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The 50 Best Airbnbs in the United States

The 50 Best Airbnbs in the United States

If you’ve ever traveled within the last few years, you’ve probably heard of or checked out Airbnb before booking a place to stay. Not sure on your destination? Check out guide to the best Airbnbs in the United States!

Many Airbnbs are standard homes or apartments with the essentials. While you don’t need much more, some Airbnb hosts have gone the extra mile to make their space genuinely unique. 

These best Airbnbs in the United States lodging options are great when you’re looking for something more special than a standard hotel room. The best part is that you can find stays that fit as little as two people and as many as two dozen. 

What Is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a company where people can host their homes online to travelers. They can range from entire houses or apartments to rooms within a home. Most people opt to rent the whole space for those traveling to their city. 

People are opting for Airbnbs more and more due to the prices and locations some offer. Plus, some people decorate their spaces with a fun theme, or their rental is genuinely unique, which draws people in. 

50 Best Airbnbs in the United States

If you’re thinking of traveling in the United States in the future, why not try and stay in a super unique location? We’ve rounded up the 50 best Airbnbs in the United States that we just can’t get enough of. We think you’ll love them too!

1. Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Showhome

  • Location: Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama 
  • Average price per night: $556

For the lakeside vacation of your dreams, this Airbnb in Alabama fits the bill. This large Airbnb sleeps 12 people and is on Lewis Smith Lake. It’s the perfect combination of modern and rustic since this two-story lake house has floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing the lake.

It’s the best place to sip your morning coffee and plan your day. You’re close to stores if you’re ready to cook your own meals on vacation. 

2. Borealis Basecamp

  • Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Average price per night: $389

You’ll find this small igloo an hour outside of Fairbanks. You can rent it throughout the year, but if you want the chance to see the Northern Lights, and trust us, you do, you’ll want to go anytime between August and April.

The igloo sleeps two people, and there’s a portion of the roof that’s entirely glass, so you can see this spectacular site without ever leaving if you choose. This stay is definitely one of the best Airbnbs in the United States if you’re looking for a unique experience.

3. Experience Hogan By the River – Navajo Hogan

  • Location: Cameron, Arizona
  • Average price per night: $127

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live your life off the grid? At this property on the Western Navajo Reservation, you can for a few nights.

This small yet unique Airbnb has all the essentials like a bed, toilet, place to cook your food, and a fire to keep you warm. You’re still close to town to visit shops and restaurants and, of course, the Grand Canyon. 

4. Emerald Gypsy Skoolie

  • Location: Mountain View, Arkansas
  • Average price per night:  $83

More and more people are leaving their traditional homes and cars behind to live in converted school buses or vans. Now, you can stay on a converted school bus for a short period to experience what it may be like.

The interior is bright white with light wood accents and is aesthetically pleasing. There’s a queen-size bed in the back of the bus and a comfortable couch that people can sleep on.

5. Invisible House

  • Location: Joshua Tree, California
  • Average price per night: $3,381

Have you ever seen a skyscraper lying down? Invisible House is an architectural masterpiece that features what looks like a skyscraper, laying horizontal in the Joshua Tree Desert.

All the exterior walls are reflective, allowing them to blend in with the surrounding area. There are four bedrooms, a massive pool with a beautiful view, and windows on every inch of the space. No one can see in, but you can see everything outside.

6. Skytop Mountain House

Skytop mountain house, one of the best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Bailey, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: $350

Just an hour drive from Denver, the mountain town of Bailey is Colorado’s best kept secret: a hidden gem of hiking trails and outdoor exploits far from the crowds.

This modern four-bedroom retreat is one of the highest elevation Airbnb’s in the region at 9,157-feet, with jaw-dropping views of Bandit Peak and Rosalie Peak.

The pet-friendly home sleeps six guests and is tailor-made for luxurious getaways for friends and family alike, complete with a chef’s kitchen and two matching primary suites with private balconies, walk-in closets and soaking tubs in their spa-like bathrooms.

On-site, you’ll find amenities like a:

  • Hot tub overlooking a panorama of mountain peaks
  • Game room with Ms. Pac-Man and foosball
  • Multiple private outdoor balconies for stargazing
  • Gas fireplace in the stylish living room

Nearby Bailey is home to one of the best wineries in Colorado (owned by a Swiss expat), peaceful hiking trails, and local lakes with watersports galore.

7. Windy Top Cottage

  • Location: Granby, Connecticut  
  • Average price per night: $131

This Airbnb looks and feels like it’s straight out of a fairytale. This cottage is made with stone, has vintage appliances, furniture, and dishes. The entire space seeks to make you feel cozy and like you’re the star of your own fairytale. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom for guests.

8. First Tiny Home in the First State

  • Location: Milton, Delaware
  • Average price per night: $125

This little Airbnb is the perfect test for those intrigued about how people live in tiny homes. This beautiful tiny home has farmhouse decor. It’s bright and allows the space it’s in to feel bigger than it is. Though it is small, this Airbnb has everything you need. It has a full bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living space. 

9. The Tiki Suite

  • Location: Key Largo, Florida
  • Average price per night: $610 

People flock to the Sunshine State to be near the water and Florida sun. If you’re heading to the first island of the Florida Keys, Key Largo, you can stay in a tiki house that’s floating on the water.

This houseboat has a full bathroom, one bed, and sliding glass doors that open on two sides so you can be feet from the ocean in your bed. The deck is perfect for sunbathing and watching the sunrise.

10. Secluded Intown Treehouse

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Average price per night: $389

Almost every child has dreamed about sleeping in a magical treehouse at one point or another. Thanks to Airbnb, now you can!

Just outside Atlanta is this gorgeous treehouse where you can sleep in seclusion with the sound of nature, twinkly lights, and even roll your bed onto the patio if you want to sleep outside. 

11. Tropical Garden Retreat on an Organic Mango Farm

  • Location: Captain Cook, Hawaii
  • Average price per night: $179

You’ll find this tropical Airbnb secluded in a Mango farm in the lush Hawaiian landscape. Greenery surrounds all four sides of the home, and many areas are entirely open to the outside.

There are plenty of couches, hammocks, and spaces to relax and enjoy your vacation at this Airbnb. There’s one bed and one bathroom here. 

12. Big Idaho Potato Hotel

  • Location: Boise, Idaho
  • Average price per night: $124

In Idaho, you can stay inside a potato. It looks just like a massive potato from the outside, but when you enter, a cozy Airbnb welcomes you.

The walls are bright white, there’s one queen bed, and the bathroom is spa-worthy. It’s perfect for those ready to explore Boise and how many people can say they’ve stayed in a potato before?

13. Hidden Gem Spanish Style Villa

  • Location: Rockford, Illinois
  • Average price per night: $256

You probably wouldn’t expect to find a stunning and authentic-looking Spanish Villa in Illinois. If you’re craving a Spanish getaway but can’t make it far away, this three-bedroom Airbnb is the perfect solution.

The landscaping done in the front and backyards allows this home to stand out amongst the neighbors. The interior is vibrant, and there’s a full kitchen, laundry, and a hot tub on the premises. 

14. Historic Hideaway by Lake Monroe

  • Location: Bloomington, Indiana
  • Average price per night: $125

The best Airbnb stay in Indiana has to be this Historic Hideaway. In the 1800s, this was a one-room church. Reporters have mentioned this stay in the Indianapolis Monthly and more.

This one bedroom and one bathroom Airbnb has a minimalistic vibe with white walls, wood floors, and subtle pops of color. The location makes it perfect for city adventures in Bloomington and outdoorsy activities too. 

15. Silo on the Ridge

  • Location: Decorah, Iowa
  • Average price per night: $79 

If there’s one thing Iowa is known for, it’s its farmland. Now, you can experience a farm vacation, but instead of staying in the house or barn, you’re in a converted silo.

This Airbnb offers a bunk bed that can sleep two guests. This small stay has just the bed and bathroom. While it doesn’t have a full kitchen for you to use, it does have a fridge to store chilled goods. 

16. Sun & Moon Mongolian Yurt

  • Location: Lawrence, Kansas
  • Average price per night: $65

If you’re looking for a unique Airbnb in Kansas, look no further than this traditional Mongolian yurt. The building was built in Mongolia before getting shipped to the United States.

This yurt has one bed that can sleep two people and a bathroom. It has a fireplace inside to keep you warm, a full kitchen, and the peacefulness of nature. You can hang out under the stars at night and light a bonfire in the firepit. 

17. Sleep in a Restored 175 Year Old Church

  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky 
  • Average price per night: $254

This antebellum church from 175 years ago is one of Kentucky’s best places to stay. With original brick on the outside, you may not expect the inside to have modern décor and plenty of Kentucky memorabilia and signs.

There’s room for six people to stay here with four beds plus two bathrooms. There’s a full kitchen and dining room for you to use. The patio is perfect for early mornings and enjoying the fresh air. 

18. River Paradise

  • Location: Folsom, Louisiana
  • Average price per night: $281

River Paradise is a 2,500 square foot home that features a wrap-around deck, giving breathtaking views. The space is enormous and great for larger groups of people.

This home can comfortably sleep six guests, and there are two and a half baths. The river is right near the property if you want to fish. There is a fire pit to gather around to keep warm and a gazebo on the property.

19. Poet’s Cabin

  • Location: Southwest Harbor, Maine
  • Average price per night: $135 

Regardless of what time of year you’re traveling, if you’re heading to Maine and anywhere near Acadia National Park, the Poet’s Cabin is a stunning Airbnb to stay at.

The Poet’s Cabin is gray and blue on the outside, making it look like something out of a Disney cartoon. The inside is practical and cozy. There are two beds, one bathroom, and a lovely patio that’s perfect for playing games and sipping coffee.

20. Cover Point Lighthouse Keeper’s House

  • Location: Lusby, Maryland
  • Average price per night: $221

Lighthouses are beautiful structures, and now in Lusby, Maryland, you can stay right next to one on the Chesapeake Bay. These homes were near lighthouses so that the person watching could be close by if need be.

The home is almost right next to this historic lighthouse and can sleep eight people in the house. There are two and a half baths for guests, a full kitchen, and a porch to relax on.

21. Windmill Cottage

  • Location: Chatham, Massachusetts 
  • Average price per night: $170

In coastal Massachusetts, you can stay in a cute, repurposed windmill cottage. This tiny cottage looks like a windmill, has two beds for four guests and one bathroom.

It has air conditioning which is excellent in the warm summer months, a kitchen, and a patio out front with a table to eat meals on. This cottage is only a short distance to town and the sandy beach. 

22. Love Shack on Lake Superior

  • Location: Marquette, Michigan 
  • Average price per night: $118

On the shore of Lake Superior is this off-the-grid cabin. There’s only one bedroom and half a bathroom on the property. Even though you’ll be off-grid, you have access to the basics.

You have water, a fire, a propane stove, and a sauna heated by firewood. The screened-in patio that offers views of the lake is one of the highlights of this Airbnb. 

23. NE MPLS Magic Studio @ the Wolf House

  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Average price per night: $214

This stunning Airbnb features a combination of wood, stone, and glass, which you can see as soon as you arrive. You’ll see beautiful murals along the walls throughout the home, and even the staircase blends into the murals painted.

The murals extend to the floor and ceiling in some areas. You can sleep four guests in the Magic Studio, and there are one and a half bathrooms. You’ll have a fireplace, kitchen, and a dryer at the stay.

24. The Farmhouse

  • Location: Corinth, Mississippi
  • Average price per night: $146 

In 2018, one of the most interesting Airbnbs in Mississippi opened. The farmhouse is actually a converted farm silo. It’s a deep blue, and the host built a covered patio out front to make it look more like home.

Two bedrooms that sleep four people fit inside with one bathroom. You’ll have your own small yard space and find yourself surrounded by scenic pastures. 

25. Tiny Paradise on the Quarry

  • Location: Rolla, Missouri
  • Average price per night: $160

Do you want to stay in a tiny home that HGTV featured a few years ago? This quaint home on the Quarry is a great little place to stay when you want some time on the water.

The Airbnb offers one bedroom with one bed and then one bathroom. There’s a small kitchen and plenty of space outside on the dock. The best part is the dock has a ladder and a slide that give you direct lake access. 

26. Crazy Mountain Container Casa

  • Location: Wilsall, Montana
  • Average price per night: $110

While people were building tiny homes and making a home out of a van, someone else somewhere was creating a home from a shipping container. This modern, cabin-like home started out as a used shipping container.

It sleeps two people in one bedroom and includes a full bathroom for guests. You’ll be able to prepare your own meals and enjoy them surrounded by the beauty of Montana on the patio. There are plenty of lands to explore while you stay here too. 

27. Lazy Oaks Glamping

  • Location: Plattsmouth, Nebraska
  • Average price per night: $78

If glamping sounds better to you than finding a traditional campsite, the Lazy Oaks Glamping Airbnb in Nebraska is something you’ll love. Each tent is on a wooden platform, has a queen-size bed, and has a thick, white linen tent cover.

You’ll have a coffee maker in your tent, a window you can cover and uncover as you want, and communal bathrooms on the property. You’ll also have a large fan to keep a breeze flowing when you close the tent for the night. 

28. Eagle Feather Tipi in the Mojave

  • Location: Sandy Valley, Nevada
  • Average price per night: $124

You probably think of the large-scale Las Vegas hotels when you think of where to stay in Nevada. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, the Eagle Feather Tipi in the Mojave Desert needs to be on your list.

You’ll stay in a traditional tipi with the bed inside, and everything else outside. It’s a great way to be with nature, read books, write, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Get ready for horseback riding and other cowboy games.

29. The G Frame

  • Location: Sanbornton, New Hampshire
  • Average price per night: $127

There’s not much that’s better than staying in a cozy wood cabin when it’s cold outside. In New Hampshire, this tiny home or cottage is perfectly secluded into the woods but close enough to the store and town.

There’s one bed in the Airbnb and only half a bathroom. You’ll have a sink and toilet. One of the best features of The G Frame is the wood sauna next to the home. 

30. Unique Spanish Villa

  • Location: Seaside Park, New Jersey
  • Average price per night: $263

This Spanish villa may be the most different Airbnb on the Jersey Shore. While everyone else is staying in beach houses and hotels, you can stay in this vibrant yellow villa. This two-story Airbnb resembles Spanish homes with bright colors and artwork.

There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms here. Six of you and your friends can have the time of your life here. After you’ve spent a day at the beach, you can lounge in the eight-person hot tub. 

31. Taos Mesa Studio Earthship

  • Location: Taos, New Mexico
  • Average price per night: $160

This spaceship-looking Airbnb is rooted to the Earth. It has solar panels and catches rainwater for use as an off-the-grid property. It stays a brisk 72 degrees inside the home throughout the year.

Even though it’s off the grid in many ways, you’ll still have access to WiFi here so you can watch movies during your stay. There are two beds and one bathroom in the Earthship.

32. The Castle Cottage

  • Location: Bolton, New York
  • Average price per night: $1,155

If you have the money and six friends, you can rent this castle on Airbnb. In Bolton, New York, this two-bedroom castle looks like it’s from a movie outside and inside. It has white walls, stonework, and medieval yet modern décor.

The Castle Cottage gives you a view of the lake and close access. When you’re not outdoors, you can use their WiFi and watch HBO and other channels.

33. Upscale 1926 C&O Train Caboose

  • Location: Waynesville, North Carolina
  • Average price per night: $279

This Airbnb is a small, one-bedroom, and one-bathroom home with a bright red train caboose next to it. The caboose serves as its own bedroom and features a kitchenette.

The main house has a bathroom, a full kitchen, and a living area for guests to spend time. The location puts you ten miles to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, 30 miles from Asheville, and less than that to Tennessee. 

34. Lamppost 15

  • Location: Bismarck, North Dakota
  • Average price per night: $102

When you first walk up to Lamppost 15, you’ll probably wonder what is so special about it. It’s a simple white exterior, but you’re in a quirky and fun Airbnb when you walk in.

The artwork is eccentric, and there are custom bunk beds in one bedroom and a larger bed in the master. There’s one bathroom and has everything else you need in a home. The best part is the classic Ms. Pac-Man machine you can play. 

35. Forest Haven Ela Treehouse

  • Location: Millersburg, Ohio
  • Average price per night: $192

Forest Haven Ela is a modern treehouse that’s square, features worn wood, black accents, and large windows, so you feel like you’re in the trees.

The tiny treehouse combines two shipping containers to provide you with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space in the woods. There’s a fire pit and an outdoor soaking tub that’s perfect at night. Two people can sleep here.

36. Okie Grown Farms

  • Location: Bixby, Oklahoma
  • Average price per night: $350

Your dreams of staying in a red Barnhouse can come true at Okie Grown Farms in Oklahoma. This beautiful red house features white accents that mimic a traditional Barnhouse.

There are two bedrooms, but six people can sleep here, and the house has everything you’d have back home. The best part is you can see mini donkeys, alpacas, mini pigs, rescue cats, and more on the farm. 

37. Off the Grid Tower

  • Location: Tiller, Oregon
  • Average price per night: $225 

Anyone who knows anything about wildfires knows that there are towers strategically placed for people to monitor for any. In Oregon is a 40-foot tower with an Airbnb on the top. There’s one bedroom, but there’s enough space for four people to sleep.

The Airbnb has wood walls and floors and a wrap-around patio where you can see the valley and ground below. If you want to visit, keep in mind, it’s only open from March through November. 

38. The Mansion in the Pines

  • Location: Myerstown, Pennsylvania 
  • Average price per night: $589

In Myerstown, you’ll find a well taken care of 1860s mansion. The exterior looks just like the original mansion, and it’s truly a unique Airbnb.

Some say that it was part of the Underground Railroad. The host maintains the original, old-school aesthetic, and it’s a great place to stay with a larger group. It can sleep 16 people, and there are 2.5 bathrooms. 

39. 4 Corners Schoolhouse No. 1

  • Location: Tiverton, Rhode Island
  • Average price per night: $254

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to stay in an original schoolhouse? If you have or haven’t, the 4 Corners Schoolhouse No. 1 may be the perfect spot for your next vacation.

This two-bedroom and one-bathroom Airbnb is inside an 1850s schoolhouse. The inside is up to date on all appliances and furnishings. The chalkboard in the living room is a nice touch. 

40. The Private Islands of Old Clay House

  • Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
  • Average price per night: $500

For those traveling with a larger group and who want to have a fabulous vacation on Hilton Head Island, this Airbnb is a great option. The home sits on three private islands that are only accessible by boat.

But don’t worry, they take you there and back. And, it’s entirely off the grid. They have kayaks, bonfires, and everything you need to enjoy a quiet, South Carolina getaway. It sleeps six people comfortably and has two and a half bathrooms.  

41. Black Hills Gamping – The Still House

  • Location: Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Average price per night: $199

South Dakota is the perfect place to go glamping. You can stay in a 16 by 13 feet wall tent with a queen or double bed inside. The views are stunning, and you have everything you need in the tent or nearby in the community area.

This Airbnb is great for adventurous folk because steep trails lead to and from the tents and bathrooms. There’s a fireplace inside the tent to keep you cozy.

42. Converted WWII Train Car

  • Location: Maryville, Tennessee
  • Average price per night: $170

Staying in a piece of history is possible with this Airbnb in Tennessee. It is a converted WWII train car where you can spend a night or five.

The exterior looks old and worn, but the inside features modern technologies and a modern and bright aesthetic. There’s a full kitchen, eating area, living space, two beds, and one bathroom. The host added a patio outside the door of the train car. 

43. The Moonshiner

  • Location: Wimberly, Texas
  • Average price per night: $161

It’s hard to narrow down the best Airbnbs in the United States when you’re searching in the large state of Texas, but The Moonshiner is definitely a contender.

This wood cabin on 1.5 acres of land in Wimberley has a hot tub on the deck, outdoor shower and transports you back to the 1920s and the prohibition era.

It has velvet couches, a claw foot tub, and old safes as end tables. The Moonshiner has one bedroom and one bathroom, and you’re just a short drive back to the modern era if need be.

44. Dreamy Treehouse

  • Location: Park City, Utah
  • Average price per night: $220

If you think there are many treehouse Airbnbs in the US, then you’re right. While we weren’t going to add another to the list, this one in Park City, Utah, deserves mention as one of the best Airbnbs in the United States.

The interior and exterior are what some may call rustic chic. The wood used is light, adding light to the space. What’s most notable about this treehouse is that a branch of the tree runs through a room.

45. Charming Studio in a 19th Century Church

  • Location: Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Average price per night: $86

Something to love about the Northeastern region of the US is all the restored 19th-century buildings. In a restored 19th century church sits an Airbnb ready to visitors.

The church is bright white and surrounded by beautiful foliage. The guest house sits on a farm, sleeps three people, and has a beautiful faux stain-glass window.

46. A Warmth Hearth and “All the Comforts of Home”

  • Location: Fairfield, Virginia
  • Average price per night: $286

For all things mystical, this Airbnb may take the cake. You’ll enter the space through a large circular door, but even before you enter, you’ll already see the magical decor. Every inch of the interior looks like something out of a movie. This hobbit-like home has one bedroom and one bathroom inside. 

47. Underground Hygge

  • Location: Orondo, Washington
  • Average price per night: $371

You don’t need to travel all the way to New Zealand to stay in a hobbit home. You can just visit Washington state to experience this unique stay. This Airbnb is in Orondo near the Columbia River Gorge and almost looks like something out of a movie.

You’ll enter the home through a large, circular green door. It has one bedroom and bathroom plus six acres of land for you to explore.

48. 1815 Stone House

  • Location: Shepherdstown, West Virginia
  • Average price per night: $112

This old Stone House had to undergo renovation to be usable today. The Airbnb sits on riverfront land and is a stunning sight to see. It even has the original house sign with its actual address.

The exterior is from another time, but everything is vintage and unique. You can sleep five people here comfortably, and there’s one and a half baths.  

49. Charming Sailboat Stay

  • Location: Racine, Wisconsin
  • Average price per night: $116

If you want to sleep on a boat but don’t want to be out at sea, this sailboat Airbnb is one of the most incredible options you have. You’ll stay at someone’s sailboat at a marina in Racine, have access to the lake, a community pool, and nearby restaurants and shops.

The boat is decorated in nautical décor when you go beneath the deck. The sailboat is 29 feet long, has three beds and a half bath.

50. Heart Mountain Japanese Cabin

  • Location: Powell, Wyoming
  • Average price per night: $154

The Heart Mountain Japanese Cabin is a unique take on traditional cabin Airbnbs. The home has red accents, a minimalist interior, and the architecture is in keeping with Japanese features.

The cozy cottage consists of one-bedroom and one-and-a-half baths. You can explore the Wyoming wilderness easily from this space, and guests love the sauna after a day of hiking.

Tips for Staying in an Airbnb

It may seem odd for those who have never stayed in an Airbnb before. If you’re used to staying in a hotel, you know how to check in and what to expect. Here’s what you need to know about staying in the best Airbnbs in the US.

How to Check Into an Airbnb

How you’ll check into these best Airbnbs in the United States varies from host to host. While at a hotel, you’ll walk up to the front desk, give your name, and then they’ll hand you your room keys. Airbnb doesn’t usually work that way. 

Before you book into any of these best Airbnbs in America via the website or app, you’ll see instructions on checking in. Some hosts use a lockbox with a code that you’ll be given an hour before arrival. You’ll enter the code, and voila. There’s the key to your rental. 

Other Airbnb hosts have front doors with a four-digit code that opens the door. They change it after every booking, and they’ll message it to you on your day of arrival. 

Even some hosts have their rental within an apartment complex or condominiums. They may request you go to the front desk to check in. Overall, how you’ll check-in for your rental is 100% determined by the host. Be sure to check out how they want you to check in before booking.

Average Prices vs. Hotels

Most Airbnb rentals are more affordable than traditional hotels because most hosts don’t have hotels’ overhead costs. They don’t have to pay hundreds of people their salaries like hotels. 

However, there are times where you can find hotels for less than the cost of an Airbnb. The price of an Airbnb could be higher due to cleaning fees, the locations, or the size of the space compared to a traditional hotel room.

Read the Reviews

Hosts do lovely jobs posting accurate photos of their rentals on their listings. While that’s true, you should always check the reviews on Airbnb before booking. This research lets you know how other renters liked or disliked the space. 

Previous guests tend to be very honest, and you can get a sense of how the host is, if the space is as clean as advertised and if the amenities listed are there. It helps to see how often people stay in the rental too. If people constantly rent a particular Airbnb, it’s probably worth visiting. 

Take Note of the House Rules

Since each Airbnb is owned and operated by its own host, you’ll want to check out the house rules. The rules of these best Airbnbs in the United States may vary from host to host.

Some have specific quiet hours so that you don’t disturb the neighbors and how they would like you to leave the Airbnb upon checking out. Some may want you to remove all sheets and set them on the ground, or others may want you to do nothing.

Reading the house rules allows you to understand what you need to prepare for, how to be a great guest, and know what the host expects of you at an Airbnb.

Which of These Best Airbnbs in the United States Will You Try?

The United States has a lot of places to see, so when Airbnb started, there were even more options for lodging than previously. You can find standard houses and apartments on their website.

But some of these hosts of the best Airbnbs in the United States take hosting to the next level. 

You can find beautiful and secluded tree houses, cottages out of a fairytale, and even Airbnbs shaped like a potato. While you don’t need to stay in one of these exciting spaces to have a great vacation, these best Airbnbs in the United States will leave you in awe.