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The Best Airbnbs in Orlando, Florida in 2023

The Best Airbnbs in Orlando, Florida in 2023

Looking for the best Airbnbs in Orlando, Florida? You’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite stays to make your next vacation one to remember. Read on to see our top picks and a few things to consider.

As one of the top family-friendly vacation destinations in the United States, many groups flock to the centrally located Florida destination of Orlando. Nestled within the sunshine state, Orlando provides ample opportunities for memory-making and relaxation.

When planning a visit to the destination that brings you the excitement of Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, you can select your accommodations from many different hotels, resorts, and even Airbnbs.

This guide will focus on the unique Airbnb accommodations for you and your family to check out on your next trip to the area.

Why Stay at an Orlando Airbnb?

Image of Universal Studios for a piece on what to do at one of the best Airbnbs in Orlando Florida


When deciding whether to go the route of a hotel, resort, or Airbnb, you will find that there are elements among all of the options that make each more appealing than the other.

When it comes to an Airbnb specifically, you will typically have access to a larger space, more privacy, and additional amenities. 

As you’ll see in the options highlighted below, the perks that you get with the rental of an Airbnb will vary by location and are subject to availability.

15 Best Airbnbs in Orlando

While the city of Orlando is most famously known for Disney World and Universal Studios, other parts of Orlando embody a residential vibe. Additionally, you will also find upscale areas with large mansions and designer stores.

Orlando is truly a city that has it all. The Airbnbs below reflect all the geographic locations within the city. You can explore options that are as close to or far away from the entertainment spots as you desire.

1. The Little Treehouse 2

  • Location: 5 minutes from Downtown Orlando
  • Average Price Per Night: $113

How often did you dream about sleeping the night away in your very own treehouse as a child? In Orlando, you can make that dream a reality – with some modern upgrades!

While it isn’t officially a treehouse, it is a carriage house that has been renovated to give the appearance that you are inside of your favorite childhood hideaway.

When you stay at this fantastic fortress, you will have a couch and a double bed, as well as a small living room and kitchenette. The host provides a coffee bar, free popcorn for proper movie viewing, and apples (because apples grow on trees, and you’re in a treehouse!)

This Airbnb is located five minutes away from the Downtown Orlando area, 15 minutes away from Universal Studios, and just 25 minutes away from Disney World.

2. Mickey Mouse Getaway

  • Location: Celebration (1.5 miles from Disney World)
  • Average Price Per Night: 

If you decide against staying at one of the pricier Disney World resorts or hotels, you might as well keep with the theme and stay at a Mickey Mouse Airbnb, right? When you reserve this space, that is exactly what you get. 

The condo not only has a communal pool (shaped like Mickey Mouse, of course!) but the entire Airbnb is outfitted with Disney décor.

Between the bedding, the bathroom toiletries, the accessories, and more, you will be fully immersed in Mickey during your stay. You’ll feel like you’re in the park 24/7 when staying here!

3. Lakefront Tiny House

  • Location: Lake Fairview (less than 20 miles from Disney World)
  • Average Price Per Night: $101

Have you ever stayed in a tiny house? Many of us admire them from afar but have never had the opportunity to stay in one. When you book a reservation with this Lakefront Tiny House, that can all change.

With three different sleeping areas and space for five, your whole family can enjoy themselves.In addition to the space, being in front of Lake Fairview has its perks.

With the use of an included paddleboard and kayak, you’ll have plenty of activities to take part in when you aren’t exploring the parks or downtown. You can even bring your pets along for the adventure for an extra fee!

4. Wizarding Home

  • Location: Kissimmee (10 miles from Universal, 6 miles from Disney World)
  • Average Price Per Night: $176

If you are a Harry Potter fan, do not let the opportunity to stay in this unique Airbnb pass you by when you are in Orlando! The owners of this home have completely renovated it to depict scenes straight out of the popular book and movie series.

With five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a pool, you can settle in for a family reunion in style!Walking through the house, you will see familiar mementos and artifacts from Hogwarts.

Additionally, the host provides a copy of the Harry Potter books to enjoy during your stay, classic board games, Netflix, and a Nintendo Switch. The refrigerator will also be stocked with a selection of drinks for you to enjoy.

5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • Location: Kissimmee (6 miles from Disney World)
  • Average Price Per Night: $309

When you and your children step into this amazing Airbnb, you will be amazed at the level of detail that went into its design. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-themed children’s bedroom comes with four beds, a slide, and beautiful murals throughout the room.

hey can also check out the Harry Potter and Princess-themed rooms! Adults will enjoy the superhero-themed game room and the included pool and resort amenities. Dogs are also allowed on-site with a pet deposit. 

6. Treehouse in the Woods

  • Location: Kissimmee (30 minutes from Disney World)
  • Average Price Per Night: $123

While our first Airbnb on the list had the appearance of a treehouse, this one is the real deal. Located in a secluded area, surrounded by woods, this modern-style treehouse offers everything you need for a fantastic experience.

While this Airbnb does not allow guests under the age of 16, it provides a peaceful getaway for couples.

With a small lake nearby, and an included hammock, fire set, and grill for relaxing the day away, you will feel like you’ve escaped to a faraway destination instead of a bustling vacation getaway location.

However, the Treehouse in the Woods is still within proximity of the many entertainment options in Orlando. Therefore, you’ll get the best of both worlds with this accommodation!

7. Luxe Mansion

  • Location: Reunion (30 minutes from Downtown Orlando)
  • Average Price Per Night: $3,000

If you and your extended family want to go on a vacation together, this gigantic mansion just outside of Orlando will give you enough space to make you feel like you’re in your own hotel!

Every bedroom in this home is a master suite, complete with a kitchenette. What’s more is that the home boasts two arcades, two gyms, two separate pools, and a karaoke room!

With a place to stay like this, you’ll never want to leave to visit any of the attractions that Orlando has to offer. Between the lazy river, the spa, poker room, movie theater, and a private bowling alley – what more could you want?

8. Peter Pan Villa

  • Location: Davenport (30 minutes from Disney World, 45 minutes from Universal)
  • Average Price Per Night: $258

From the outside, this Airbnb looks like your typical neighborhood home. Nestled into the Champions Gate Resort community, it has the standard stucco exterior. However, inside the house is a different story!

You will walk right into an entertainment wonderland between the unique Peter Pan-inspired bedroom with an indoor slide to the Mario Brothers themed arcade and the Toy Story hideout! The Peter Pan Villa can house up to 16 guests with nine separate bedrooms.

The heated pool and five bathrooms make it more than accommodating for large groups. Additionally, all guests have access to the resort amenities, including a water park area.

9. Frozen Escape Rental

  • Location: Kissimmee (15 minutes from Disney World, 20 minutes from Universal)
  • Average Price Per Night: $207

If you have little ones in your life that are huge Frozen fans, then they will love this Airbnb. In this home, there are two bedrooms devoted to the younger guests.

One is decked out in everything Frozen, including an Olaf night light! The other has a Mario Brothers motif, with fun bunk beds to enjoy.

In addition, there is a pool for everyone to use during their stay and a Spiderman-themed gaming room. Use of the Airbnb comes with access to the resort’s amenities, including a movie theater, community pool, splash pad, and tennis courts.

10. Ultimate Cinderella Castle

  • Location: Reunion (30 minutes from Downtown Orlando)
  • Average Price Per Night: $1,073

Haven’t we all wanted to stay in Cinderella’s castle at one point or another in our lives? This Airbnb gives you that exact opportunity.

The owners of this house have created several child-inspired Disney spaces throughout the house to appeal to the younger generations. In one room, you will have beautiful decor reminiscent of Cinderella’s castle.

Complete with a carriage, chandelier, and castle, your child will never leave the room! In another, custom-built Star Wars bunks beds, complete with a slide, will bring a great deal of excitement! Your stay also comes with access to the resort’s water park.

11. Happily Ever After Luxury Playhouse

  • Location: Kissimmee (15 minutes from Downtown Orlando)
  • Average Price Per Night: $499

This ultimate Airbnb has a room to fit the style of everyone in attendance!

Whether it’s the Harry Potter media room, the Beauty and the Beast bedroom, the Frozen loft, Cinderella’s suite, the Star Wars bathroom, Moana’s quarters, or Anakin Skywalker’s chambers, everyone will find a spot that speaks to them!

Additionally, this fun Airbnb has a kitchen stocked with waffle makers in all characters. Do you enjoy Olaf or Mickey waffles for breakfast? You can pick either! They also have a complete collection of Mickey Mouse dinnerware, including plastic options for the children.

12. Sweet Escape House

  • Location: Clermont (40 minutes from Downtown Orlando)
  • Average Price Per Night: $1,255

Who didn’t love a good game of Candyland as a child? This house is the reincarnation of the game itself. Every room is based on a different type of candy and sits on five private acres.

While visiting, you will not only enjoy your own miniature golf course, disc golf course, personal splash pad, but also your own ice cream pool!

Whether you visit the Hershey spa, the lollipop bedroom, the Coca-Cola suite, the Milky Way quarters, or the cotton candy chambers, you will be in awe of the designs that surround you.

While there, you will have access to carnival games, two in-house arcades, and enough space to fit 52 guests!

13. Indoor Playground Disney Home

  • Location: Kissimmee (10 minutes from Disney World, 15 minutes from Universal)
  • Average Price Per Night: $513

Traveling with little ones, especially small babies, requires a lot of baggage. This Airbnb provides everything you will need for the baby and more.

Reserving this home comes with a crib, double stroller, pack and play, bouncer, jumperoo, high chair, baby gates, outlet covers, toys, and books! There is an indoor baby-safe playground for the older siblings that includes a ball pit and slide.

The Star Wars and NASA-themed bedroom is a huge hit, too, along with the Cinderella castle room! Take a dip in the pool and experience the colorful lights that come on at night. With six bedrooms, this home can sleep up to 14 guests!

14. Encore Resort Theme House

  • Location: Kissimmee (10 minutes from Disney World, 15 minutes from Universal)
  • Average Price Per Night: $252

This beautiful Airbnb has areas fit for kids and adults. While the parents can enjoy the pool room, the kids get full reign of the Frozen and Harry Potter rooms.

The Frozen children’s room comes with a full mural that spans the entire bedroom. You will be speechless when you see it! The Harry Potter room looks just like a scene from the movie!

With six bedrooms and six baths, there is plenty of room for the whole family. You can relax and take in a movie with the complimentary Disney+ access or enjoy the spacious backyard pool and barbecue area!

15. Mickey Mouse House

  • Location: Kissimmee (10 minutes from Disney World, 15 minutes from Universal)
  • Average Price Per Night: $93

While this Airbnb isn’t as over the top as others on this list, it does have a cute Mickey Mouse theme and is located in a residential area that makes you feel like one of the locals.

With a full kitchen, complete with a Mickey backsplash, four beds, an ample living room space, and a balcony, you’ll have room for all of your guests and luggage.

Additionally, the accommodation provides a kid’s corner stocked with toys and books for your children to enjoy during their visit. You also gain access to the resort’s pool, playground, clubhouse, and tennis courts when staying here!

Things to Know When Using Airbnb

When you are considering staying in an Airbnb versus a regular hotel or resort, there are some things that you need to know.

While there are many advantages to staying in an accommodation of this type, it does come with specific requirements that you must abide by during your visit:


Most Airbnb’s will have strict check-in and check-out times. It is essential to plan your travels around these requirements as the host has to be able to set up the space for each guest.

The cleaning protocols that come with each stay are quite extensive and require a substantial amount of time. When you reserve your Airbnb, you will often get a personalized code for check-in. This code doesn’t always come right away; you may receive it a few days before arrival.

While many homes have automatic check-in, some Airbnb’s will have you obtain a physical key from the owner. All of this will be in the reservation details.

Average Cost

The price for an Airbnb will depend on many factors. All of these will determine the overall cost. 

  • The area in which you are staying
  • The size of the house
  • The amenities that come with the accommodation
  • And the demand in the area 

Depending on which Airbnb you choose, the cost can come in at less than you would pay at a typical resort. However, if you choose an establishment with all the bells and whistles, you will likely pay more.

The most significant difference will come in the amount of space you get. Airbnb’s are typically much more extensive and spacious than hotels and resorts.


Each Airbnb will come with its own set of rules and guidelines that you must adhere to during your stay. For instance, many will give acceptable ranges for heating or air conditioning levels.

Others (especially those on the beach) will have stipulations on keeping sand out of the house, drains, and laundry machines. An Airbnb is someone’s home that they are renting out.

Therefore, it is vital to follow all rules set forth. In the event that damages result or large utility bills, the renter will be held liable for the additional charges.


To stay at an Airbnb, the host has to approve your request. Therefore, it is imperative to follow all rules outlined in each stay, as you will be rated on your visit by the host upon check-out. This review will impact your Airbnb rating, which plays a significant part in future stay approvals.

Orlando Attractions

Entrance to Walt Disney World, the best thing to do when staying at the best Airbnbs in Orlando Florida

Viaval Tours/Shutterstock

When visiting Orlando, you will have no shortage of entertainment options to participate in during your stay. While many attractions are geared towards families, they are just as suitable for individuals, couples, or business functions. 

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Disney World Animal Kingdom
  • Disney World Magic Kingdom
  • Disney World Epcot
  • Disney World Hollywood Studios
  • Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • Disney Springs
  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • SeaWorld
  • Discovery Cove
  • Harry P. Leu Gardens
  • GatorLand
  • ICON Park
  • Orlando Science Center
  • Orlando Museum of Art
  • Lake Eola Park
  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • Crayola Experience
  • Worlds Largest McDonalds

There are also various shopping centers, including the high-end boutiques on International Drive, outlet malls and the Florida Mall.

In Orlando and the surrounding areas, you will have access to many fantastic restaurant options and recreational activities as well, including many at the different Disney resorts.

What Are the Best Airbnbs in Orlando Florida?

Many families flock to the centrally located Florida destination of Orlando for the many entertainment options available for groups of all types. Nestled within the center of the sunshine state, Orlando provides ample opportunities for memory-making as well as relaxation. 

When planning a visit to the destination that brings you the excitement of Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, you can select your accommodations from many different hotels, resorts, and even Airbnbs.

This guide focuses on the most unique Airbnb accommodations for you and your family to check out on your next trip to the area. Some of the accommodations are ideal for large groups, including the Luxe Mansion listed above.

Others are better suited for small groups or immediate family members. Each option will add a new level of excitement to your next family vacation and will have your family talking about the memories made for years to come!