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The 15 Best Airbnbs in Texas in 2023

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Texas in 2023

Around every corner in the Lone Star State, you will find that everything really is bigger in Texas, including the personality of the Airbnbs. Check out the best Airbnbs in Texas and what we love about each one!

Why Stay at a Texas Airbnb?

Woman kayaking on a lake in Austin for a piece on the best Airbnbs in Austin Texas

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Staying in an Airbnb when you visit Texas is the best way to get a feel for the culture and the life locals lead. Airbnb offers a more personalized touch than your average hotel and often makes you feel as if you’re the only guest. 

If you’re intending to visit Texas and obtain a unique vacation experience, renting an Airbnb is the best way to do so.

However, with thousands of Airbnb options to choose from, it can become tough to choose the perfect one. Luckily, we have composed a list of the 15 most unique Airbnbs in Texas to help you make your decision. 

15 Most Unique Airbnbs in Texas

Whether you’re in Texas for the week or the weekend, finding the perfect place to stay is easy when you consider our list of the 15 most unique Airbnbs in Texas. 

1. Piney Woods Treehouse

  • Location: Kirbyville, TX
  • Average price per night: $101

The Piney Woods Treehouse sleeps four guests with three beds and one bathroom. The location and excellent self-check-in process make it a popular stay. 

Free parking, wifi, a full kitchen, Roku TV, and the option to bring pets are just some of the amenities that make Piney Woods Treehouse special. The unique treehouse design and private outdoor space give you the seclusion and privacy you need for an unforgettable stay.

With 80-acres of quiet and secluded outdoor space, Piney Woods Treehouse is the perfect spot for guests to get out in the woods and relax amongst the trees in East Texas. 

2. Habibi: Dome House & Dip Pool

  • Location: Marble Falls, TX
  • Average price per night: $304

Glamp in luxury at Habibi Dome House in Marble Falls, TX. This Dome provides guests with breathtaking views as the dome sits atop an elevated landing pad. A dipping pool is located just outside your dome doors for you to enjoy on a clear starry night or as a means to cool off in the hot Texas sun.

The panoramic views surrounding the dome mixed with the endless amenities such as wifi, a workspace, refrigerator, microwave, and barbecue utensils are just some of the benefits of the Dome House.

If you’re looking for a unique and quirky Texas Airbnb, don’t look past the Habibi: Dome House + Dip Pool for a one-of-a-kind glamping experience. 

3. Naturalist Boudoir Too

  • Location: Lumberton, TX
  • Average price per night: $215

The Naturalist Boudoir Too Airbnb is a stay you won’t experience anywhere else but Lumberton, TX. This quaint lodging spot sleeps two guests max and has a romantic setup with a luxurious, naturalistic vibe. 

Complete with a hot tub and hammock, pure relaxation is achieved by all guests staying at the Naturalist Boudoir Too. Located on a waterfront property, the free parking, wifi, and laundry facility ensure you have everything you need without having to leave.

An ideal spot to unplug and get up-close and personal with nature, the Naturalist Boudoir Too promotes a naturalistic atmosphere to help to revitalize your senses. 

4. The Indigo House at Canyon Lake

  • Location: Canyon Lake, TX
  • Average price per night: $90

If spectacular views in a modern and edgy house sound like something you would enjoy, consider renting The Indigo House at Canyon Lake. Sunset views with an elevated deck overlooking the valley are the perfect romantic getaway for two.

This tiny house has everything you need including a private fire pit, lake access, free parking, wifi, and security cameras for your safety. Just one mile from Canyon Lake and eight miles from Guadalupe River, it is in the perfect spot to enjoy Texas and its natural beauty.

Although your first impression of a tiny home may be that there isn’t enough space, once you step foot in The Indigo House at Canyon Lake, space won’t matter. The serene setting and modern touches reassure the minimalist life isn’t so bad. 

5. Getaway Piney Woods

  • Location: Henderson County, TX
  • Average price per night: $139

Another tiny house nestled in the woods, Getaway Piney Woods is a romantic spot for two. This cozy lodging destination in Henderson County features a large floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the majestic woods.

The window is located next to the bed so you can enjoy nature while enjoying a cup of coffee right from your bed. The location and easy self-check-in process are a favorite among guests along with amenities like air conditioning, a refrigerator, free parking, and a kitchen.

The pet-friendly, tiny cabin is near multiple hiking trails for a complete nature experience. Relax and unwind at Getaway Piney Woods, where the simplicity of the property ensures distractions won’t take away from your rejuvenating stay. 

6. Custom Shipping Container Home & Rooftop Pool

  • Location: Marble Falls, TX
  • Average price per night: $96

Talk about unique, the Custom Shipping Container Home in Marble Falls, TX, checks all the unique Airbnb boxes. The container home sleeps a max of three guests with a shared bathroom. 

Arguably the most unique and highly-rated feature of this Airbnb is the rooftop pool. Situated atop the rooftop balcony, guests are welcome to take a dip in the galvanized pool perfect for your small group.

The full kitchen and private bedroom make the most of the container home layout. Additional amenities include a majestic valley view, free parking, hot water, and a full in-unit dryer.

The Custom Shipping Container Home host knows how to make a small space feel luxurious and larger than life as you will discover that the property is equipped with everything you need. The thoughtful and intricate design ensures guests are comfortable and relaxed throughout their stay.

7. Crazy Horse Cabin

  • Location: Bandera, TX
  • Average price per night: $188

The private hot tub and creek front views make the Crazy Horse Cabin the Hill Country getaway you don’t want to miss. This luxurious cabin getaway is just minutes from the Medina River, making it the perfect destination.

Crazy Horse Cabin sleeps three guests with free parking, a full kitchen, and all the bathroom essentials you may need. The rural setting makes this cozy yet luxurious cabin a highly sought-after destination.

Pamper yourself in the rustic, yet luxurious Crazy Horse Cabin as you get a feel for what it’s like to be an authentic cowboy in the Cowboy Capital of the World. 

8. The Casa Estiva Treehouse

  • Location: Weatherford, TX
  • Average price per night: $106

Treehouse Airbnbs are the perfect way to get that unique lodging experience you’ve been looking for. The Casa Estiva Treehouse is nestled in the trees in a secluded and peaceful location near Fort Worth, TX.

The perfect size for two, this romantic tree-top getaway will help you feel one with nature as you listen to the birds chirp in the morning hours and enjoy the quiet hours at dusk.

Free parking, wifi, air conditioning, a bathtub, and a TV are only a handful of the amenities you will enjoy. Unlike most Airbnbs, if visiting The Case Estiva Treehouse on the weekend, you will be rewarded with breakfast prepared and served by the hosts free of charge.

The romantic nature of The Case Estiva Treehouse has helped boost its ratings as guests enjoy the intimate setting as the sounds of nature flood the property. 

9. Glamping Yurt

  • Location: Pipe Creek, TX
  • Average price per night: $158

Two-guest max, this Glamping Yurt in Pipe Creek, TX, is a romantic getaway complete with breathtaking hilltop views. The secluded location makes this Airbnb the perfect spot to enjoy the clear dark skies as they twinkle with bright stars right from the private hot tub. 

Even though this yurt is considered a “glamping” destination, guests will experience the luxuries of air conditioning, wifi, an outdoor shower, and all the necessary toiletries. The amenities don’t stop there; enjoy a small but efficient kitchen where you can make coffee and simple meals easily. 

Situated beneath an aged oak tree, the Pipe Creek Glamping Yurt boasts serenity as guests receive the pampering of nature mixed with outstanding views. 

10. Modern A-Frame

  • Location: Wimberley, TX
  • Average price per night: $318

Another secluded getaway nestled into Wimberley, the Modern A-Frame Airbnb is tucked away in nature with a spectacular view. While the views alone through the large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the valley are a selling point, the private hot tub makes it tough to pass up.

The mid-century style a-frame is full of artsy touches where guests can relax and unwind. Stargazing is a popular activity at the Modern A-Frame as the nights are crisp and clear.

The expansive and untouched views mixed with the endless amenities such as a full living space, baby toys and accessories, Malm electric fireplace, and an outdoor fire ring ensure maximum guest satisfaction.  

11. Serene Lotus Belle

  • Location: McDade, TX
  • Average price per night: $177

Another glamping Airbnb spot in Texas is the Serene Lotus Bell in McDade. Your private Lotus includes access to a private saltwater jacuzzi. The location and check-in experience are highly rated among guests, and the simplicity of the Airbnb boasts its beauty.

The elevated deck overlooks the well-kept pond, and you may spot a chicken or a pig in the distance. Guests have access to kayak and fish in the pond for an all-inclusive experience.

A simplistic set-up with everything you need ensures the popularity of this Airbnb. Enjoy nature while still sleeping comfortably and relaxing with luxurious amenities when you visit Serene Lotus Belle. 

12. The Nest Tiny Home

  • Location: Waco, TX
  • Average price per night: $140

The Nest Tiny Home provides guests with studio-style lodging only 12 minutes from the quaint streets of downtown Waco. The large covered outdoor area has a large hammock for an afternoon nap or to enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

The suite is fully furnished with a queen-sized bed. Amenities include wifi, TV, and air conditioning, to name a few. The Nest Tiny Home is the perfect property for guests to enjoy rural Texas living and get a taste of what locals get to enjoy every day. 

13. Secluded Cabin Near Wimberley Square

  • Location: Wimberley, TX
  • Average price per night: $179

The Secluded Cabin near Wimberley Square is a new listing that has already made a positive impression on Airbnb guests. The secluded cabin is just three miles from Wimberley square for optimal convenience. 

Your private oasis awaits at this cozy cabin as guests have access to a private hot tub and a cozy fire pit. Don’t forget to explore the local hiking trails to further immerse yourself in nature. 

This uninterrupted property provides guests with seclusion and privacy, while still being conveniently located to local attractions. Retreat to the Secluded Cabin near Wimberley Square for your next Texas getaway. 

14. Modern & Lavish Palms Manor

  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Average price per night: $85

Pack up the whole crew and head to Austin for a modern and comfortable stay at Palms Manor. This house sleeps up to sixteen guests and has eight separate bedrooms with three bathrooms. 

The newly developed home is near downtown Austin. A pool, outdoor dining, lounge chairs, and lawn games are just some of the features that attract guests to Palms Manor. 

The convenient location mixed with the luxurious amenities ensures guests receive a true Austin experience with convenience being the top priority. 

15. Starry Night Amid Tea Cup Mountain

  • Location: Junction, TX
  • Average price per night: $88

Starry Night Amid Tea Cup Mountain holds a max of four guests. The fresh air and spectacular views give guests the relaxation they need. The secluded location makes for optimal stargazing opportunities, and sunrises and sunsets are a sight to be seen.

The house has a kitchen, free parking, TV, and air conditioning. Don’t forget your furry friend as pets are allowed at this rental.

Unwind and destress at the Starry Night Amid Tea Cup Mountain Airbnb as you watch the wildlife and take in spectacular views right from your deck. 

Finding the Best Airbnb in Texas

Modern rustic bedroom in the best Airbnbs in Texas


Renting an Airbnb in Texas proves rewarding as the unique stays are plentiful. Whether you prefer populated areas such as Austin or secluded glamping in Pipe Creek, you are sure to find what you need for a relaxing and enjoyable getaway. 

To obtain a positive Airbnb experience from start to finish, you must understand the check-in process, benefits of staying in an Airbnb vs a hotel, and Texas Airbnb travel musts. 

Texas Airbnb Check-In Process

The Airbnb check-in process varies depending on the property hosts. While most rental properties provide a keypad to check in, some have a dropbox with a key or even prefer to check you in manually. For a flawless check-in to your Texas Airbnb, review the listing for any check-in instructions.

These instructions sometimes are not included in the listing but are provided by the host hours before your check-in. If you are unsure of your rental check-in process, contact your host to confirm any questions you may have. 

Airbnb vs. Hotel

Staying at an Airbnb vs. a hotel boasts a variety of benefits. These benefits may include added privacy, special benefits, a self-check-in/check-out process, and price. 


Most Airbnbs provide a level of privacy that hotels cannot. With a stand-alone or secluded property, you don’t have to deal with loud or nosey vacation neighbors. You may also have your private pool or hot tub and secluded outdoor space for a romantic and quiet getaway. 

Special benefits 

Special benefits you may see at an Airbnb vs. a hotel room are a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms, extra space, and, as previously mentioned, private outdoor space.

Airbnbs also often come stocked with every cooking utensil you may need, spices, extras like soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a personal touch from the host. 


The check-in/out process is simple and easy with Airbnb, and you don’t have to wait in line at the front desk to complete the process. Some Airbnb hosts may also allow an early check-in time or later check-out time than most hotels depending on your group’s needs. 


The price of the booking is another benefit you will see. Unlike other rental sites, Airbnb is upfront with all fees associated with the listing. You’re not hit with unexpected fees when checking out as with some hotels.

When renting your Airbnb, compare the price to hotel rooms in the area to get a feel for the savings you are receiving. Ensure you consider the location, max capacity, level of privacy, surrounding attractions, and any special benefits so you understand what is included in the end price. 

Texas Travel

Traveling through Texas is an adventure in and of itself. Texas highways stretch as far as the eye can see and then some. After your exhausting trip across the state or cross-country, you will find a sense of relief when you check in to your Texas Airbnb. 

To ensure your check-in process goes smoothly, contact your Airbnb host to ensure you have all the check-in details and understand the process. You may also consider stopping along the way for groceries or anything else you may need for your stay.

Airbnbs are often located in secluded areas. Therefore, there aren’t a lot of options for grocery shopping. Ensure you research the area before arriving or contact your host to get a feel for whether or not you need to complete any necessary shopping before your arrival. 

Planning Your Visit to Texas

Oak barrel for a piece on what to do at the best Airbnbs in Texas

Moab Republic/Shutterstock

Texas is full of thrilling adventures and breathtaking scenery. While staying in your unique Airbnb in Texas, consider exploring some of these top Texas attractions:

  • Texas is packed full of local wineries and breweries where you can sit back, relax and enjoy some local flavors. Ensure you check what local spots are located near your Texas Airbnb. 
  • Craft Fairs, Festivals, Farmer’s Markets are plentiful throughout the state. Consider experiencing one for yourself when you visit Texas for a look into the local culture.
  • The Before I Die Wall is a more unique attraction located in Marble Falls, TX. If you’re staying in the area, it is a must-visit location. 
  • Village Creek State Park is the perfect spot to enjoy the great outdoors while staying in your Airbnb near Lumberton, TX. 
  • Natural beauty is plentiful in Texas and can be seen at Canyon Lake Gorge. Enrich yourself in the history of the gorge and take in the breathtaking views when you visit. 
  • The Honky Tonk crowd is a must experience when you explore Texas. Get your cowboy on by visiting the famous Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. 
  • You haven’t experienced Texas until you’ve witnessed an authentic, Texas Rodeo. Consider adding a rodeo to your to-do list while in Bandera, TX, the Cowboy Capital of the World. 
  • Jacob’s Well Natural Area is a natural spring where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature and hop in for a relaxing swim. 
  • The Gaines family has put Waco on the map with their home renovation tactics. Visit Magnolia Market to gain inspiration for your home with furniture, gardening equipment, and lifestyle products. 
  • If visiting Austin, experiencing the city’s nightlife is a must. Known as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin has live music lurking around every corner waiting for you to enjoy. 
  • Explore the great outdoors by visiting Llano River State Park. Cool off in the cool river stream or explore one of the many hiking trails in the area. 

Whether you’re visiting Austin, TX, and are in for a week full of nightlife activities, or you prefer a more laid-back trip where you can explore the outdoors at Village Creek State Park, Texas has just what you need. 

Which Texas Airbnb Is Best?

Selecting the best Texas Airbnb is tough as it depends on your reasonings for visiting Texas and the size of your group. The state is filled with romantic getaway Airbnbs like the Naturalist Boudoir Too and the Glamping Yurt.

But it also has lodging suited to larger groups like the Modern + Lavish Palms Manor in Austin. Ensure your Airbnb selection fits your group size and intended lodging purposes for the best Airbnb experience. 

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