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15 Best Bachelorette Airbnbs in 2023

15 Best Bachelorette Airbnbs in 2023

Airbnbs are growing at an unprecedented rate. For many people, renting a house or an apartment is much more appealing than staying in a hotel room overnight.

This is true for vacationers, families, and any large group of people trying to stay in the same spot. Bachelorette parties are no exception.

Why Stay in an Airbnb for your Bachelorette Party?

If you’ve got a large group of ladies coming into town for your bachelorette party, it will be challenging to find a hotel room big enough to accommodate all of them.

On top of that, you don’t want to come back to a hotel room late after a night out and wake up the neighbors. It’s even more convenient to rent an Airbnb if you’re doing the party in another city.

Those are easier if no one lives in the same town and you all decide to take a vacation. Airbnbs provide a way for everyone to have some privacy without paying for their hotel room. 

Hotels are great for certain situations, but you need more than a mini-fridge for a bachelorette party to keep you and your friends going all weekend.

Whether that’s late-night snacks, morning mimosas, or the ability to make a full-on brunch the day after a party, renting a place with a full kitchen is a must. In addition, hotels can get expensive if you’re renting multiple rooms for several nights.

Why not split the bill between all the ladies (except the bride, of course), and go in together in a full house? You’ll be able to live together for the bachelorette weekend and have the time of your lives without disturbing anyone.

15 Best Bachelorette Airbnbs in 2023

Here is a list of some of the most unique and fun bachelorette Airbnbs available across the country.

1. Las Vegas Hideaway With Strip Views

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • $275 a night
  • Hosts up to 8

Vegas is a popular place for the final party before marriage. With tons to do and the perfect people to do it with, a Las Vegas bachelorette party is a common choice for brides!

However, the hotels and resorts on the Strip can get expensive. Why not rent this house for your ladies instead? In a gated community, this hidden gem provides a safe place to sleep at night after hours of big city fun.

It has three bedrooms and sleeps up to 8 people, but is within view of the famous Las Vegas Strip. If you’re tired of the casinos and shows in Vegas, you can make brunch in the house and play ping pong or grill out on the backyard firepit.

2. Nashville’s Original Bachelorette House

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • $790 a night
  • Hosts up to 12

Where better to have a bachelorette weekend than a house designed explicitly for that? You won’t have to worry about uptight hosts or being too loud in the Bachelorette house; it was made for parties and girls who just want to have fun in the country’s country music capital.

With all pink rooms (including a Dolly Parton CD wall), this house is perfect for the country music scene in Nashville.

Of course, this kind of party isn’t for everyone, but if it’s your group’s ideal weekend, the bachelorette house is once in a lifetime opportunity to make your bride’s day.

3. New York City Flat

  • The Bronx, New York City, New York
  • $331 a night
  • Hosts up to 10

Finding affordable lodging for multiple people in New York City is nearly impossible. However, this flat offers a reasonable price for up to 10 guests. The location? Near the Yankees stadium in the Bronx.

It’s centrally located and within walking distance of any train or subway station, you need to get anywhere in the Big Apple – perfect for a weekend trip. For a whirlwind tour of New York City, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that it will take a while to get anywhere.

It’s much easier to walk or take the subway than it will be to drive. With the location of this lovely three-bedroom flat, you can get to Times Square or New Jersey in under half an hour and several bars and restaurants in minutes.

4. Miami Private Villa

  • Miami, Florida
  • $629 a night
  • Hosts up to 16

Do you have a big group of friends and need a place they all can stay? This seven-bedroom villa can host up to 16 people, so your bridal party is sure to fit. It’s a massive property with two separate houses connected by a pool and hot tub area.

With the rental, both houses are yours for the duration of your stay. Miami is a great city for nightlife, beachy adventures, and fantastic food.

This rental is minutes away from the beach, shopping center, and airport, so you won’t have to worry about too much driving on your bachelorette adventure. The houses are fully furnished – all you have to do is show up and party!

5. Minneapolis 90’s Oasis

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • $275 a night
  • Hosts up to 10

Does your girl group remember the 90s with fond nostalgia? Would you like to go back to the time of high-side ponytails and arcade games? Well, this fun home in Minneapolis is the perfect way to unwind for a laid-back bachelorette weekend.

With an in-home arcade, theater, and home gym, you won’t need to leave the house! In addition to the exciting interior of the house, it’s located a few minutes from the Mall of America, which is the biggest mall in the United States (there are roller coasters inside the mall).

You can check that out or go downtown Minneapolis for great clubs and nightlife. Saint Paul is just ten minutes away and has adorable shops and cafes.

6. Denver’s Groovy Getaway

  • Denver, Colorado
  • $233 a night
  • Hosts up to 14

Colorado is a fantastic place to vacation, no matter what time of year it is. In summer or winter, there is skiing, outdoor activities, and nightlife to keep you busy and entertained.

As if that wasn’t enough, this Airbnb offers an in-home arcade, four TVs, and a sand volleyball court in the backyard. With a large guest cap and five bedrooms, this house is perfect for a bigger bachelorette party to spread out and relax.

The house is within easy driving distance from Boulder and Denver, so any big city adventures or outdoor activities are within easy grasp!

7. Nashville’s Big Fun Townhome

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • $319 a night
  • Hosts up to 12 

If the bride in question loves fun and funky decorations, you have to look into the Big Fun Townhome. This is the actual name of the Airbnb, and it lives up to it!

From scratch-and-sniff banana wallpaper to the classic arcade games on the top floor, this Nashville gem has fun for all. Of course, Nashville itself is an incredible city. There’s too much going on to stay inside and smell the wallpaper all day.

This townhome is within walking distance of several restaurants and bars right in the center of Music City. They’re only a quick car away if you want to try out midtown or uptown attractions.

8. Sonoma Vineyard Estate

  • Sonoma, California 
  • $1,424 a night
  • Hosts up to 8 

What better place to celebrate the bride than in wine country? If she loves wine, bringing her to a hidden estate in the middle of Sonoma, California is the perfect way to celebrate her upcoming marriage with the women she loves.

This estate is ideal for a classy, laid-back bachelorette party. This estate is a little pricier, but that’s to be expected from an Airbnb in California wine country. Also, the luxury of the amenities makes it worth as much as a weekend at a resort.

It’s private and rural but only six minutes from downtown Sonoma square. Go wine tasting, ride horses and bikes, and enjoy the gorgeous infinity pool on the property.

9. Renovated 1850s Mansion in Charleston

  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • $427 a night
  • Hosts up to 6

For history and design lovers alike, this gorgeous mansion is in the heart of historic Charleston. You and your group of girls will be within walking distance of everything you need, from bars and restaurants to coffee and book shops.

The French Quarter is just a few blocks away, which is perfect for late-night snacks or early morning croissants. Charleston is a fantastic place to visit, especially for history buffs. Staying in an actual centuries-old mansion can only make a great weekend better.

The Airbnb is fully furnished and functional, with modern and antique furnishings living side by side. It’s a unique experience that is only heightened by the culture and history of Charleston itself.

10. Outlier Inn Geodome in New York

  • Woodridge, New York
  • $379 a night
  • Hosts up to 16 

Bachelorette parties are all about what the bride loves. If your bride loves glamping, this unique yurt experience will be right up her alley. The huge geodomes nestled in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York can sleep up to 16 people and are perfect for a less dirty version of sleeping under the stars.

Geodomes are interesting to look at and even cooler to stay in. For excellent hiking, exploring, and natural access, this geodome is on 12 acres of farm and woodland.

When you get there, the hosts will give you a tour and let you see dozens of free-ranging farm animals (and taste the delicious farm products). This yurt makes for a bachelorette party like no other.

11. Downtown St. Louis Home

  • Saint Louis, Missouri
  • $299 a night
  • Hosts up to 14

If you live near St. Louis or have never been, the city can be charming for a weekend getaway. This St. Louis home has five bedrooms and parking in the back (a great amenity in a city where street parking is difficult).

It’s less than ten minutes away from downtown Saint Louis, the Arch, and the St. Louis Zoo. This house is the perfect place to come back and rest after a night in the town.

It’s in a quiet, safe neighborhood a few blocks from the Mississippi River. With all of the city’s biggest attractions within a few miles of each other, you have the perfect place to party with your friends and enjoy the sights of the city.

12. Austin Lake Treehouse

  • Austin, Texas
  • $1,281 a night
  • Hosts up to 9

Located on Lake Travis just outside Austin, this treehouse is a fantastic way to spend a hot Texas weekend. With its pool, kayaks, and lake access, you are free to enjoy any water sports you wish, or just lay in the sun with a margarita!

The open floor plan and lake views are perfect for a weekend getaway. This rental is about half an hour from downtown Austin and all the vibrant culture and exciting nightlife the city has to offer.

Back at the house, you’re within walking distance of a marina where you can rent a pontoon or speed boat and sail around the lake. The quiet neighborhood provides privacy and peace in this magical getaway.

13. Chicago Penthouse

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • $209 a night
  • Hosts up to 9

Chicago is another city with magnificent nightlife and shopping, but not many affordable or spacious places to stay. This penthouse can sleep up to 9 guests and has plenty of room for your bridal party.

It is within walking distance of the L train, which can take you to the Loop and other downtown areas. With smart home technology, four bedrooms, and a fully furnished kitchen, you will feel like you’re living in the city in this penthouse.

It has a balcony with views of the Chicago skyline and can be accessed with a keypad. For the price, a penthouse this size and quality can’t be beaten.

14. Girls’ Getaway in Palm Springs

  • Palm Springs, California
  • $427 a night
  • Hosts up to 6

If you’re looking for a quieter weekend getaway in a beautiful area, check out the Airbnb created especially for smaller, more intimate bachelorette parties and girls’ weekends.

This pink-themed house is classy and beautiful, adding to the natural beauty of the area outside of Palm Springs, California. Technically, this Airbnb is a twenty-minute drive outside of Palm Springs proper.

However, the drive is lovely and the house itself is gorgeous, with full amenities and a private pool. Palm Springs has many adventures to offer, making this option the best of both worlds: party life and private life.

15. Seattle Designer Home

  • Seattle, Washington
  • $320 a night
  • Hosts up to 10

Lastly, you can host a bachelorette party in one of the hippest and most modern houses in the Pacific Northwest. Located within walking distance from scenic Cap Hill, this funky designer home is fully furnished and ready to host a bachelorette party.

With a rooftop view of the city, a pool table, and everything you could need within walking distance, you won’t have to worry about who will drive on your bachelorette weekend. Instead, kick back and enjoy this time with the best woman in your life at this lovely modern home.

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party in an Airbnb

Bunch of pale models dancing in one of the best Bachelorette Airbnbs that's decorated with lots of starts and balloons

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

If you’re a maid of honor and have been put in charge of a destination bachelorette party, the first thing you need to do is find the right place to hold the festivities.

An Airbnb is preferable to a hotel room because you’ll have a modicum of privacy and not worry about room service or nosy neighbors. Here are some tips for Airbnb rentals.

Average Price of an Airbnb

The average price of an Airbnb varies depending on its location, size, and the number of people staying there. Prices are also subject to change, as the hosts are in charge of pricing their accommodations.

Many Airbnbs also have cleaning fees not included in the nightly cost, so be aware of this when you’re booking. However, they are transparent about this and show you any extra fees before completing the transaction.

Although the average price of an Airbnb can vary, you will probably be spending more than average for a larger group of women. However, splitting the fare for an Airbnb is easy amongst several people and can make the whole weekend much more affordable.

How to Check in to an Airbnb

The check-in process for an Airbnb property is easy. Although it varies depending on the owner and host of the property, most Airbnbs will offer some form of self-check-in.

This process is usually in the form of a keypad or combination lock that you can access to get the key to the property. Once you’ve got the key, you’re all checked in!

As long as you do it between the appropriate hours (listed on the rental website), you don’t have to worry about talking to the host or letting them know you’re there. It’s the same for checkout, although there’s usually a specific check-out time.

Things to Look for in a Bachelorette Airbnb

Woman looking at the best bachelorette Airbnbs on the app on an ipad

Daniel Krason/Shutterstock

If your bachelorette weekend is in an Airbnb, you want it to be the perfect place. It’s not just a spot for people to sleep and put their suitcases – this will be your home for a few days. If it’s not ideal, some planned activities might not work out as you hope.

Here are some factors to consider when renting for a bachelorette:

Number of Guests

First, confirm how many people will be staying with you at the Airbnb with the bride. If everyone in the bridal party will be there, you have to ensure that the rental can accommodate that many people. Once you have a number, you can begin looking for Airbnbs.

Unfortunately, the upwards limit on an Airbnb capacity is usually very strict.

Hosts reserve the right to impose a hefty fine or even expel you from the rental if you try to sneak in extra people overnight. While some hosts are more flexible than others, you should always contact the host about extra people.


Of course, you have to pick a spot for the bachelorette party. More than that, it’s essential to choose a good location for Airbnb within that city or location.

You want to be able to sleep in a safe spot, but not somewhere miles away from everything you’ll be doing over the weekend. Planning for a location can be tricky, but if you already know which city you’ll be in, you’re off to a good start.

Of course, you can always use this list as a starting point and plan a weekend based around an Airbnb (make sure it’s available before you start planning). All of these Airbnbs are in fantastic locations.


As the maid of honor, it’s your responsibility to ensure the bridesmaids are available to do their part. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pay for everything yourself.

Ask the other women coming to the party what their price limits are. With a larger group, it’s usually easy to budget around multiple people’s financial situations.

When looking at the price, don’t forget to account for the number of nights you will be staying there and what food might cost you! You can put another bridesmaid in charge of food planning to keep things less stressful for yourself.

Nearby Attractions

No matter where you end up going, you’ll probably want to hit the town at some point. Check out the nearby attractions, clubs, and restaurants and how far away from the potential Airbnb they are. If there’s something your bride loves to do, make sure that you’ve got that on the list.

Noise Ordinances

Some cities and neighborhoods have strict noise laws, and your hosts will insist that you follow those. This is not to say that your bachelorette party will get too crazy, but it’s something to keep in mind when booking an online rental.

Look at the local ordinances and see what the hosts say. Several Airbnb hosts also forbid partying of any kind.

Even if it’s a quiet, laid-back bachelorette party, they might be suspicious of several women getting together on their property. It’s best to avoid these Airbnbs since you don’t want to be worrying about the rules when you’re having fun on the weekend.

The Best Bachelorette Airbnbs: Final Thoughts

The bride with her girlfriends in silk robes as they raised their hands at a bachelorette party in one of the best bachelorette Airbnbs


No matter which Airbnb you and the girls end up in, you’re sure to make some fantastic memories celebrating your friendship and upcoming marriage. Make this weekend the best weekend ever and spend it in a beautiful place with your favorite people!