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The 7 Best Insulated Water Bottles in 2023

The 7 Best Insulated Water Bottles in 2023

As the summer season begins, so does the heat index, and it can be challenging to drink enough water. Below are the best insulated water bottles that will keep the water cool for hours at a time.

What’s the Best Insulated Water Bottle?

Most water bottles tend to adapt to the temperature outside. Insulated bottles have extra layers to keep the water cool, even in 100-degree weather. These bottles are the perfect summer find to help the water stay refreshing for longer. 

There are a lot of bottles out there that say they are insulated, leading us on a search for the right one. We have already started the research for you; here are our top insulated water bottle finds.

Our Picks for the 7 Best Insulated Water Bottles

  1. Best Overall: Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle
  2. Best Price: MIRA Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottle
  3. Best With Straw: Simple Modern Water Bottle with Straw
  4. Best for the Most Water: Sursip Insulated Water Jug
  5. Best Splurge: LARQ Bottle PureVis
  6. Best for Traveling: Hydrapak SkyFlask
  7. Best Double Wall Insulation: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

There are tons of options to choose from in the water bottle market. They all tend to focus on one aspect of a bottle to set them apart, and we have them all written out for you. 

Why You Need an Insulated Water Bottle?

Close up of one of the best insulated water bottles next to a ceramic mug on the rocks at a remote camping site

Fabio Principe/Shutterstock

Most people know they need to drink water, but they don’t understand precisely how much. The average person should have about 64 oz or 8 cups of water each day.

The issue is that while we tend to have perfectly safe water available all around us through taps, we use disposable bottles made of plastic instead. Americans drank over fifteen billion gallons of water in plastic bottles in 2020 alone!

Not only is this terrible for the environment, but it isn’t so great for humans either. Plastic bottles have a chemical called Bisphenol A or commonly called BPA, which can be damaging to humans over time. 

We need to steer away from disposable bottles, but this leaves people drinking less because the water is not readily available. This is where reusable bottles come into play.

For the most benefit, water should be just above freezing, around forty to fifty degrees FahrenheitNot only do we need reusable bottles, but we need them to keep our water at the right temperature.

Insulated water bottles do just that. The entire design of an insulated bottle is to keep the inside liquid at or as close to the temperature it was poured in for as long as possible.  

Insulated water bottles are the best of both worlds as they keep drinks at the ideal temperature without the possibility of harmful chemicals from plastic. There are tons of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, but below are our best picks.

The 7 Best Insulated Water Bottles in 2023

Here are our top seven picks with some of their pros and cons. We have researched so you can choose whichever bottle works for you best.

1. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

Best Overall
Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle
  • Comes with three lids
  • Has six different sizes
  • Twenty-six color options
  • Larger sizes don’t fit in cup holders
  • Must be hand washed
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This product has tons of reviews on Amazon, ranging from one to five stars, so it is easy to see what users loved and where they found shortcomings. The entire product line of Iron Flask Bottles ranks highly.

Iron Flask bottles are similar to Hydro Flasks, but they are a fraction of the price. It honestly does keep ice water cold for multiple hours at a time, and it comes with more than most bottles. Iron Flask is unique because they offer an option to also purchase a warranty.

This bottle can hold lots of water and is leakproof. Although it will leak if parts fall off or break, the lid can easily be replaced. The community service is for the most part amazing and quick to answer.

2. MIRA Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Best Price
MIRA Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle
  • Keeps water ice cold
  • Comes in twelve different colors
  • Leak-Proof
  • Hard to clean
  • Hard to fit ice into
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MIRA produced a high-quality design that fits into all cupholders. It has been tested and proved to keep temperatures either hot or cold. It is affordable, and ships fast.    This bottle comes in many different color options.

It also comes with a twist top, but other tops can be bought in addition to the bottle that is other designs, like a straw. It does not leak with the original lid. The biggest issue with this bottle is that the opening is too small to fit ice in.

It is metal, so there are the occasional defects and steel smell that comes with it, though most of the time the customer service is excellent and will work with you and replace it. 

3. Simple Modern Water Bottle With Straw

Best With Straw
Simple Modern Water Bottle With Straw
  • Nine size options
  • Thirty-eight color options
  • Keep ice for hours
  • Includes extra straw
  • Can leak out of the top
  • Straw can be challenging to use
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This bottle includes a straw, and while other bottles also have this feature most don’t work as well as this one. The larger bottle cannot fit into cupholders, though the smallest size can. 

This bottle can present a few problems if the straw is difficult to suck out of. It can be challenging to clean as the bottle is not dishwasher safe, though the accessories are safe to go on the top rack. 

Overall, this bottle can do its job of keeping water cool and (mostly) staying inside where it’s supposed to be. There are a bunch of different colors, styles, and sizes to decide between, but it only comes with one lid. 

4. Sursip Insulated Water Jug

Best for the Most Water
Sursip Insulated Water Jug
  • Handle for easy holding
  • Holds 128 oz of water
  • Easy to clean inside
  • Must be hand-washed
  • Can be heavy
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This jug is massive and should be as it has one of the largest capacities on the Amazon website. It includes a very sturdy handle and a wide mouth. Some users put in a straw, which fits seamlessly, to make drinking easier. 

Since the bottle holds a lot, it can get heavy, but the handle allows it to be carried without too much work. The wide mouth of the bottle means it’s easy to clean and that all types of ice can fit inside and will stay frozen for hours.

Many people struggled by overfilling the bottle when they first started using it, but the Sursip holds sixteen cups of water at a time. The biggest problem users found was the bottle can leak over time if the lid is not properly maintained. 

5. LARQ Bottle PureVis

Best Splurge
LARQ Bottle PureVis Insulated Water Bottle
  • Cleans itself
  • Comes in two sizes and six colors
  • Is lightweight
  • Has to charge
  • Takes time to purify
  • No other way to clean
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This bottle offers the luxury of pure water. It has a built-in purifier that works to clean the water and even the bottle itself. It also sanitizes the rim of the bottle where you drink out, and where the bacteria collects the most. 

The LARQ bottle is amazing because it eliminates the problem of stale water. It only takes about sixty seconds for the purification to be complete. This product only comes in a few colors and two sizes, and there aren’t any other special accessories to personalize your bottle. 

The most prominent issue with the LARQ bottle is the slow shipping and the price. It is especially great for travel or hiking since it will clean any freshwater, as long as it is clear and not too dirt-filled. 

6. Hydrapak SkyFlask

Best for Traveling
Hydrapak SkyFlask Collapsible Water Bottle
  • Collapsible
  • Strap to make holding easy
  • Cap lock to prevent water loss
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Doesn’t hold much water
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The Hydrapak SkyFlask is best known for its ability to collapse. It is also unique as it is the only bottle on the list that is soft flask material, meaning it is not metal, glass, or plastic. The Sky Flask lid has auto locks, so when you are running water will not leak out. 

It is much lighter than other bottles because of its soft exercise-friendly design. A strap is conveniently available, so in theory, one doesn’t even have to hold the bottle while they move. The insulation on the bottle doesn’t affect its collapsing or holding ability either, as it keeps drinks cool for hours. 

The top opening is big enough to squeeze ice through without much trouble and is even top-rack dishwasher safe. It has a few different sizes but only two color options. 

7. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Best Double-Wall Insulation
Hydro Flask Water Bottle
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Vacuum Seal Tempshield Technology
  • Pricey
  • Can dent if dropped
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Hydro Flasks are a well-known brand with lots of positive feedback on pretty much all their products, though they tend to be on the pricier side.

The most common problem with this bottle is that it is either a dupe from a company selling them as Hydro Flasks when they’re not, or they liked the off-brand better. However, anyone with the authentic Hydro Flask seemed to be over the moon.

This specific product is truly a Hydro Flask and does all that it promises to, such as keeping your water cold and coming with a good-working lid. The larger bottles will not fit in cup holders, but neither will they leak if you put them in your bags.

It is best to hand wash Hydro Flasks, but that technically can go in the dishwasher on the top rack. It just may damage the insulation of the bottle. It can get a little heavy when full but it is a great bottle.

Finding the Best Insulated Water Bottle for You

Unique white and black bottles on a barnwood table for a piece on the best insulated water bottles


The problem with a highly saturated market is that there is just too much. There are too many options and too many people’s opinions to shuffle through to find the information you are looking for.

However, all this information can help determine what is best to buy for you to fulfill your water bottle needs.

So this leads us to what is really important when considering water bottles. The main concerns are usually how much water they can hold, how cold they keep the water, and how long the bottle lasts when used often.

Temperature Control

One of the worst things is when you take a sip of your water only to find out that the ice has melted and the water has become lukewarm. Insulated water bottles combat this issue by utilizing a unique walling method to keep the drink at the temperature it was when put in the bottle. 

The best water to drink is cold, just a little above freezing (ice). So it is most beneficial to drink water with some ice, meaning your water bottle needs to be icy. Water can only stay cold in temperature-controlled containers.


Water bottles should be able to go with you wherever you go. One major issue with bottles and cups is that they sometimes get too big to find in cupholders. Their size makes them harder to take with you and hard to reach. 

Other bottles may be too heavy. No one wants to lug around a 10 lb bottle, and we hate to carry a bottle because it cannot fit into our bag. You will drink more if the bottle is with you more often which is why it is vital to think about how easy it will be to take the bottle with you. 


When a water bottle doesn’t hold very much water, it is easy to get annoyed with how often you have to get up and refill it. It is nice to have the option to choose how big you would like your bottle to be. 

Using a reusable bottle also helps the environment, especially when using a larger bottle. It helps to cut down on plastic disposable bottle usage. A bottle with a larger holding capacity can benefit those who need water readily available when not close to places to refill. 


Nobody is perfect. We drop, spill, and knock over things all the time. Water bottles need to be tough enough to survive some damage, or they will not last long. Stainless steel bottles, which most of these are, have grown in popularity because of how they last longer than plastic and glass. 

Stainless steel may dent occasionally or suffer a few scratches, but it will last longer than plastic or glass bottles under the same circumstances. Because of how easy it is to drop your bottle, it is essential to find the best water bottle to withstand our clumsiness. 

The Environment

The mass population has grown increasingly aware of how their choices and sustainability affect the environment and earth around them.

While the mainstream problems were considered plastic straws and bags, plastic water bottles are just as bad, and we use so much more of them! Not only do we waste so much plastic, but we also waste lots of money.

The average American drinks about 167 bottles a year, roughly $266! The plastic disposable water bottle is a multi-billion industry, with over forty-billion in 2021. It increases each year. 

Using a reusable bottle can decrease your water spending, as instead of paying for them, you pay the water bill and drink tap. A way to save money is to buy a high-quality reusable bottle instead of plastic disposable ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Person turning the lid on one of the best insulated water bottles while holding the base

If you want to get as much information as you can about the best insulated water bottles, check below answers to the most common questions.

Are insulated bottles worth it?

Insulated bottles are best known because they keep drinks at the desired temperature. They’re also anti-condensation and don’t leak unless something is wrong with the lid.

Is it okay to drink from stainless steel?

Stainless Steel is perfectly safe and is approved BPA-free. As long as they get cleaned regularly, stainless steel bottles are safer than plastic bottles.

Do insulated water bottles stop working?

These bottles can become un-insulated if something happens to them, like being dropped from high up or put in the dishwasher. Cheaper bottles can become less insulated over time, but good-quality bottles should not stop working.

What is the difference between thermal and vacuum flasks?

Thermal and Vacuum Flasks are the same thing. Both are technical terms that refer to the inoculation process, mainly used in Hydro Flasks that work to keep the liquid cooler or hotter for longer.

How does bottle insulation work?

An insulated bottle has two separate walls, one on the inside and the other that is the outside. The goal is to prevent the heat transfer in between the walls so that the inside temperature of the bottle stays the same.

So, What’s the Best Insulated Water Bottle?

Choosing the right water bottle boils down to your preference. Each bottle has pros and cons and unique features that separate it from some brands and draw it closer to others.

Feel free to refer to this list and the information the producers provide to help you decide which bottle is right for you.