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The 15 Best Airbnbs in Puerto Rico in 2023

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Puerto Rico in 2023

Puerto Rico is a beautiful vacation destination in the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches look like a postcard, the food is excellent, and there’s so much to do and see.

While most people think of San Juan when traveling to Puerto Rico, there are other notable cities and areas to visit. Whatever reason you’re planning a trip to the island, finding a place to stay is one of the first steps.

There are rental options throughout the island. You’ll find accommodations in the largest cities and even rural areas where you can escape the hustle and bustle.

However, Airbnbs in Puerto Rico provide a unique and more private vacation experience compared to a hotel. 

Why Stay at a Puerto Rico Airbnb?

Image of the coast of Puerto Rico for a roundup of the best Puerto Rican Airbnb Stays

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Most people immediately think of hotels or staying with friends and family when traveling. While there are perks to staying in hotels and with loved ones, staying in an Airbnb brings about a whole different set of benefits.

So, why would you stay in an Airbnb in Puerto Rico? One of the top reasons to stay in an Airbnb is that you’ll have a unique vacation experience.

Instead of the standard hotel rooms, you can get entire private villas, apartments, treehouses, and beautifully decorated spaces for a fraction of the cost. Puerto Ricans who host on Airbnb put their personal touches into their properties.

So why not stay in one to show your appreciation? They have everything from large-scale villas for large groups, private treehouses near the coast, and artistic apartments in the city. The diversity here is why we’ve chosen these 15 Airbnbs in Puerto Rico.

15 Best Puerto Rico Airbnbs

As you plan your trip to the beautiful island, check out this list of 15 of the best Airbnbs in Puerto Rico that’ll make your trip even more memorable than it would already be. 

1. Tropical Glamping Close to the Ocean

  • Location: Arecibo
  • Average Price Per Night: $115

For those who want to go camping but aren’t 100% sold on staying in a tent, this Airbnb Plus is the perfect place for glamping. This tropical space is near the ocean and is the perfect combination of camping and luxury.

You can sleep inside while enjoying the fresh air on the covered patio. You’ll walk through the jungle to get to this cabin, and from there, you can easily sleep two people, but it’s great for solo travelers too.

There’s one bathroom to use, a smart tv, air conditioning, and a small kitchenette so you can prepare your own meals during your stay if you want. The outdoor space is the star of the show, with a hammock and plenty of seating.

2. Urban Oasis Penthouse

  • Location: Arts District, San Juan
  • Average Price Per Night: $145

This Urban Oasis Penthouse is a stunning property in the Arts District of San Juan. You’ll have the entire third floor of the building to yourself with beautiful high ceilings, bright furniture, and a balcony outside with a hammock.

It’s in a great location, and the host even walks you through the best restaurants and bars nearby. There’s one king-sized bed, a bathroom, kitchen, and other amenities for you to enjoy.

Puerto Rico can get hot, so air conditioning is crucial. When you’re not exploring San Juan, you can watch tv or scroll on your phone thanks to the free WiFi. If you’re renting a car, you can park on the street for free. 

3. Casa Ensenada

  • Location: Rincon
  • Average Price Per Night: $415

Casa Ensenada is a stunning property in Rincon that is ideal for larger groups who want to stay in a luxurious home while in Puerto Rico.

This property is a large, two-story home with a private pool that’s surrounded by what can only be described as an oasis. The home feels like it’s far away from town, but you’re still close by in reality. 

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the house. You can easily sleep nine people, so it’s an excellent spot for a trip with friends or family.

In addition to your private pool, you’ll have a fully fenced-in backyard, full kitchen, air conditioning, and everything else you could need to make your trip memorable.  

4. Villa Vista Puerto

  • Location: Cabo Rojo
  • Average Price Per Night: $113

This Airbnb is the perfect combination of a cabin aesthetic yet villa. It’s a smaller villa but a stunning property to consider if you’re heading to Cabo Rojo. If you stay here, you’ll be nestled in the jungle surrounded by beautiful plants.

For those who love the outdoors, you’ll love this property. There is one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms at Villa Vista Puerto, but there is space to sleep four people if you choose.

The patio is fabulous, with a large dining table and hammocks for you to relax on. There’s a full kitchen, tv, free parking, and air conditioning to keep you cool when you’re inside. 

5. Modern Villa Despacito

  • Location: Camuy
  • Average Price Per Night: $222

This modern Villa Despacito is in Camuy, near Los Almendros Beach. This white home with royal blue accents is the perfect private residence for those looking for a beach getaway but prefer some privacy that hotels sometimes lack.

One of the best features of this home is the small, private pool and sun deck. There are several patios at this villa, one offering great views of the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll love waking up to enjoy a morning cup of coffee outside with great views.

You can sleep up to six people comfortably here, and there are two bathrooms. There’s a kitchen, air conditioning, free parking, a washer and dryer, and access to the beach from the property. 

6. Breathtaking Oceanview Condo

  • Location: Fajardo
  • Average Price Per Night: $111

Roughly 45 minutes away from the San Juan airport is this breathtaking condo. The condo provides some of the best ocean views around and is a great place to relax while in Puerto Rico.

It’s in the coastal town of Fajardo, where you’ll have views of the Atlantic Ocean, marinas, and the forests that surround the area. There’s room for four people to sleep at this condo with a queen-sized bed, sofa bed, and a hammock on the balcony.

There’s one bathroom, beautiful surf décor, free parking on the property, a full kitchen, WiFi, and an elevator to access the condo. You don’t have a private pool while staying here, but there’s a large pool that’s shared with the other residents in the building. 

7. Bubble Puerto Rico

  • Location: Ponce
  • Average Price Per Night: $337

One of the coolest Airbnbs you can stay at when in Puerto Rico is this bubble. Yes, you read correctly. This Airbnb is a see-through bubble where you can stay in Ponce.

The bed is inside the bubble while you have a beautiful private pool, sun deck, and are surrounded by the forest. It’s a great way to disconnect from reality while in Puerto Rico. 

You’ll walk down the staircase to your private deck, where you can enter the bubble. It features a queen-sized bed, so it’s great for one or two people.

The bathroom is secluded within the forest, so you’ll have to be comfortable going outside. You’ll have a view of the river, a kitchen, air conditioning inside the bubble, and other amenities to make your bubble stay even better. 

8. Rincon Beachfront Retreat

  • Location: Rincon
  • Average Price Per Night: $159

This Rincon Beachfront Retreat is the perfect Airbnb when you’re looking for a resort-style place to stay but also something authentic to the area.

The condo, which is close to the beaches and other attractions in Rincon, offers beautiful oceanfront views. The complex is gated, and security is on the property 24/7, so you don’t need to worry about feeling unsafe or not.

The condo is bright white with beachy accents like light blues and light peaches throughout. There’s one bedroom and one bathroom to share. While there’s only one bedroom, you can easily sleep four people.

The balcony is one of the best features because you can enjoy a meal or beverage while listening to the sounds of the ocean. There is a pool that you’ll share with other condo residents. 

9. Treehouse With Floating Deck

  • Location: San Juan
  • Average Price Per Night: $150

If you’ve ever dreamed of staying in a treehouse (who hasn’t?), you can when you travel to San Juan. This treehouse features beautiful wood accents and has a floating deck where you can sit outside and just relax.

It’s a studio, but you still have a queen-sized bed, a full bathroom, and a small kitchen where you can store and prepare meals during your trip. A lush garden surrounds the treehouse, and the shower is outside.

Don’t worry, though. It’s still in a private area, so passersby can’t see.

You’ll have a fully-fenced backyard, WiFi, air conditioning, free parking on the property if you’re renting a car, and a washer and dryer in a nearby building. The host allows baggage drop-off, which is something not all Airbnbs do.

10. Garden Apartment at Ocaso Luxury Villa

  • Location: Atalaya, Rincon
  • Average Price Per Night: $174

This garden apartment is the perfect Airbnb for staying in a luxury villa without renting out the entire villa. You’ll stay in a private apartment within the villa while still taking advantage of everything the villa has to offer.

The listing can accommodate no more than two adults, and you’ll have a bedroom all to yourself. You’ll also have a private bathroom during your stay.

The building features a luxury pool that you’ll share with guests in the other two apartments, a sun deck that’s perfect for sunbathing or enjoying a meal, air conditioning, a backyard, WiFi, and a tv in your bedroom.

Something to keep in mind with this rental is that it’s a little off the beaten path, so a rental car is a must.

11. La Casa Alejandrina

  • Location: Juana Diaz
  • Average Price Per Night: $384

If you’re looking for a gorgeous house in the mountains of Puerto Rico, the La Casa Alejandrina is the perfect option. It’s the perfect house for a getaway with friends where you can soak up the sun and take in beautiful views.

One of the best parts of this Airbnb is that every room has its own air conditioning unit. La Casa Alejandrina is a stunning house that is perfect for larger groups. There are three bedrooms that can accommodate six guests.

You’ll have two and a half bathrooms too. This large white house sits on the mountains and features a beautiful pool with a view of the ocean, a full kitchen, a gym, and a washer and dryer on the property. 

12. El Yunque View Treehouse

  • Location: Rio Grande
  • Average Price Per Night: $169

Arguably one of the most unique Airbnbs in Puerto Rico is in the Rio Grande. It’s the perfect combination of a treehouse and a tiny home. This vibrant red treehouse is near the El Yunque National Forest and offers some beautiful mountain, forest, and river views.

It has a long ramp leading up to the house, making it accessible for most people. The El Yunque View Treehouse is ideal for solo travelers or traveling with a partner.

There’s one bed that fits two people and one bathroom to share. You’ll have a full kitchen, free parking on the property, air conditioning, and a great patio to relax on and enjoy the fresh air. 

13. Isabela Retreat

  • Location: Isabela
  • Average Price Per Night: $525

For those looking for an elegant and luxurious Airbnb in Puerto Rico, this retreat in Isabela is perfect. The Isabela Retreat is a beautiful home that overlooks the ocean and a golf course.

It has a massive infinity-edge swimming pool and sun deck that’s perfect for sunbathing or playing games with friends. People love the large sliding glass doors that allow fresh air into the home. The house sleeps eight people in four bedrooms.

It has four bathrooms, several balconies, a full kitchen, free WiFi, air conditioning, most toiletry essentials, and more. One of the best parts is that it’s a pet-friendly Airbnb, so no family member gets left behind. 

14. Welcoming Hideaway

  • Location: San Juan
  • Average Price Per Night: $165

If you’re traveling to San Juan, one of the best-kept secrets is this Welcoming Hideaway. This small yet gorgeous apartment is in the heart of San Juan, near all the major attractions.

The décor is fairly modern and features checkered tile throughout, which adds a personalized touch. The hosts are easily accessible in case there’s anything you need during your stay. 

This Airbnb is suitable for one or two travelers. There’s one bed and one bathroom for guests, a full kitchen, free WiFi, self-check-in, all bathroom essentials, and so much more.

Guests love the location because it’s close to several fabulous restaurants, bars, and shops. The patio is the ideal spot to unwind with a glass of wine or a cold beer after exploring San Juan all day.

15. House Five Minutes From the Beach

  • Location: Ceiba, Fajardo
  • Average Price Per Night: $175

In Ceiba, Fajardo is this stunning house that’s only five minutes from several beaches. It’s a bright white house with a sizable yard, a patio to enjoy the fresh air, and hammocks for you to lounge in.

While the house is pretty extensive, it has a cozy vibe that’s perfect when traveling to a new place. This house has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The three bedrooms can accommodate up to six guests.

You get the best of both worlds with this home. You can see the beaches, ocean, and mountains from the property. Amenities include a kitchen, pet-friendly, a shared pool, standard cable, WiFi, and a washer in the house. 

Puerto Rico Airbnb Buying Guide

Whether you’re an experienced Airbnb user or are new to staying in these vacation rentals, there are some essential factors to consider when booking and staying in one. Here’s some valuable information to know about staying in an Airbnb in Puerto Rico:

How to Check-In and Out of an Airbnb

Checking into an Airbnb is different from checking into a hotel. With hotels, you’ll walk to the front desk, give your information, and then you’re handed keys to your room. 

With Airbnb, how you’ll check in depends on who your host is. Each host puts how they want their guests to check-in in the property listing. You’ll be able to see how to do so before you book to ensure that you are comfortable with their method. 

More often than not, Airbnb hosts have a keypad on the front door. This acts as the key, and they change the code with every booking to ensure everyone’s safety.

You won’t know the code to the front door until the day of or the day before your check-in date. The host will send it via message through the app. Another way that hosts can let you check in is by hiding the traditional front door key in a lockbox.

Similar to the keypad, they’ll send you the code upon your check-in date, so you can access your Airbnb. In other rare circumstances, you may be able to check into your Airbnb with a real person.

This typically happens when the Airbnb is located inside an apartment or condo complex. The host will direct you to the front desk, and then you’ll retrieve your keys. 

As for checking out, you’ll follow the host’s directions. If you have physical keys, you’ll need to place them wherever they request them to be placed, and if you use the keypad, you don’t need to do anything except lock the door behind you. 

Staying in an Airbnb vs. a Hotel

If you find yourself trying to decide between staying in a hotel or Airbnb for your trip to Puerto Rico, you’re not alone. This is a decision that most travelers have to make at one point or another.

There are several reasons why you may want to stay in an Airbnb over a hotel, especially in Puerto Rico. The first reason you may opt for an Airbnb over a hotel is the overall cost. More often than not, you can find better deals on Airbnbs than you can with hotels.

This usually has to do with hosts being able to set their own prices, having less overhead, and having little to no employees to pay. Sure, you’ll be paying a cleaning fee when staying at an Airbnb, but these typically aren’t too high.

While most of the time, the cost of an Airbnb is more affordable than a hotel, that’s not always the case. You’ll want to do your research before choosing the best option for you.

Another reason people choose an Airbnb over a hotel is the overall experience. Hotels are lovely and can make you feel like the most important traveler there with their amenities.

However, Airbnbs can be unique and provide a completely different experience than a hotel. You can stay in treehouses, bubble tents, luxury villas, and almost everything in between.

One-of-a-kind vacation rentals are something most people desire now. The atmosphere feels more personal, and you can have more privacy than in traditional hotels. 

Planning Your Trip to Puerto Rico

To highlight what to do at the best Airbnbs in Puerto Rico, a photo of a beach in Isla Culebra

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Puerto Rico is a beautiful United States territory with plenty of things to do and see. From lounging on beaches, hiking, shopping, and enjoying delicious food, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Puerto Rico. 

Here are some top attractions you may want to consider in Puerto Rico: 

Which Puerto Rico Airbnb Is Best?

Whether you want to stay in the heart of San Juan, on the beach in Rincon, or in the mountains, Puerto Rico has the perfect Airbnb for your vacation.

Traveling to Puerto Rico allows you to stay in a bubble, luxury villa, treehouse, and urban apartments in the heart of the city. Finding the perfect and unique Airbnb will make your trip even more memorable than it already will be.