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The 15 Best Resorts in Tulum in 2023 | For All Budgets

The 15 Best Resorts in Tulum in 2023 | For All Budgets

Gorgeous Tulum is a great destination for spring break or a break at any time of year. Soak up the party atmosphere or get away from it all, depending on your choice of resort.

Why You Should Visit Tulum

Tulum, on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, is one of the country’s most popular beach destinations for a reason. The beaches are probably the main draw. Tulum has pristine sandy beaches with waving palm trees that look just like your favorite screen saver.

The gorgeous waters of the Caribbean Sea lap against the shore. Besides the beaches, local cenotes, or sinkholes, are also popular swimming destinations. Tulum is also packed with history.

The town is on Mexico’s Mayan Peninsula, and ruins from the Mayan empire surround the town. Visit the ruins of the Mayan town of Tulum itself or take day trips to nearby destinations such as Chichén Itzá.

Tulum is also a great destination thanks to its unique culture. It is a popular destination for young travelers, but not as wild as Cancún.

There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and boutiques, but also wilderness yoga retreats and pristine nature. Tulum truly allows you to have it all. It’s possible to visit Tulum on any budget, thanks to the wide variety of activities and accommodations.

Tulum boasts a wide array of hotels, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly inns. And you can bet that we’ll show you our favorites below. Let us be your guide!

The 15 Best Resorts in Tulum

Here are some of the best resorts in Tulum, hand-picked by our travel experts.

1. Hotel Bardo

  • Location: Tulum Centro
  • Average Price: $398 a night

Whether you’re headed on a honeymoon or reunion with your closest friends, the luxurious, adults-only Hotel Bardo is a great choice. The suites are decorated in an earthy style and feel one with the jungle, especially thanks to the glass walls and outdoor showers.

Hotel Bardo also offers a lot of inclusive activities, including bike riding, swimming at the main pool, and more. If you don’t want to mingle with other guests, every room has its own pool.

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2. Una Vida

  • Location: La Veleta
  • Average Price: $497 a night

Una Vida hotel is the perfect retreat for feeling as if you are one with nature, with all the creature comforts of a five-star resort. The hotel is located away from the busiest parts of the city, close to the quieter La Veleta neighborhood.

All guests stay in private villas that look out onto the pool. The design is inspired by nature and Zen philosophy, making it the perfect place for a retreat. Plus, this is Hotel Bardo’s sister property, so the two share lots of amenities.

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3. La Zebra a Colibri Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Beachfront
  • Average Price: $1,300 a night

The chic boutique hotel La Zebra a Colibri is a great place to spend a vacation in Tulum. The lively hotel is right on the beach, but you can also take a dip in the pool, complete with a pool bar.

Other amenities include an on-site restaurant, a bar with live music, and hot tubs in some rooms. La Zebra a Colibri is the perfect place for relaxing about as close to the beach as you can get.

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4. Wakax Hacienda — Cenote & Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Carretera Tulum
  • Average Price: $430 a night

Wakax Hacienda allows you to stay off the beaten path while still getting pampered. The hotel is located in the jungle, with a cenote and lake for swimming on the property. You also have designated spaces for yoga retreats in the peaceful jungle.

Relax in the gorgeous rooms in a building made to look like a traditional Yucatán hacienda and enjoy a soak in your hot tub. You can get a taxi to the Tulum beaches, but why would you ever want to leave?

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5. Jashita Hotel

  • Location: Punta Soliman
  • Average Price: $1,100 a night

The gorgeous Jashita Hotel goes above and beyond to provide guests with an excellent experience. Amenities include pools, a stylish bar and restaurant, private plunge pools for guests staying in suites, and even a spa.

The Jashita Hotel makes it easy to try new activities with staff-led beachfront yoga, snorkeling, and scuba diving. According to previous guests, the service is unforgettable.

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6. La Valise Tulum

  • Location: Carretera Tulum
  • Average Price: $862 a night

La Valise Tulum is a gorgeous boutique hotel nestled in the jungle. The unique architecture consists of two wings soaring out of the jungle canopy using natural-looking materials.

The property is located right on a private beach, with beach beds there for lounging at your leisure.

You can also swim in the heated infinity pool. At night, retreat to your jungle bungalow with an open-air shower or room with a hammock. This is a jungle vacation with no roughing it needed.

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7. Hotel Muaré Tulum

  • Location: La Veleta
  • Average Price: $498 a night

Hotel Muaré Tulum is a gorgeous boutique hotel tucked into the jungle. Every single room will feel like a private oasis thanks to the glass entrance looking onto your own private garden and pool.

The property is decorated with an earthy, natural scheme that feels immersive. The hotel is perfect for people on wellness retreats thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and in-house wellness studio.

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8. Sueños Tulum

  • Location: Zona Hotelera
  • Average Price: $511 a night

Sueños Tulum is truly a place where dreams come true. Every suite is equipped with windows that look right onto the beach and a fully stocked private bathroom.

Enjoy some pampering at the spa, work on your body and soul in yoga, or just relax on the beach all day. Previous guests also rave about the relaxing, quiet atmosphere, a welcome respite from sometimes party-happy Tulum.

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9. Hotel Tiki Tiki Tulum

  • Location: La Veleta
  • Average Price: $175 a night

The Hotel Tiki Tiki in Tulum feels like a slightly larger beach cabana. The laid-back tropical décor, pool, and on-site bar with delicious cocktails enhance the atmosphere of your beach vacation.

Plus, the location is excellent, right in Tulum’s La Veleta neighborhood, a short walk away from great neighborhood restaurants and bars.

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10. Cabanas Tulum — Beach Hotel & Spa

  • Location: Carretera Tulum
  • Average Price: $688 a night

Cabanas Tulum is a great place to stay for all visitors, from families with teenage children to young couples. The rooms are opulent, some featuring hammocks, others featuring a rooftop hot tub, while still others have a swim-up entrance option.

The hotel also organizes tours for guests to visit local attractions such as Sian Ka’an or the cenotes, saving you the trouble of having to organize everything yourself.

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11. Encantada Tulum

  • Location: Carretera Tulum
  • Average Price: $853 a night

The elegant Encantada Tulum tries to provide guests with as authentic an experience as possible, with local art, jungle views, and tropical gardens just waiting for exploration.

The location is close to the Sian Ka’an reserve, and you can rent bicycles to explore the surrounding nature. The hotel is also right on the beach, making it easy to swim the day away.

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12. L’Hotelito

  • Location: Tulum Centro
  • Average Price: $83 a night

Checking into L’Hotelito feels like discovering a secret you shouldn’t know. This tiny gem in the center of Tulum is decorated in traditional style, with thatched roofs and tropical gardens with hammocks.

It also has plenty of modern amenities such as cable TV, air-conditioned rooms, and private bathrooms. The location is perfect for exploring the town of Tulum itself.

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13. Hotel El Capitán

  • Location: Tulum Centro
  • Average Price: $82 a night

The Hotel El Capitán doesn’t have a lot of frills compared to luxury Tulum resorts, but it has more than enough charm. Previous guests have high praise for the staff, especially the front desk staff who go above and beyond to help guests plan tours and make travel arrangements.

The rooms are comfortable with amenities such as air conditioning and private bathrooms, plus the location makes it easy to explore Tulum.

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14. Howlita Tulum

  • Location: Tulum Centro
  • Average Price: $90 a night

The cute adults-only Howlita Tulum hotel is located in the center of Tulum, just a few minutes from the main market. The hotel is a quiet retreat from the town’s hustle and bustle.

Behind the thatched walls, you’ll find airy rooms decorated in traditional styles, a pool, and a terrace where you can tan. Staff are happy to organize excursions to nearby attractions for you.

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15. Hotel Poc Na Tulum

  • Location: Parque Nacional Tulum
  • Average Price: $333 a night

Hotel Poc Na Tulum is a gorgeous beachfront hotel. Technically located within the Parque Nacional Tulum, the hotel is also a great base for exploring the surrounding ruins.

If beaches are more your thing, the hotel is right on the beach and offers great opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. Relax with your free breakfast and watch the waves go by.

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Making the Most of Your Tulum Hotel Stay

Here is how to make sure your Tulum vacation is one to remember.

Getting to the Hotel

Most people who travel to Tulum fly into Cancún International Airport. Many upscale resorts organize paid airport shuttles for guests. You can also book your own shuttle or private taxi ahead of time. If you take the bus, it will drop you off in Tulum Centro.

The Zona Hotelera on the beach is a few miles away. From Tulum Centro, you can take a taxi to your hotel, but they tend to be pricey. Backpackers tend to go for colectivos, or shared taxis.

Crime and Safety

Many tourists are scared of going to Mexico because of the country’s reputation as a dangerous place. Tulum is one of the safest parts of Mexico. However, pickpockets are common, as in many popular tourist destinations worldwide.

You can protect yourself by staying aware of your surroundings and never leaving valuables unattended. Tulum has seen an uptick in gang violence lately, but you’d have to have really bad luck to get caught in the middle of that.

Traveler Tips

Here are some tips that fellow travelers to Tulum had:

  • The city center is the most affordable part of town, so book your accommodations and eat here if you are on a smaller budget.
  • Tulum Centro is a few miles away from the beach, but you can bike there in the bike lane if the weather is nice. Otherwise, there are taxis running between the two locations (with extortionate prices).
  • Most people visiting Tulum spend most of their time on the beach but explore the rest of what Tulum has to offer, such as the cenotes and ruins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neat view of one of the best hotels in Tulum with a secluded beach with chairs overlooking the ocean surrounded by vegetation

Simon Dannhauer/Shutterstock

Here are some other things you might want to know before heading to Tulum:

What hotels do celebrities stay at in Tulum?

Celebrities, especially those with a hippie bent, love Tulum. That’s not to say they like to rough it when they visit, as they usually stay in luxury resorts such as Habitas or Azulik.

Where should I stay in Tulum?

If it’s your first time in Tulum, you’re probably here for the beach. Staying in one of the three zones along the Tulum Playa is a great choice, as each zone has its distinct character, and you’re close to the water.

How long do you need in Tulum?

Many travel bloggers recommend spending at least five days in Tulum. It’s not so much that there are so many sights you need to explore, but that you want to give yourself enough time to relax on the beach and explore the local nature in-depth.

What is the best month to go to Tulum?

Tulum is beautiful all year round. The best month to go is December, when the weather is beautiful and the town is lively, but the peak season is not in full swing yet.

Is Tulum safer than Cancún?

Tulum has a much lower crime rate than Cancún. That is one of the reasons why more and more tourists are flocking to the quieter town instead of its more famous resort-filled cousin.

So What Is the Best Resort in Tulum?

Tulum has many beautiful beachside and jungle resorts, such as Hotel Bardo and Wakax Hacienda. For those on a lower budget, you can find cute hotels with fewer amenities but arguably more charm in Tulum Centro. So what are you waiting for — book your trip today!