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The 7 Best Filtered Water Bottles in 2023

The 7 Best Filtered Water Bottles in 2023

Finding the best filtered water bottle to keep you hydrated this summer might be difficult. We’ll show you our top picks, their best features, and factors to consider while deciding which is ideal for your lifestyle.

What’s the Best Filtered Water Bottle?

It is critical to stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months. Fortunately, you can quench your thirst and get safe, clean water wherever you go.

With so many alternatives accessible, how can you choose the right one for you? Because we are concerned about your health, we chose and examined our top 7 picks for the best filtered water bottle.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Filtered Water Bottles:
  1. Best Overall: SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle
  2. Best for the Office: Brita 26 Ounce Premium Filtering Water Bottle
  3. Best for Self-Cleaning: LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle
  4. Best for Backpacking: GRAYL GeoPress Water Purifier Bottle
  5. Best for Large Size: Sawyer Products Personal Filtered Water Bottle
  6. Best Integrated Filter Straw: LifeStraw Go Filtered Water Bottle
  7. Best for USA Made: Epic Nalgene OG Water Filtration Bottle

Filtered water bottles come in several sizes, types of filtration systems, and lifespans. Perhaps more critically, some filtered water bottles are designed to filter chemical impurities from municipal sources, while others can handle microbiologically unsafe water from any global source.

If you’re sick of paying the high prices for store-bought water and want to invest in a filtered water bottle, keep reading to find out how life-changing your investment can be.

Why You Need a Filtered Water Bottle

Guy using one of the best water bottle filters to pull water out of a river to drink on a camping trip

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When going about your daily life, enjoying a day at the beach, or on an extended camping trip, having access to clean drinking water is vital.

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the optimal daily fluid consumption for men is roughly 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) and approximately 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) for women.

Dehydration occurs when you lose more fluid than you take in. It causes fatigue, dizziness, disorientation, and, in rare circumstances, death.

Despite the Safe Drinking Water Act, tap water can still include toxins, including lead, chlorine, arsenic, and pesticides. And while many sources of groundwater appear to be safe, waterborne bacteria may get you sick.

Bringing drinking water seems like an excellent idea, but carrying liters of purified water is cumbersome, costly, and impractical.

A filtered water bottle contains an inbuilt filtration system that eliminates harmful contaminants from the water, leaving you with clean drinkable water. Let’s review our top 7 picks for the best filtered water bottles.

Best Filtered Water Bottles: Our Top 7 Picks

Although all of these filtered water bottles deliver clean, drinking water, there are a few distinctions to be aware of. We’ll go through the pros and cons of each bottle so you can decide which is best for you.

1. Best Overall: SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle

Best Overall
SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle
  • Four-step filtration, compass, and carabiner
  • Sucking to prime and an unusual first taste
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This 22-ounce bottle is BPA-free and uses a four-step filtration system. Water filters through a hollow fiber membrane, coconut shell activated carbon, beads, and medical-grade PP cotton.

The filter is rated for 400 gallons (1,500 liters) or 8 months before replacement. A built-in compass and carabiner add to the usability of the SurviMate. This bottle must be primed by sucking 4-5 times before water begins to flow.

And they do mention that there may be a plastic odor with the first use, but as water is filtered, the smell goes away.

When priming a new bottle, most users complain about the taste of the first few drinks. However, the flavor fades, and they have no complaints after that.

2. Best for the Office: Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

Best for the Office
Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle
  • Well-known brand with minimal parts uses activated carbon filter
  • Not for longer trips with no access to tap water
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This 26-ounce bottle replaces up to 300 standard water bottles. The activated carbon filter removes harmful materials from pre-treated municipal water.

Made from BPA-free, hard-sided plastic, the Brita Premium can be run through the dishwasher after use without any harmful side effects from chemical leaching. Brita also offers bottles made of stainless steel; they need to be handwashed.

The filter needs to be replaced every two months or every 40 gallons. Users like the one-handed push-button lid and how easy it is to put together and use.

Their filter removes the chlorine taste and odor from water while keeping “a healthy level of fluoride,” which can only be removed by reverse-osmosis filters. The carbon filter also removes particulates, which are rust, dirt, sand, and sediment particles present in drinking water.

Users complain that it is hard to suck water out of unless the bottle is left slightly open. The mouthpiece is hard to keep clean and isn’t replaceable like the filter.

Plan to use the Brita Premium at the gym, the office, or home, where you have access to tap water. This bottle was not designed to remove waterborne bacteria from sources outdoors.

3. Best for Self-Cleaning: LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Best for Self-Cleaning
LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle
  • USB-charged UV-C light kills bacteria automatically
  • No additional filtration and expensive
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Unlike most of the products featured in this list, the LARQ does not have a filtration system. Instead, the USB rechargeable water bottle makes use of a UV-C LED light in the cap to kill bacteria.

UV-C light disrupts the DNA of any microorganisms living in the water. It does not, however, affect any chemicals that might have been filtered out. LARQ recommends that water used “should be clear to the eye with no heavy sediment.”

This is because, without a filtering system, sediment will stay in the water after bacteria have been eliminated. The single-walled bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Users like that there are no extra parts to cause mechanical problems.

By pressing the button on top, Normal Mode runs for 1 minute, and Adventure Mode runs for 3 minutes to kill bacteria. The bottle also automatically turns on every two hours to continue to disinfect the stainless steel bottle.

Aside from the price tag of $95, most users agree that it does what it is designed to do. Although many have noticed a metallic taste, most don’t mind it at all.

4. Best for Backpacking: GRAYL Geopress Water Bottle

Best for Backpacking
GRAYL Geopress Water Bottle
  • Purify outdoor water sources quickly with no batteries
  • Forcing water through a system
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Unique on this list, the GRAYL Geopress utilizes electro adsorption and several layers of activated carbon to remove waterborne pathogens while absorbing chemicals and heavy minerals. The purifier cartridge is rated for 300 cycles (65 gallons) or three years before replacement.

Users like the wide spout and that they don’t have to suck through a straw to begin the filtration process. The vent cap aids in the fast flow rate, allowing 24 ounces of water to be filtered in 8 seconds.

Users also appreciate the ergonomic design and that the bottle withstands drop tests at 6 ft without failing or breaking. Pressure must be applied to the bottom of the bottle, forcing water up through the filtration system.

Unfortunately, some users have struggled with not having the strength to force it. Some have discovered that since they suggest you place it on the ground to use the Geopress, some have discovered that the outer shell cracks with the forced pressure.

5. Best for Large Size: Sawyer Personal Water Bottle

Best for Large Size
Sawyer Personal Water Bottle
  • Large bottle with a high flow rate eliminates replacement filters
  • Temperature-sensitive filter retains water
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This high-capacity, 34-ounce bottle’s filter is rated for up to 100,000 gallons, eliminating the need to replace the filter every few months. The filter displaces about 4 ounces of water within the bottle for 30 drinkable ounces.

The BPA-free bottle is made of food-grade silicone on the outside and foam on the inside, designed to prevent mold and bacteria growth. It has a 63-mm cap that you can use interchangeably with other wide-mouth bottles.

The closed, two-filter system consists of a hollow fiber membrane and a micron filter exterior that removes 99.9999% of chemicals, microplastics, harmful bacteria, protozoa, E. coli, and Salmicromonella.

The Sawyer bottle is designed to have a high flow rate through the hollow fiber membrane, so users do not have difficulty sucking through the straw as they might with the Brita Premium.

Some report that the bottle will never revert to its dry weight since the filter always holds water after the first setup. And it isn’t easy to ever get completely clean by handwashing.

Never let the filter freeze. If temperatures drop below freezing, Sawyer recommends storing the filter in a sandwich bag and placing it in the bottom of a sleeping bag.

6. Best for Integrated Filter Straw: LifeStraw Go Bottle

Best for Integrated Filter Straw
LifeStraw Go Bottle
  • Water filter straw adds bottle to lightweight backpacking bottle
  • Might leave a sediment and mineral taste
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This 22-ounce bottle’s membranous microfilter lasts up to 1,000 gallons (4,000 liters). The carbon filter lasts up to 26 gallons (100 liters) before replacement. They recommend changing the activated carbon filter every 3 months.

The BPA-free bottle is made of hard plastic, which is dishwasher safe after removing the filter. The flip-top mouthpiece is made of food-grade silicone and includes a carabiner to clip onto your backpack.

LifeStraw Go has two stages to its filtration system. First, the hollow fiber membrane filters bacteria and microplastics. Then the activated carbon capsule absorbs chlorine and organic chemicals.

Water flow takes some getting used to, according to users, because it is sluggish to feed water via the mouthpiece while it filters. They further claim that leftover sediment remains in the bottle after use and that the strong mineral flavor does not fade.

7. Best for USA Made: Epic Nalgene OG Filtration Bottle

Best for USA Made
Epic Nalgene OG Filtration Bottle
  • Organic shell carbon fiber filter meets 32oz wide-mouth bottle
  • Only effective for tap water, and filters are expensive
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The American-made 32-ounce bottle features an interchangeable filter system and replaces 550 single-use bottles. The carbon filter lasts up to 75 gallons before replacement.

The BPA-free bottle is made of hard plastic and has a water level measurement label to see how much you’ve consumed.

It is dishwasher safe once the filter has been removed. It is 3.5” in diameter, which is a bit larger than other water bottles; it might not fit in your cupholder. Nalgene has partnered with Epic Water Filters to deliver an environmentally friendly filtered water system.

It uses organic, activated coconut carbon fiber mesh. It has both adsorption and depth filters, first to remove particulates, then chemicals including chlorine, agricultural pollutants, and trace pharmaceuticals.

Users prefer the tough Nalgene brand. However, new filters are somewhat expensive, costing $30. With filter bottles starting at $48 each, it may be more cost-effective to simply start again with a fresh bottle.

Finding the Best Filtered Water Bottle for You

Woman holds a filtered water bottle in her hand with the lid open while wearing a black and white plaid shirt

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There are a few things to consider when choosing the best filtered water bottle for you.


Some users don’t notice the aftertaste of a charcoal filter. Others can’t stand the mineral taste. Conversely, you may notice that you miss the taste of trace minerals commonly found in water like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and bicarbonate.


Some water bottles utilize multi-level filtration systems to remove harmful bacterial contaminants and make the water potable. Others remove the chlorine taste or mineral odor.

Some more expensive filters, such as those used to remove dirt from untreated lake water, aren’t essential if you’re simply using the bottle to filter tap water in the office.


Filtered water bottles are made of stainless steel or plastic. Some people prefer a double-walled, stainless steel bottle to prevent sweating.

When BPA-containing plastics heat up, hazardous chemicals seep into the water. If you choose a plastic bottle, make sure it is made of BPA-free material.

Ease of Use

Some filtered water bottles on this list filter the water through the straw as you’re sucking on it. Another uses a system to “push” the liquid through its filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman takes a filtered water bottle out of her backpack

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Why should I invest in a filtered water bottle?

You should invest in a filtered water bottle because it will help you drink more water. A filtered water bottle could save your life when you’re in a survival situation or otherwise do not have access to clean water.

What is the best filter bottle for traveling?

The best filter bottle for traveling is the SurviMate. It has a compass and a carabiner to clip to your pack.

What is the healthiest water bottle to buy?

The healthiest water bottle depends entirely on what you want to use it for. For example, if you want a water bottle to use while backpacking and won’t have access to tap water, you might want to invest in the SurviMate. However, if you’re looking for a water bottle for the office, you may want to look at the Brita.

Are filtered water bottles good for you?

Filtered water bottles are good for you. They remove unwanted chemicals, toxins, microplastics, and bacteria from water.

Are Brita filtered water bottles good?

Brita filtered water bottles are primarily suitable for removing impurities and chlorine taste from your tap water. So, if you’re looking for a filtered water bottle to handle water you find outdoors, where bacteria may be an issue, you’d be better off selecting one of the other bottles on our list.

So, What’s the Best Filtered Water Bottle?

The best filtered water bottle is the ServiMate. With the filter’s long life span, four-step filtration system, and ability to remove impurities and bacteria, it’s a winner in our book.

The bonus compass is a handy feature to have whether you’re backpacking or camping. However, the other 6 bottles on this list are also worth considering; it’s all up to you. Happy travels!