure you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you visit for work or leisure, you will enjoy one of the best St Lucia restaurants presented here.