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The 15 Best Airbnbs in Michigan in 2023

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Michigan in 2023

If you’re considering a vacation to Michigan, booking an Airbnb is the best way to experience the state’s beauty and personality. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the 15 best airbnbs in Michigan and how to make the most of your vacation.

Why Stay at a Michigan Airbnb

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From the Great Lakes to the forests, Michigan’s natural beauty makes it a charming state to visit. Michigan’s lower peninsula is home to cities like Detroit, Traverse City, and Grand Rapids, with miles of forests and agriculture between them.

The upper peninsula is ever more natural, filled with small towns, friendly faces, and dirt trails. Michigan is a great state to visit year-round as long as you don’t mind the cold.

The summer and spring and gorgeously green and rarely too hot. Autumn brings a rainbow of colors to Michigan’s vast tree line before winter adds a dazzling blanket of snow.

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Michigan in 2023

Whenever you decide to visit, staying at an Airbnb will guarantee an authentic Michigan experience. Staying in a hotel may work in Las Vegas or New York, but in Michigan, the best view is often beneath the trees. 

1. Wayfarer Treehouse

  • Location: Lake Leelanau, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $289

The Wayfarer Treehouse is a beautiful, Nordic-style home with a gorgeous view of the Pure Michigan forests around it. This stunning treehouse is a short drive from Leland and Suttons Bay, which are home to wineries, breweries, and farmer’s markets.

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the Wayfarer Treehouse comfortably fits up to 6 guests at a time. The Wayfarer Treehouse was recently renovated by its hosts to give the ultimate Airbnb experience, with more renovations on the agenda.

Guests praise the house for being stocked with anything and everything they’d ever need, from kitchen supplies to entertainment needs.

2. Point of the Point — Lake Superior Waterfront

  • Location: Marquette, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $325 

Point of the Point is an incredibly uniquely styled cabin, with various floor-to-ceiling windows that let in all the colors of the Lake Superior sunset. This cabin is equipped with an upper-story loft, allowing the building to have three bedrooms while still featuring a tall, luxurious main room.

Point of the Point offers different experiences year-round, with a sandstone swimming hole that’s usable in the summer and a cast-iron stove that’s especially useful in winter.

The cabin itself is modified entirely from wood, fitting right in with the rest of the forest. Guests consider Point of the Point to be a hidden gem among Airbnbs, secluded with unique natural attractions and incomparable architecture.

3. North Blue Lake Escape

  • Location: Kalkaska, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $261

Complete with lake access, a private dock, and year-round fishing, this A-framed cabin is ideal for anyone who loves staying on the water.

The North Blue Lake Escape is less than a quarter-mile from the Blue Bear trails and about a 15-minute drive from canoeing opportunities. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, this Airbnb is ideal for large groups of up to 8 people.

The host also offers a variety of other accommodations, including a grill that guests can use after paying a flat $5 fee. Guests of the North Blue Lake Escape praise this Airbnb for its gorgeous view of the water and its homely feeling inside the lodge itself.

4. Seeblick Haus

  • Location: Northport, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $415

With large windows offering a 270-degree view of private property, the Seeblick Haus is the perfect destination for anyone wanting to experience Michigan’s unbeatable views.

This modern cabin overlooks Grand Traverse Bay and the vast orchards that grow Traverse City’s iconic cherries. The Seeblick Haus has an open floor plan with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a wood-burning stove guests can use.

The property also includes an expansive, covered, wrap-around porch with plenty of furniture, letting guests spend just as much time outside as inside. Airbnb guests love the Seeblick Hause for its architecture, its “magical” view of nature, and being uniquely different in each season.

5. Floathaus of Saugatuck

  • Location: Saugatuck, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $450 

Inspired by floating homes from the Pacific Northwest, the Floathaus of Saugatuck is an elegant house on the water that provides guests with a unique experience.

Be aware that being directly on the water may cause guests of the Floathaus to experience motion sickness. Though the house isn’t motorized, kayaks are available for those who want to explore the water.

Just off the dock, guests have access to laundry, grills, extra showers, a park, and a swimming pool. The interior of the Floathaus is long and thin, fitting two bedrooms, a kitchen, one bathroom, and a living area.

6. Primrose: Sprawling Home With Chef’s Kitchen & Pool

  • Location: Union Pier, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $2,429 

With seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, two dining rooms, two family rooms, a massive kitchen, a game room, two patios, countless outdoor spaces, a fire pit, two hot tubs, and a lengthy pool, Primrose is the perfect Airbnb for large families and gatherings.

The double chef’s kitchen is fully equipped to make nearly any meal and is large enough to fit multiple cooks. Aside from the pool, the backyard is lined with trees and plants that look extraordinary in the fall.

Guests have described Primrose as “world-class,” fitting dozens of guests without ever feeling crowded and providing everyone with countless things to do.

7. Lux Midtown Penthouse With Rooftop Deck

  • Location: Detroit, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $141

This 5th-story penthouse apartment gives guests the ultimate Detroit experience, offering a cozy place to relax with a radiant view of the city.

Only a short distance from Little Caesars Arena, the Fox Theater, Ford Field, and Comerica Park, the Lux Midtown Penthouse is in a truly ideal spot — and there’s free parking!

The most unique feature of this Airbnb is its wood-paneled rooftop deck, which offers a nice escape from the traffic below.

Guests have praised this penthouse for being well-hosted and incredibly convenient. Fitting up to four guests, the Lux Midtown Penthouse is spacious, clean, and right around the corner from countless Detroit attractions.

8. The Snug: Dreamy Secluded Luxury

  • Location: Traverse City, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $450

Kept away in the forests of Lake Leelanau, this cozy cabin is the ideal vacation spot for couples or single travelers. It’s a short distance from Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes, the beach, hiking trails, and more wineries than you can count.

The Snug was designed by artists to be used by artists; every year, the cabin is given to a selected female artist or writer to use as her work zone for up to a month. The property’s walls are filled with artwork and paintings, particularly those by female and marginalized artists.

This unique property also includes an outdoor shower, a fire-ring, organic bedding, a skylight, windows on every wall, a complete kitchen, organic foods, heat, air conditioning, and a writing desk.

9. The Historical Franklin House

  • Location: Frankenmuth, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $249

Located on the oldest road in this Bavarian-style city, the Historical Franklin House is within walking distance of nearly everything downtown Frankenmuth has to offer.

With two bedrooms and two baths, this Airbnb fits up to five guests quite comfortably. The building itself was recently renovated, complete with white-marbled bathrooms, a second-story porch, and crisp hardwood flooring.

Previous guests noted that the Historical Franklin House is kept incredibly clean, making the cozy aesthetic even more comforting.

10. The Aqua Dock on Harper Lake

  • Location: Irons, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $179

Overlooking a 40-foot beach on Harper Lake, the Aqua Dock offers guests the opportunity to canoe, kayak, paddleboard, paddleboat, or raft their way over the water.

The outdoor area also includes an L-shaped dock, beach chairs, hammocks, a fire pit, and a shed equipped with anything you might need.

Whether you want to sink your feet in the sand or sink your butt into a luxurious leather couch, the Aqua Dock is the perfect place for every member of the family to escape.

Guests admire this Airbnb for being the perfect place to relax and unwind. For those interested in the snow rather than the sand, the Aqua Dock looks even more gorgeous in the winter, turning Harper Lake into an elegant sheet of ice.

11. A Tiny House: A Simple Getaway in Northern Michigan

  • Location: Charlevoix, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $130 

Located in the middle of Michigan’s beautiful forests, this private bell tent lets guests experience camping with less stress and more amenities.

Campground guests may visit hiking trails, gardens, vineyards, a private beach, and a well-populated fishing pond. The best feature of the Tiny House is its variety of woodland trails perfect for hikes of any length, plus a bike trail.

Guests praise the Tiny House for being the perfect place to escape and disconnect from the rest of the world. This lodge fits only two guests but is guaranteed to be the perfect intimate getaway.

12. Historic Bungalow Near Farmers Market and Downtown Holland

  • Location: Holland, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $170 

Built in 1896, this Bungalow home is painted an elegant yellow and fits four guests in its two bedrooms. Located right around the corner from the Farmers Market and downtown, guests at this Airbnb will find limitless activities within walking distance.

The Historic Bungalow is also just along the parade route for Holland’s Tulip Time festival.

One of the coolest features of this home is its décor, with a bright color scheme that carries across furniture, blankets, walls, and paintings. The Historic Bungalow is complete with modern furniture, kitchen supplies, and everything one might need on vacation.

13. Blue Lake Paradise With Freaky Tiki Bar

  • Location: Sand Lake, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $169 

Located near Grand Rapids, this Airbnb gives you a perfect view of Blue Lake, a remarkably clear, turquoise lake unlike no other in Lower Michigan. 

Though you don’t have access to the full property, the loft space available comfortably fits four guests that’s accessible for children of all ages. According to previous guests, the hosts are incredibly accommodating, friendly, and excited to meet new people.

The coolest feature of this property is its year-round outdoor Tiki bar, which provides a fun and tropical aesthetic. Depending on what time of year you visit, other outdoor activities include boating, fishing, ice skating, sledding, and hot tubbing.

14. Woodshores Retreat

  • Location: Coloma, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $495

Woodshores Retreat is the perfect Airbnb for those who can’t choose between the woods and the beach, tucked away in the trees with a perfect view of Lake Michigan’s sunsets.

With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this luxurious Airbnb fits up to fourteen guests.

The best features of Woodshores Retreat are its outdoor accommodations, including a patio, firepit, and hot tub all within earshot of Lake Michigan’s hypnotic waves. Guests have admired this Airbnb for its perfect view of nature.

They particularly love how gorgeous the trees and lake look under the winter snow. The home is only a short distance from Coloma’s museums, theaters, shops, jet skiing, fishing spots, breweries, hiking trails, and festival hotspots.

15. Bell Tent Glamping Experience With Breakfast

  • Location: Grant, MI
  • Average Cost Per Night: $130

Located in the middle of Michigan’s beautiful forests, this private bell tent lets guests experience camping with less stress and more accommodations.

Campground guests may visit hiking trails, gardens, vineyards, a private beach, and a well-populated fishing pond. The interiors of the bell tents include cozy beds, multiple places to sit, tables, storage spaces, carpets, and, best of all, headspace.

Outdoor outhouses are provided, along with indoor restrooms and showers. The Bell Tent Glamping Experience is among the best Airbnbs Michigan has to offer, giving guests a truly natural and pure Michigan experience.

Finding the Best Michigan Airbnb for You

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Check out this buying guide for tips on picking out the best Airbnb for you, checking in and out, and making the most of your trip to Michigan.

How To Check In and Out of an Airbnb

The specific check-in directions for individual Airbnbs are written by their hosts and vary depending on where you stay. The details of check-in are sent to the Airbnb account that made the reservation two days before the reservation.

To view your check-in instructions on a desktop computer:

  1. Go to the “Trips” section
  2. Click “Show more trip plans.” 
  3. Click “Show details.”
  4. Click “Checking in & out.”

To view your check-in directions from the Airbnb app:

  1. Go to the “Trips” section.
  2. Click “Show More Trip Plans” (if needed)
  3. Locate your current trip and click “Show Details.” 
  4. Click “Checking in & out.”

Many Airbnb hosts offer self-check in. Self-check-in is available for guests to check in and enter their Airbnb even when the host isn’t present.

Most hosts allow access to the Airbnb through a lockbox, smart lock, keypad, or a key kept with building staff. In some situations, check-in information may not be available within 48 hours of your reservation.

In most cases, this is because the host forgot to send the information. Should this happen to you, reach out to the host to begin a line of communication. If for some reason the host doesn’t respond, contact Airbnb.

Average Prices: Airbnb vs. Hotel

Deciding between staying in a hotel and staying in an Airbnb is a difficult choice that often comes down to money. In general, Airbnbs in Michigan are more expensive than hotels, but the price differences are often small enough to not make much of an impact.

According to AirDNA, the average rental home in Traverse City cost $268 per day. Rentals listed on Airbnb made up 75% of the rental homes examined.

According to Kayak, a Traverse City hotel room costs an average of $251 per night on weekends and $153 per night on weekdays. Though the numbers can vary by city, hotels are generally cheaper per night than hotels.

If you don’t plan on staying in your room much, a hotel seems financially ideal for your trip.

If you plan to use your room to relax and unwind while on vacation, it may be worth spending the extra money each night to have a full bed and breakfast to wake up to. Airbnbs’ prices range based on what you’re looking for.

If you search long enough, it’s often not difficult to find Airbnbs that are cheaper than hotels. For example, despite Traverse City Airbnbs averaging at $268 per night, the cheapest Traverse City Airbnb at the time of this publication is $55 per night.

What Is and Isn’t Allowed at Airbnbs

Individual Airbnb hosts are responsible for writing their own house rules, so restrictions and guidelines will vary depending on where you stay. Be aware of a host’s house rules before booking your Airbnb. 

Some Airbnbs allow visitors to come onto the property, while others don’t allow any visitors at all. Many of the nature-based Michigan Airbnbs don’t offer WiFi and are located in locations with bad cell service.

Airbnbs that include pools and hot tubs often include specific guidelines and curfews. Some Airbnbs even charge fees for certain amenities.

Due to cleaning costs and property damage, most Airbnbs in Michigan do not allow pets. Anyone planning to bring their furry friend on vacation should use the Airbnb pet-friendly filter.

Common examples of house rules include:

  • Check-in and check-out hours
  • Pet policies
  • Limit on number of guests/visitors
  • Sound curfews
  • Parking policies
  • Laundry policies
  • Off-limit areas
  • Alcohol restrictions
  • Smoking/vaping restrictions
  • Thermostat limits
  • Guidelines for appliances like fire pits and furnaces

If you have any questions about specific house rules, reach out to the host — not Airbnb.

Planning Your Visit to Michigan

Downtown image of Marquette Michigan pictured from the waterfront for a piece rounding up the best Airbnbs in Michigan


With seasons that constantly change the state’s natural beauty, planning a trip to Michigan isn’t just about “where,” it’s also about “when.” 

Where to Visit Michigan

Which Michigan destination you visit will depend on what type of trip you want. 

For those seeking to explore Michigan’s nature, any destination north of Grand Rapids and Saginaw is almost guaranteed to give you a unique experience. Various forests, rivers, dunes, and lakes fill the majority of the state, especially in the upper peninsula. 

If you’re visiting Michigan to experience its cities, Detroit and Grand Rapids are both excellent destinations. Detroit is expansive, historical, and home to the state’s biggest stadiums.

Grand Rapids is compact and beautiful, with bustling businesses towering over flowing rivers. For those interested in Michigan’s personality, one of the best cities to visit is Mackinaw City.

This historical village is connected to the Mackinac Bridge and is a boat trip away from Mackinac Island, and a historic landmark that has remained mostly untouched by motor vehicles.

Other unique Michigan cities to visit include:

  • Muskegon: On the coast of Lake Michigan; home of Michigan’s Adventure theme park.
  • Traverse City: “Cherry Capital of the World;” connected to two bays; short distance to Sleeping Bear Dunes.
  • Marquette: Former major shipping port; home of Northern Michigan University; home of Sugarloaf Mountain, a notable skiing hill.
  • Ann Arbor: Home of the University of Michigan; major artists’ community; one of the most diverse cities in Michigan.

When to Visit Michigan

Michigan’s winter snow often looks beautiful, but if your trip requires a lot of outdoors, the harsh colds may put a damper on spirits.

However, winter also offers opportunities for skating, skiing, ice-fishing, and experiencing unique events like Sault Ste. Marie’s Downtown Winter Ice Festival. Spring and summer are both amazing seasons to visit Michigan.

The state’s luscious greenery is in its fullest bloom in these seasons. Being in the Northwest, Michigan’s temperatures are usually bearable until late summer.

Humidity and heat waves do occur, but not to the extreme of more southern states. Fall is hands down the most gorgeous season to visit Michigan in. Michigan’s leaves change into almost every color imaginable, making a drive over a hilly road into a magical journey.

With much of Michigan having German history, Oktoberfest events are also held across the state nearly every weekend in September, October, and sometimes November.

What’s Your Favorite Airbnb in Michigan?

So there you have it — the best Airbnbs in Michigan. As is the case in any wide-spread state, there are countless things to do and see, so you’re bound to find a stay that fits your lifestyle and budget. Happy travels!