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The 16 Best Places to Visit in October in 2023

The 16 Best Places to Visit in October in 2023

Fall is the most iconic season, and we’ve seen the vibrant leaves and quaint little towns for decades of TV. Maybe you missed your summer vacation this year, or you’re looking for a getaway once the weather starts dropping.

Fortunately, October means fall foliage, Halloween, and Oktoberfest.

While this is quite vague, don’t worry — our travel experts have done the hard work of rounding up the best places to visit, including why we love each and some must-see sights in each. Let us be your guide!

The 16 Best Places to Visit in October

October is the shoulder season for hundreds of destinations around the world. So whether you’re seeking the leaves changing colors or a semi-warm destination, we’ll highlight the best places to visit in October.

1. Bavaria, Germany

Picturesque view of Bavaria in Germany, one of the best places to visit in October, pictured with Maria Gern Church with Hochkalter Peak in the background

Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutterstock

German Oktoberfest is a must see event that happens in German; however, that occurs in Munich. Bavaria, Germany, transforms into a fairytale town during October.

You can take in the distinctive architecture, art, and music inspired by this once powerful kingdom. Romantic Road is 290 miles of road going throughout Germany. Along this road is Neuschwanstein Castle, which is famous for the design of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Afterward, you can explore Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which lets you walk through an old medieval town. The neutral brown colors and cobblestone paths make this the perfect spot to visit in October.

2. Peacham, Vermont

Old church in Peacham Virginia, one of the most unique places to visit in October, pictured in autumn with the leaves turning and the sun setting over the trees


Early fall is the best time to see the leaves turning into bright shades of reds, golds, and oranges. One of the best things about Vermont is the quaint towns, including Peacham, Vermont.

Peacham is a historic village known for being one of the most beautiful spots in New England during the fall. Groton State Forest and Peacham Bog are the perfect sightseeing destinations in the area for beautiful scenery and nature.

3. Coastline of Maine

Portland Head Lighthouse pictured at dusk in autumn in a roundup of the best places to visit in October

Lukas Proszowski/Shutterstock

Maine’s coastline is the largest in New England, full of small fishing villages and scenic areas to see during your visit. Visiting Maine during October is the cheapest time to visit.

With all the tourists leaving at the end of summer, you’ll see the brightest colored leaves during October. While it’s fall, you can still go canoeing, kayaking, and fly fishing during October, and the weather will be perfectly moderate.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

Historic Acorn Street seen with leaves falling and on the ground in October in Boston


Another beautiful New England city is Boston, Massachusetts. You can learn about Boston’s history, enjoy the city, or visit quaint neighborhoods outside the city.

The most picturesque location in Boston during October is Acorn Street. The bright leaves cover the cobblestone street and romantic buildings during the fall.

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5. Prague, Czech Republic  

Picturesque aerial view of Prague seen over the river with trees turning golden red for a piece on the best places to visit in October


The Czech capital, Prague, is the number one place to visit if you have an eye for photography. The riverbank of the Vltava River results in colorful photos of the tree lines.

But first, you’ll see the yellow, red, and orange colors on the trees. One focal point along the riverbank is Hanavský Pavilion. The structure overlooks the entire city and gives you a view of the world-famous Charles Bridge.

6. Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania 

Beautiful day in the Allegheny National Forest with leaves turning stunning shades of orange for a piece on the best places to visit in October

Piper VanOrd/Shutterstock

Allegheny National Forest is over 514 thousand acres of forest in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania. Visitors to the national forest can experience the bright yellow, deep orange, and warm red leaves by the time it reaches mid-October.

Is there a better way to experience the Allegheny National Forest in October than from a 301-foot high bridge? It’s a tough question, but hiking Hector Falls and Rimrock Overlook are two top contenders to give you the best views.

7. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Breathtaking view of the autumn trees and landscape of Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the best places to visit in October

Hale Kell/Shutterstock

Rocky Mountain National Park is 415 miles of unbroken paved road that takes you to The Continental Divide. Reflecting on the stunning October scenery, you can visit Grand Lake and Emerald Lake.

Estes Park is close to the national park, home to the haunted Stanley Hotel. The Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King’s The Shining, and locals believe the hotel’s original owners walk the halls at night.

8. Charleston, South Carolina

Picturesque view of the historic row homes on The Battery pictured as one of the best places to visit in October

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

South Carolina is one of the best places to visit in October because the weather is still relatively warm, and there are fewer crowds around. Also, the humidity drops during October so that you can enjoy the warm weather without the summer heat.

History lovers will find beautiful colonial buildings dating back to the Civil War. The old south is redesigned and preserved through the mansions and plantations in Charleston.

Longitude Lane is a stunning hidden passageway leading you to secret streets and gardens. You can wander these sites and take beautiful pictures that’ll last you a lifetime.

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9. Asheville, North Carolina

Stunning Blue Ridge Park with a winding road going along the red and orange trees and overlooking the hillside with fog on the horizon

Jeffery Edwards/Shutterstock

Asheville, NC, is nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, and it’s the best place to visit in October because the orchards are open. If you have a car with you, you can drive part of the Blue Ridge Parkway to get a scenic view of the vibrant leaves.

Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469-mile-long highway. The best feature of the Blue Ridge Parkway is the waterfall hikes you can take, including Looking Glass Falls and Moore Cove Falls.

Another selling point of Asheville, North Carolina, is the Biltmore Estate, a 125,000-acre building and the largest private residence in the United States. The architecture is one of the most stunning in the entire city.

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10. Acadia National Park, Maine

Very picturesque view of Acadia National Park at dusk with still water reflecting the scene of the mountain and trees while clouds linger overhead as one of the best places to visit in October

Barbara Barbour/Shutterstock

Acadia National Park has the best weather leading through October. As a result, the conditions of the hiking trails are clear during the fall and not too slippery.

You can journey onto trails like Jordan Cliffs Trail, Precipice Trail, and Valley Cover Trail to see many endangered species and birds protected by the national forest.

While birdwatching, you can go kayaking and canoeing during October because the weather is moderate with a slight chill.

11. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt Austria, a top pick for the best places to go to in October, pictured with the sun reflecting on the water and overlooking the charming little town

Vadym Lavra/Shutterstock

The definition of walking into a fairytale world is when you arrive in Austria’s Salzkammergut mountains in October.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, the 16th century architecture makes this one of the best places to visit in October. Hallstätter See is the perfect water destination to see the Dachstein mountain range.

12. Savannah, Georgia

Old oak trees as seen during autumn in Savannah, one of the top places to visit in October, pictured making an archway above the road

Martina Birnbaum/Shutterstock

Southern hospitality is everywhere in Savannah, Georgia, with historical sites and a historic riverfront. You can spend an afternoon walking around the town shopping or trying the fantastic restaurants.

Plus, what better time of the year to look for ghosts at night? You can go on walking tours through the most haunted sites or learn about the haunted history of this otherworldly city.

Fall events, including music, film, and theater, are celebrated throughout October. Indulge in a pumpkin spiced beverage while immersing yourself in the city’s charm.

13. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Sunset above Mount Rainier National Park during autumn

John Wickert/Shutterstock

Aside from the autumn foliage, Mount Rainier National Park is known for sprouting wildflowers, succulents, and multiple faunas throughout this time of year. To see the fall foliage from new heights, walk the 5.5-mile hike leading to Skyline Trail Mount Rainer.

Also, you can experience fall and winter simultaneously at the Naches Peak Loop. First, you’ll see the valleys bursting with bright autumn colors. Then, you can see the snowy peak of Mount Rainier in the distance.

Chinook Scenic Byway gives you another panoramic view of waterfalls and mountains, taking you 107 miles through Mount Rainier National Park and Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

14. Edinburgh, Scotland 

Historic old clocktower pictured as one of the best places to visit in October with a stone path between historic old buildings


Take a walk through European history by seeing old buildings and hearing ghost stories in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can walk up Calton Hill to view the entire city below. In October, the bright colors contrast the black architecture of the city.

For Harry Potter fans, Greyfriars Kirkyard is the place to hear local folklore about those buried here. For example, “He Who Must Not be Named” became the nickname for Voldemort due to one of the graves.

15. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Still evening in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with water as smooth as glass and boats floating on it

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is the crown jewel of New Hampshire’s seacoast. It’s been deemed “America’s Greatest Small Town.” Portsmouth is the greatest small town because of its cultural significance.

Many colonial homes on the south end date back to the 17th century. You can learn more about the history at the outdoor history museum, Strawberry Banke.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a walkable town. You don’t need a car to explore the town during October. There are boutiques in Market Square.

Also, Cup of Joe café is the best in town for a pumpkin spice latte or a salted caramel hot chocolate. Finally, as you walk through Portsmouth, you can enjoy the seasonal décor and gift offerings in nearly every store.

16. Sleepy Hollow, New York

Grounds of the old Rockefeller Estate overlooking trees and a lake in Sleepy Hollow New York

Sleepy Hollow, New York – October 21, 2012: Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate. A grand mansion that was the Rockefeller home and is now a historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation/Felix Lipov/Shutterstock

Sleepy Hollow is a small town in upstate New York, and it’s essentially the place to go in October if you want every day to be Halloween. This goosebumps-worthy town is a place for bookworms and Halloween lovers.

Everyone knows The Headless Horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but you can see the Headless Hessian, the character’s inspiration. You can find the Headless Hessian at the Old Dutch Burying Ground.

Sleepy Hollow, New York, is the best place to visit in October because this town has events and places to visit, including Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities, Philipsburg Manor, Jack O’Lantern Blaze, Horseman’s Hollow, and Lyndhurst Castle.

Also, you can see the Bronze Lady of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery at night. The legend of this statue is it curses visitors, so let’s see if you’re brave enough to look.

Things to Consider

Consider the following information to ensure you’re fully prepared to enjoy your upcoming trip this October:

Renting a Car

Renting a car is always useful when venturing to some of these locations. Many national parks and parkways require the use of a car. Also, a car is most probable for getting around easier and more efficiently.

Dress Accordingly

October marks the beginning of autumn. So while the temperature won’t start plummeting for a while, pack appropriate clothes for the region you’re visiting. New England states may require long pants and a light jacket to be comfortable.

Outdoor activities are a huge part of vacationing to the best places to visit in October. Therefore, bringing the appropriate footwear for excessive amounts of walking is important. Sneakers and hiking boots are the best options for national parks and hikes.

Be Respectful

These places throughout the country contain some of the most beautiful and preserved pieces of nature and wildlife. If you’re going on a hike, be sure to remove any trash as you’re leaving. Also, keep a safe distance from wildlife because you’re entering their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two cable cars driving between palm trees below a cloudy sky in New Orleans in October

NEW ORLEANS – OCTOBER 18, 2016: view of the famous Canal Street on October 10, 2016 in New Orleans, LA/Enrico Della Pietra/Shutterstock

Here are some of the frequently asked questions people have about traveling in October:

What are the best places to visit for Halloween?

Here are the three best places to visit for Halloween:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Salem, Massachusetts
  • Sleepy Hollow, New York

What are the best places for history in October?

Here are the top places to experience American history during October:

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Savannah, Georgia

What are the prettiest places to visit in October?

New England states are the prettiest place to visit in October to see the leaves change colors. However, small European cities rank high on the list too. Also, many national parks around the country are especially beautiful in October.

What is the warmest destination in October?

Some of the most temperate locations in the United States are in the south. Also, parts of the west coast, like California, remain warm in October.

Can you go pumpkin picking during October at these places?

Nearly everywhere in New England prides itself on being able to offer pumpkin patches and apple farms. However, you can go pumpkin picking nearly everywhere. The weather may differ, but the aesthetic of these farms are all the same.

So, Where Should You Visit in October?

Now that you know the 16 best places to visit in October, it’s time to start booking the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you want some time to relax, go for a long drive, or go hiking up the mountains, these locations offer everyone something.

So, with so much to see and do in each of these lovely destinations, what are you waiting for — book your trip today!