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The 7 Best Luggage Tags in 2023

The 7 Best Luggage Tags in 2023

Looking for the best luggage tags on the market? You’re in the right place. We’re travelers ourselves, so we know how important identifying your luggage is. See our picks for the best luggage tags below.

What’s the Best Luggage Tag?

In 2019, Americans took 2.3 billion trips, so identifying the best luggage tags is crucial for ensuring that your bag doesn’t get lost in the crowd. We’ll help you sort through your options. Luggage tags serve two purposes.

The first is helping you identify your bag quickly and accurately, and the second is providing contact information if your bag gets lost. We’ve done the digging for you and identified 7 luggage tags that are excellent options for various situations.

Our Picks for the Best Luggage Tags:
  1. Best Overall: Travelambo Luggage Tag
  2. Best for Tech-Savvy Travelers: SMART Recovery Luggage Tag
  3. Best for Rough Use: Ovener Luggage Tag
  4. Best for Classy Design: ACdream Luggage Tag
  5. Best for Children: Finex Luggage Tag
  6. Best for Tropical Getaways: Mziart Luggage Tag
  7. Best for Personalization: Monogrammed Leather Tags

Why You Need a Luggage Tag

A bunch of suitcases that could benefit from using the best luggage tags


Did you know that 25 million bags don’t show up at the airport they’re supposed to each year? Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on the tracking tag airline attendants attach to your bag to get your belongings back. In fact, about 5% of mishandled bags never arrive back to their owners.

For this reason, luggage tags are crucial; they offer an extra layer of security for helping people identify you. Furthermore, many bags look alike. So, choosing a colorful or otherwise noteworthy luggage tag can prevent someone from accidentally grabbing your bag.

Best Luggage Tags: Top 7 Picks

Whether you’re a first-time luggage tag user or are tired of finding your luggage tags broken during a trip, we’re here to help. Below are tried and trusted luggage tags that’ll give you peace of mind when you travel.

1. Travelambo Luggage Tag: Best Overall

Best Overall
Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag Tags ( Energetic Yellow)

  • 304 stainless steel buckle for increased durability
  • A long strap for attaching to bulky items
  • Seven color choices
  • Nothing to hold down the privacy flap
  • Leather strap may deteriorate over time
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Travelambo’s polyurethane leather luggage tag offers a classic take on bag tags. And when it comes to getting your lost bag back, a user-friendly tag will give you peace of mind. 

People who are fans of Travelambo love that they can include two addresses on the card; one on the front and the other on the back. Plus, you don’t have to worry about countless strangers viewing your contact information—this bag tag includes a privacy flap.

That said, the privacy flap doesn’t lock into place, so it could come loose or tear off if it catches on something. If you need to change your address, a business card fits perfectly inside this travel tag. So, flip it to its backside and jot down your contact info. 

One of the reasons we chose Travelambo as the best overall luggage tag is its long strap. That means it can wrap around even the bulkiest handles on your suitcases. Nevertheless, do a periodic maintenance check, as the strap can wear down with use.

2. SMART Recovery Luggage Tag: Best for Tech-Savvy Travelers

Best for Tech-Savvy Travelers
Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Dlx.Steel Luggage ID Tag
  • Lifetime subscription to their record system
  • Instant viewing notifications
  • Group multiple tags with the same contact information
  • Plain design
  • No active GPS tracking
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Dynotag’s SMART Recovery Tag is an excellent option for any technology-loving traveler. Gone are the days when you have to scratch out a phone number and address changes on a piece of paper before cramming it back into your luggage tag.

Instead, the patented SMART tag comes with a QR code where you can manage your contact information. Similarly, anyone who encounters your lost bag can quickly scan the code with their own phone or head online, where they can contact you using a pin designated to your account.

Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to wait for someone to contact you—by setting up email notifications, you’ll know the moment someone views your ID. The polymer-coated steel tag is practical since it’s waterproof.

But it’s far from the most fun and attractive luggage tag on the market. Nevertheless, SMART tag users appreciate that this product serves a dual function when they aren’t transferring their luggage—they can put it on their pet’s collars when they travel.

3. Ovener Luggage Tag: Best for Rough Use

Best for Rough Use
Silicone Luggage Tag with Name ID Card Perfect

  • Flexible design without breaking
  • Keeps information secure
  • Bright colors help you quickly spot your luggage
  • Must disassemble the tag to see contact info
  • Wire may need replacing
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If you’re the type of traveler that shoves your bags under buses and puts them in other rough conditions, you need a luggage tag that can withstand wear and tear. What we love about Ovener is that their Silicone tag can bend in half without breaking.

Their steel loop design fits well around average-sized suitcase handles. However, you might need to replace the wire over time to ensure you’re able to use your luggage tag for many years.

Protecting your security is a priority for Ovener. For this reason, they offer a relatively small area where you can write your name.

For more information, the person will need to disassemble your luggage tag. Although some people view this disassembling process as a nuisance, it prevents too many strangers from seeing your contact information. 

That said, if you want people to have access to all your information quickly, we recommend tracing the opening with a pencil. Then, using small handwriting, you can fit your contact details into that space.

4. ACdream Luggage Tag: Best Design

Best Design
ACdream Professional Luggage Tags (2 Pack)

  • Durable PU leather
  • Cover to make your info private but easy to access
  • Double-sided card for writing two addresses
  • Buckle can be loose
  • Strap is thin
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Before we get too far into this ACdream review, we should make this clear: They offer classy-looking luggage tags if you choose their brown or black variety. Should you opt for their more than a dozen of other colors, you’ll turn heads.

But we don’t recommend walking into your business meeting with them. And since we’re on the subject of business meetings, these ACdream tags are best for your carry-on luggage. Although their tags are PU leather “solid,” the strap and buckle aren’t as durable. 

That said, if you wish to use these luggage tags in your check-through luggage, we recommend looping a stainless steel wire through them so you can travel with more peace of mind. ACdream balances the best of both worlds when it comes to privacy.

Their privacy cover means that no one at the luggage belt will be able to see your personal information. However, when the need arises, someone can quickly pop open the cover of your luggage tag to have instant access to your contact details.

5. Finex Luggage Tag: Best for Children

Best for Children
Finex 4 Pcs Set Superhero Luggage Tags

  • Easy to identify bags because of unique designs
  • Bendable silicone to prevent breaking
  • Strap is over six inches long
  • Strap may unfasten if you don’t attach it securely
  • The tags are very large
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To be fair, children aren’t the only people who will love Finex’s themed luggage tags. From Avengers to Winnie the Pooh and Snoopy, kids and adults alike will get extra excited about traveling.

What makes Finex unique from the other luggage tag companies we’ve covered so far is that their luggage tags come in four sets with different designs on each tag.

That means it’ll be nearly impossible for someone at the luggage belt to pick up your suitcase accidentally. When your kids get fidgety while waiting to check in for a flight, you can rest easy as they tug on these bendable silicone tags.

Just make sure you attach the strap securely, as it can come loose. In kid-friendly fashion, Finex’s luggage tags are large.

That means you’ll have plenty of room to write your contact information and spot your bag from afar. However, you might not want to go to the office with these tags still on your bags.

6. Mziart Luggage Tags: Best for Tropical Getaways

Best for Tropical Getaways
Mziart Cute Tropical Luggage Tags (5 Pack)
  • Thicker than most luggage tags for better longevity 
  • Waterproof protector film
  • Doubles as a key ring
  • Strap can be weak, so you might want to replace it
  • May not be suitable for all types of travel
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If you want to get a little more adult-like with your travels but still have fun, Mziart offers the best luggage tags for beach vacations. Their five-pack tags come in different tropical shapes that will make you feel like you’ve already landed in paradise.

There’s nothing modest about Mziart’s luggage tags. Not only will their bright colors and designs turn heads, but they made them with thick rubber. That way, they give when they bend, and they have a longer lifespan than many luggage tags. 

For as sturdy as the tag itself is, Mziart could do a better job at making a stronger strap. So, we recommend adding an order of zip ties to your Amazon order so that you worry less about losing your luggage tags during travel. 

You’ll have plenty of room to write your contact details on their large cards that come included with the tags. And thanks to a waterproof protector, you won’t have to worry about the words getting smeared.

7. Monogrammed Leather Tags: Best for Personalization

Best for Personalization
Personalized Monogrammed Leather Luggage Tags

  • Nearly impossible to replicate
  • Soft-to-the-touch 100% genuine leather
  • Durable buckle and strap
  • Not many color engraving options
  • Stamp-like appearance
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If part of your reasoning for getting a luggage tag is so that someone else doesn’t accidentally pick up your bag, getting a monogrammed tag is an excellent choice. You’ll have 20 different luggage tag colors to choose from, made from 100% genuine leather.

You’ll then get to select up to four characters that you’d like printed on the tags in either gold or silver writing. Many people use their initials, but you can get as creative as you want! Since they monogram the tags, it has a stamp-like look. But that’s all you need to stop a bag mix-up.

If you don’t like the appearance of a luggage tag that has a long strap, you’ll be glad to know that you can adjust how close the tag hugs your bag.

Furthermore, the buckle has a tight hold, making it stand out from many of its competitors. You’ll also benefit from durable stitching so that your contact card stays right where it needs to be in the case that someone needs to use it.

Picking the Best Luggage Tag for You

Image for a piece on the best luggage tags attached to a backpack on a blue table


To help you sort through your options, below are some essential items to consider when choosing a luggage tag.

Consideration 1: Durability

Choosing a luggage tag material that’s silicone, rubber, or high-quality leather is crucial for longevity. The best luggage tags also have excellent bending properties. 

Furthermore, you should look for a case that has waterproof qualities around the nametag. It would be a shame for someone to need to contact you only to find that water blurred the ink.

Consideration 2: Strap Length

If your luggage has small handles, you won’t want to attach a luggage tag with an extra-long strap. Similarly, if your bag has thick handles, you’ll likely want a strap six inches or more in length.

Straps are the part of a luggage tag that takes the biggest beating during travel. Therefore, you can consider replacing the original strap with a zip tie or wire. That way, you can also control the strap length.

Consideration 3: Color Choices

More often than not, flashy colors are great choices for luggage tags since they prevent someone from accidentally taking your bag. You can also choose tags with unique designs or themes.

So, if you travel a lot for business, consider purchasing luggage tags from a company that offers both neutral and colorful patterns.

Consideration 4: Privacy Cover

Privacy covers or partial covers are an asset to luggage tags because they prevent most people from seeing your personal information.

That said, some people prefer that their contact information shows in full so that someone can more easily contact them if they lose their luggage.

So, What Is the Best Luggage Tag?

Travelambo is our favorite luggage tag because it has a two-sided card for double the contact information and a long strap for securing it to nearly any bag.

It also has a clean design with several color options to fit both work and play. Delaying your purchase can cost you your luggage, so why not secure your bags with luggage tags today?