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15 Best Airbnbs in Washington State in 2023

15 Best Airbnbs in Washington State in 2023

Washington state is one of the most beautiful places in the country. There are mountains, beaches, valleys, and sprawling cities waiting for you to explore. 

Whether you’re thinking about spending time in one of the three national parks, the major cities, or somewhere in between, choosing the right Airbnb can make your trip that much more memorable.

Why Stay at a Washington State Airbnb

Ferry outside the Mukilto Lighthouse for a piece on the best Airbnbs in Washington State

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Washington state offers some of the best outdoor activities in the Pacific Northwest, so choosing to stay in an Airbnb that suits your adventure to the Evergreen States can make it a more enjoyable experience. 

Even if you’re not hitting the hiking trails and are going to spend time in the city, renting an Airbnb versus a hotel or other vacation rental helps support locals and gives you a unique space to yourself for your vacation. 

You’ll find all sorts of Airbnbs for rent in Washington. There are dozens of tiny cabins in the forest, treehouses, rentals on the water, and even houseboats. Airbnb has a rental for every type of traveler, and Washington state is no exception to this.

15 Best Washington State Airbnbs

If you’re venturing out to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Washington, staying in an Airbnb is a great option. Check out 15 of the best Washington state Airbnbs available. 

1. Part O’ the Hills Glamping – Hurricane Ridge Stay

  • Location: Port Angeles, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $165

This Part O’ the Hills Glamping Airbnb is an excellent option for those traveling to Olympic National Park. The glamping tent sits less than two miles from the park’s official entrance and is in one of the most famous areas, Hurricane Ridge. 

The rental has one bedroom but can sleep three people easily. You’ll have a half bathroom and a lovely patio that includes chairs so you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea outside.

It can get chilly in Hurricane Ridge, so you can access the fire pit outside or the wood-burning stove inside to stay toasty. 

Other great features of this Airbnb are that you’ll have free parking, security cameras, close to beautiful hiking trails, and you’re only five miles from downtown Port Angeles if you need anything.

2. Hansel Creek Gust Tree House

  • Location: Peshastin, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $214

Just outside Leavenworth in Peshastin is an Airbnb you don’t want to miss. Nestled above Hansel Creek, this treehouse will make any kid at heart happy. Plus, it’s the only treehouse in Leavenworth!

The ramp that leads you to the Airbnb is long, but you’ll be amazed at the beauty of the stay when you arrive. The rental has one bedroom and one bathroom, making it perfect for solo or two travelers. 

It can also sleep a third on the couch if need be. This custom log treehouse has beautiful views of the mountains and river and a patio where you can admire it all. You’ll have access to a fire pit, fireplace inside, WiFi, a fridge, an outdoor shower, and reading material. 

3. Sky Cabin Apartment With Views

  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $117

On the shores of Lake Union, this stunning Airbnb in Seattle is the perfect place to stay when you want to be in the city and a little secluded. The apartment is on the third floor of the host’s home and is a little over 700 square feet. 

The apartment has one bedroom that can sleep two people and one bathroom. From any of the windows in the Airbnb, you can watch the seaplanes landing on the lake, watch the boats, and take in the beautiful scenery. 

If you want to stay in one night during your stay in Seattle, you can watch the sunset from your private balcony. The Sky Cabin Apartment features a small kitchen for you to store any leftovers or prepare meals during your visit, plus other amenities. 

4. Creekside Cabin – Mount Rainier National Park

  • Location: Ashford, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $235

Ashford is one of the towns close to Mount Rainier National Park, and this creekside cabin is the perfect place to stay if you plan on exploring the area. This traditional cabin features wood logs, a private patio, and space to sleep four people. 

There’s only one bedroom, but there are three beds inside the cabin. You’ll have one bathroom, a full kitchen, a wood-burning stove, and plenty of outdoor games to play while you’re visiting.

One of the best parts about this stay is that it’s only eight miles from one of the park entrances. There’s free parking on the property, security cameras, a stunning view of the river, WiFi, and a TV with plenty of streaming services to use when you’re not out exploring.

5. Canyon Creek Cabins

  • Location: Granite Falls, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $314

Another perfect wilderness escape Airbnb is the Canyon Creek Cabins in Granite Falls, Washington. The cabin sits on a granite ledge that overlooks the creek. It’s the perfect combination of a traditional cottage with modern, a-frame features and windows. 

There are two queen beds in the cabin and one bathroom. While it’s most comfortable for four guests, with the couches, you can sleep a total of six people here if you’re traveling with a group. 

The wood-burning stove in the living room is perfect for keeping you warm during chilly nights. Other features in this Airbnb include a full kitchen, private hot tub, a washer and dryer, and it’s pet friendly! You’ll love lounging in the hot tub admiring the views.

6. Sunsets at the Shipyard Suite

  • Location: Blaine, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $140

This Airbnb in Blaine is right on the water and is only five minutes from the Canadian border. It’s perfect for summer trips because you can utilize all the outdoor and water activities provided by the host. 

This adorable guesthouse is a studio but can easily sleep three people. There’s one bathroom which is more than enough for three people or less. The Airbnb is modern and features everything you need to enjoy your trip, like a full kitchen and air conditioning.

When you’re not spending time inside the guesthouse, you can enjoy your private patio overlooking the water, borrow kayaks, or just lounge in the sun. A popular feature that this Airbnb offers is luggage drop-off. The host will secure your bags until check-in if you need them to.

7. Underground Hygge

  • Location: Orondo, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $400

The Underground Hygge may be one of the unique Airbnbs in Washington you’ll find. It almost looks like something out of a storybook with circular windows and doors. This rental is in Orondo, near the Columbia River Gorge, and has plenty of charm.

This rental sleeps two people in one bedroom, and there’s one bathroom. The one downside to this Airbnb is that there’s no kitchen or kitchenette. They do have a coffee maker and provide several warm beverages. The fireplace is perfect for ambiance and keeping the space warm. 

You’ll have a free place to park your car when you arrive, a beautiful garden to spend time in, a chess table, and access to great hiking trails. It’s the perfect place to disconnect from technology since there are no TVs or WiFi.

8. A-Frame Architectural Retreat With Lego Kitchen

  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $447

One of the most stunning Airbnbs in Seattle is this a-frame retreat. It’s a large, a-frame home that has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and can sleep up to six people. You’ll forget how close to Seattle you are because of the wilderness that surrounds the rental. 

This Airbnb is a full house which means you have a large living room, dining area, and a full kitchen to utilize. The best part is that the kitchen features legos on the counters. It’s unique and makes this rental stand out amongst others in the area. 

When you stay here, the hosts take great care of you. They provide all toiletries you could need, and if there’s something you need, they’re responsive and will get back to you as soon as they can. 

9. Stylish Home With Sea Views

  • Location: Lummi Island, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $301 

This stylish home on Lummi Island is the perfect getaway on the Salish Sea. This modern Airbnb offers couples or families the ideal place to stay during their stay in Washington state.

You’ll have two bedrooms with two beds and two bathrooms, making it great for four people. This is a great rental for those who love cooking while on vacation because this kitchen is top-notch. It’s large and has plenty of space for everything and all the cookware you’ll need.

The desk is large and perfect for relaxing when you want to watch the sunset or enjoy the fresh air. You’ll only be a few minutes away from the beach and delicious restaurants and bars. Other features of this rental include a private backyard, fireplace, and grilling equipment. 

10. Farmstead Yurt in the Cascades

  • Location: Rockport, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $99

One of the most beautiful areas of Washington is the Cascades. This large mountain range is also the name of one of the three national parks, and you can stay in a yurt in the mountains.

This farmstead yurt is humble but is perfect for those who truly love spending time outdoors. There are three bedrooms within the yurt, and you can sleep up to nine people there with the couch and air mattress.

The only thing to note about this rental is that there’s only a half bath. There’s a full kitchen, grill outside, and a private patio to lounge on. You’ll have free parking, luggage drop-off, an indoor fireplace, extra bedding and pillows, and all the cooking basics to enjoy homemade meals.

11. Cozy Waterfront Boathouse

  • Location: Seabeck, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $275

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a boathouse, now you can in Seabeck! This beautiful little rental has a wrap-around deck that offers chairs for you to overlook the water whenever you want. This Airbnb has one bedroom and one bathroom, suitable for up to three people. 

There are two living areas of the boathouse, and it has a full kitchen for you to use. It’s perfect for those who love the water, but if you get seasick easily, this may not be the best Airbnb for you to stay in. 

You’ll have access to free parking, free WiFi, beach access, a backyard area, toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and plenty of reading material when you stay here.

12. Treehouse With Panoramic Views

  • Location: Olympia, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $179

When you want to stay outside of the city but still be close enough to all the amenities a city offers, this treehouse in Olympia is an excellent option. Two people can stay here comfortably.

There’s one bedroom, one bed, and a half bath to share. The treehouse is two stories high and features a beautiful patio with a covering in case it begins to rain.

There’s furniture outside so you can enjoy meals or relaxing time looking at the mountains. You’ll have access to a full kitchen, WiFi, and other streaming services during your stay when you need things to do after adventuring all day.

13. Captain’s Quarters Cabin

  • Location: Port Angeles, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $183

Another stunning Airbnb in Port Angeles, near Olympic National Park, is Captain’s Quarters Cabin. This tiny cabin sits right on the water and offers you some of the best views you can get without being physically inside the park. 

The cabin has one bedroom, but there are three beds to sleep five people at this rental. Whether there’s one person or five, there’s one bathroom in the rental. 

A propane heater and stove will warm the cabin and keep the electricity running. This rustic cabin has a small living space, kitchen, beach access, and free WiFi. You can also bring your pets along with you. 

14. Tiny Tipsy Cabin

  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $141

This humble tiny cabin is only minutes from Seattle and the beach, but it feels like you’re miles away with how quiet the area is. It’s on the Alki waterfront, and you can take the water taxi towards downtown Seattle easily. 

The cabin has one bedroom, but there are two beds in the rental. Four people can stay here, but it’s probably better for solo travelers or two people. 

Tiny Tipsy Cabin features one bathroom, a fireplace, a fridge, a microwave, free parking, and is pet-friendly. It even has a dedicated workspace if you have things to get done during your stay there.

15. Olympic View Cottage by the Water

  • Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
  • Average Cost Per Night: $125

This beautiful cottage sits on the water on Bainbridge Island. You can spend your days watching the seals swim by and several birds flying around. You can do this from your own private deck that offers you amazing views of the surrounding area. 

The Olympic View Cottage has one bedroom and one bathroom. Two people are ideal for this Airbnb, but a third can sleep on the couch if need be. You’ll have self-check-in here, free parking, a full kitchen, a TV, free WiFi, an indoor fireplace, and plenty of room on the deck to hang out.

Finding the Best Washington State for You

Staying in an Airbnb can make your vacation to Washington state more comfortable and unique than staying in traditional hotels. Whether you’ve stayed in one hundred Airbnbs before or this will be your first time, there are a few things you’ll want to remember as you book your stay. 

Checking In and Out of an Airbnb

How you’ll check in and out of your Airbnb will depend on what the host wants. When you book your stay, you’ll know how the host wants you to check into your Airbnb within the rental description. 

Most Airbnb hosts have a keypad on the door. On the day of your arrival, they’ll message you the code that’s unique only for your stay. This will allow you access to the rental throughout your time there.

They change this after every booking, so you don’t need to worry about others having access to your Airbnb. Another popular way Airbnb hosts want you to check in is if they have a key in a lockbox.

Just like they would if their door had a code, they’ll message you the code for the lockbox, and then you’ll have access to the key. Other less common ways you’ll check into your Airbnb are with a front desk person or with the host themself.

This is rare, but if your stay is in a condo complex or something similar, they may request you meet with the front desk staff to get the key for your rental. As for checking out, this also varies.

You’ll need to lock the Airbnb as you exit, but some hosts have specific check-out rules. This can range from putting any dirty dishes in the dishwasher to stripping the sheets to nothing other than leaving and locking the rental.

All check-in and out instructions should be laid out in Airbnb’s description so you can choose one that has methods you’re comfortable with before booking. If at any point you have questions, you can message the host through the Airbnb platform.

Staying in an Airbnb vs. a Hotel

As you plan your vacation, deciding to stay in a hotel or an Airbnb can be a difficult decision. Both options are abundant in most cities and areas, but which lodging option is going to be the best for you?

One of the main reasons people choose to stay in an Airbnb versus a traditional hotel is that there are several unique Airbnbs. There are treehouses, houseboats, glamping, modern lofts, and everything in between.

The variety of options you’ll have can make traveling to a new place that much more exciting. Another thing people love about Airbnbs is that you can have an entire place to yourself.

While you’ll share all the common areas in a hotel with other guests, you can rent an entire apartment, house, or another stay where you can have a little more space from others. If you’re traveling with a group, looking into Airbnbs is usually a better option than hotels.

Hotel suites can get pricey, and not everyone will have a bed sometimes. With Airbnbs, you can filter your search to accommodate however many people are traveling with you to ensure everyone has a comfortable place to sleep. 

In many cases, Airbnbs are more affordable than hotels. That was one of the huge draws to the platform when it first started rising in popularity. Of course, this isn’t always going to be accurate, but you’ll often see the prices for Airbnbs much lower than hotel rooms and suites.

Best Things to Do in Washington State

Cool view of canoes at the Olympic National Park


There are so many things to do and see in Washington state. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with three national parks and other wilderness areas. There are plenty of things to do in Seattle, Olympia, and other areas for the city lovers. 

Here are some of the top things you may want to do on your trip to Washington: 

Which Washington State Airbnb Is the Best?

Whether you’re looking to travel to the bustling city of Seattle, venture into the mountains, or stay near the ocean, Washington state has something for everyone. Staying at any of these fantastic Airbnbs will make for a vacation that you won’t soon forget.