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The 15 Best Airbnbs in Maui in 2023

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Maui in 2023

Maui is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. It boasts beautiful weather year-round, surfing, and laid-back Hawaiian culture. If you’re considering a trip to Hawaii, it’s crucial to find a great place to stay to perfect your island trip!

Why Stay at a Maui Airbnb

A Maui vacation will cost a bit of money, no matter where you are from. Planning a trip to Hawaii’s most popular island can be stressful, and thinking about where to stay is part of that planning.

However, there are less expensive and more personal options than standard hotel rooms. Whether you’re staying in Maui with your family, significant other, or by yourself, it’s nice to be able to feel at home where you stay.

After a day at the beach or shopping, you don’t want to come home to a standard hotel room. Everything about your Maui trip should be beautiful, including where you stay. However, staying at an Airbnb isn’t only about aesthetics.

A Maui Airbnb can be cheaper than a standard hotel, give you and your family more freedom, and provide you with the ability to cook your meals. You can make it a true island experience by living in a Maui house for a week.

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Maui

Here is your guide to 15 of the best and most unique Airbnbs in Maui.

1. Kihei Resort and Spa

Of course, the best way to enjoy an island vacation is within arm’s reach of a drink and a massage chair. Resorts offer the complete package, with spa treatments, hot tubs, and on-site pools.

  • Kihei, Hawaii
  • $159 a night

This Airbnb is located in a small resort to give you the feel of your cabin with all the resort amenities. You can see the ocean, watch whales, or get a massage all in the same place.

However, this condo gives you the freedom to make your meals and treat it like home as much as you please. The beach is within walking distance of the condominium, and shops, restaurants, and other amenities are only a few miles away.

2. Family Townhouse 

It can be difficult to travel with children, and even harder to find hotels and rentals that accommodate large families. This townhouse sleeps up to six people and comes pre-furnished with toys and bean bag chairs for the kids.

  • Lahaina, Hawaii
  • $428 a night

This townhouse is part of a gated community, one of the safest places to stay in Hawaii. You’ll be able to check in, unpack, and explore the city, knowing you have a fully furnished home to come back to in the evening.

The house is a two-minute walk from the beach, so you can take the kids for free swimming every day of your vacation. Get groceries and make food at home or explore local cuisine. Whatever your family does on your Hawaii trip, this townhouse is a great base of operations.

3. Pray for Surf Loft

The Pray for Surf loft is an adorable, surf-themed loft that sleeps up to four people. With a fully furnished kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area, two bedrooms, and a screened-in balcony, this loft is ideal for a relaxing island vacation.

  • Kihei, Maui
  • $451 a night

This loft is part of a community and has a shared pool, hot tub, and grill area. It’s a two-minute walk from the Kihei beach (one of the calmest beaches on Maui and perfect for small children).

The rental is highly kid-friendly and has toys, a folding crib, and pool accessibility. Kihei is a less popular part of Maui and doesn’t feel as touristy.

While it’s not rural by any means, this section of the island seems less like a resort and more like a friendly neighborhood. It’s close to downtown Kihei and the shops and restaurants available there.

4. Tracy’s Tropical Treasures

If you want the feel of a resort stay but the intimacy of your own space, Tracy’s Tropical Treasures is the perfect Airbnb for you. Tracy owns four separate locations and is one of the most consistent Superhosts in Maui. No matter which one you choose, you will be close to the beach and classic Maui activities.

  • Kihei, Maui 
  • $265 a night

This Airbnb is completely stocked – it has everything you need for the perfect Maui vacation. The living space doubles as a bedroom with a king bed and a television. There’s also a kitchenette in the apartment and a hot tub under the lanai.

The best part about this Airbnb is the ocean view. It’s more than just a view, though – the complex that hosts all four of Tracy’s Tropical Treasures is 150 feet from the ocean. You can wake up and go straight to the beach!

5. Tropical North Shore Cottage

If you are looking for a small, comfortable place to call home during your Maui trip, a cottage away from the beach is the best way to save money and enjoy the other types of nature that Maui has to offer.

  • Haiku, Hawaii
  • $269 a night

The North Shore of Maui is less popular than the South and Western sides, but not because it’s any less beautiful. It’s milder in summer, with trade winds blowing off the Pacific Ocean to create a natural island breeze.

Located right off the road to Hana, this cottage is perfect for a stop on an island tour or as a home base for a week of island hopping. The hosts are flexible with numbers and can adjust to your needs if you message them about the size of your party.

6. Ocean Lookout Cottage

Can’t decide between views of the ocean and the mountains? Choose both with this cottage. The rental is the top floor (or full house) of a cliffside cottage, so you get a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Maui.

  • Huelo, Hawaii
  • $425 a night

This cottage is remarkable for more than just its views (although those are incredible). It offers a private jacuzzi, shared pool, and full kitchen and bath amenities. Located in a tiny Hawaiian village off the road to Hana, the rental gives visitors an authentic Hawaiian experience.

The ocean lookout cottage has unparalleled views, a comfortable interior, and is eco-friendly. You can stay without worrying about harming the environment of this beautiful island.

7. The Farm Cottage

The Farm Cottage is a quaint, comfortable cottage on an organic fruit farm. Close to many big attractions yet nestled away from the city, this Airbnb is perfect for anyone planning an island vacation.

  • Hana, Hawaii
  • $252 a night

Many of Maui’s fruit and vegetable farms are locally owned and organic. If you want some of the best-tasting tropical fruit you’ll ever eat, you should find a farmer’s market and buy some locally grown produce.

However, there’s no need to do that if you stay at the Farm Cottage. The hosts will give you samples of whatever is currently growing on their farm and you’ll be able to see how a local, organic fruit farm works in Hawaii.

8. Private Cabin on a Coffee Plantation 

Do you love the smell of freshly ground coffee? Imagine waking up on a coffee plantation surrounded by growing coffee beans. This unique location for a rental house gives you that same opportunity.

  • Makawao, Hawaii
  • $368 a night

For an authentic Hawaiian farming experience, this Airbnb host will provide you with eggs from their chickens, flowers from their gardens, and (of course) a complimentary pound of their award-winning coffee.

They also give guests a two-hour tour of the plantation, which is $75 for members of the public.

It’s an in-depth look at how a Hawaiian coffee plantation works. When you’re done with your tour and tasting the fruits of the farm, you can explore the jungle, swim in the freshwater creek, and look at the ocean from your balcony.

If you’d rather go into town, there’s a ten-minute drive to get to the nearest beaches and shops. This Airbnb provides access to the nature of Hawaii.

9. Garden Gingerbread House 

The key to a magical vacation is finding a space that feels like home without being too far from the activities and fun of the island. If you’re on Maui, finding an Airbnb that’s not directly in the city or far in the country can be difficult. This house, however, meets right in the middle.

  • Makawao, Hawaii
  • $239 a night

This adorable cottage does look like a gingerbread house. Although it’s not made of cake, the rental feels like something out of a fairy tale. It has all the privacy of some of the more rural areas of Maui but is only a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area.

You can rest in the trees, wander the garden, or drive to the beach from this quaint, minimalist gingerbread house. It has free parking, strong wifi, and an unbeatable location.

10. Eco-Friendly Retreat Center

If you are worried about the natural environment of the islands and how such a small area of land can support so much tourism, you can help negate the carbon imprint by staying at a fully self-sustainable, low-energy retreat center on the coast.

  • Haiku, Hawaii
  • $265 a night

In addition to living off the grid, you can participate in as much of the community’s life as you would like. They offer daily yoga classes (with a suggested $10 donation), chakra classes, meditations, massages, and other soul-cleansing activities.

Although none of these are strictly necessary, they add to the allure of the retreat center. Even if you don’t choose to participate in the group activities, you are guaranteed a relaxing, peaceful stay at the lodge.

Your room and bathroom are your own and you have full access to the community areas and kitchen. It is a great base to explore the countryside or head to the beach. 

11. Tiny Home Rental

Part of the beauty of vacation is getting away from the clutter of your everyday life. With this Airbnb, you can do that on a literal and a spiritual level. It’s a parked RV converted into a tiny home, perfect for a small island vacation.

  • Makawao, Hawaii
  • $250 a night

Tiny homes are all the rage, and if you’ve ever wanted to try one, now’s your chance. However, just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it lacks comfort. You’ll be able to cook and use the amenities just as you would in a regular rental.

The tiny house is parked on a private farm a few miles from the local town and beach. You’re not too far from anything but far enough to feel one with the natural wonders around you.

12. Artist’s Studio on the Mountain

Only half an hour from the Kahului airport, this studio is a quiet and peaceful place nestled on five acres of East Maui countryside. It’s called the artist’s studio because it was once home to Curtis Wilson Cost, a Hawaiian local and celebrated painter.

  • Kula, Hawaii
  • $200 a night 

There is a single bedroom with a queen bed, a fully functional kitchen, and a full bathroom. The cottage is set on several acres of private land, so you won’t hear other tourists or visitors. However, the local culture and beaches are within an easy drive.

One of the highlights of this rental is the sculpture garden and pavilion. You can wander the small garden, marveling at the local plants and works of art that decorate it.

There’s a small picnic shelter at the end of the path for a quick meal or to sketch the surroundings. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, where better than an artist’s studio?

13. Luxury and Aloha Unit

In the northern part of Maui, this unit has all the luxuries of a resort but still feels like a home. With a private jacuzzi, two king-sized beds, and a full kitchen, it is an amazing place to start a Maui vacation.

  • Haiku, Hawaii
  • $399 a night

You can see a magnificent view of the jungle leading to the ocean from the back porch. The entire cabin is decorated like a vacation home, so you are comfortable and relaxed but still know that you’re in a special place.

14. Rainforest Upstairs Unit

If you’re looking for a quieter, more secluded island vacation, check out this Airbnb, located on an organic fruit farm in the middle of the Hana rainforest. With a weekly farmer’s market and fresh fruit, these hosts give you an authentic Hawaiian experience. 

  • Hana, Hawaii
  • $257 a night 

This charming studio is small but perfect for a one or two-person getaway. You’ll have a queen bed, the entire studio (including a private bathroom and kitchenette), and a wrap-around balcony. The views are all of the rainforest, birds, and nature, making it a lovely cabin.

This loft is only a few miles from the beaches, food trucks, and shopping of downtown Hana, but remains quiet and off the beaten path. You can have the best of both worlds with this romantic getaway.

15. Maui Star Dome

Last but certainly not least, this studio apartment has the option of a clear bubble tent with a queen bed and a heater. You can sleep inside with a skylight or on the roof for a magnificent nighttime view of the Maui stars.

  • Kula, Hawaii
  • $325 per night 

Although this Airbnb doesn’t have a full kitchen or laundry setup, a small fridge and microwave are available. You’ll be able to make your morning coffee or tea before leaving the house and enjoy the rooftop views of one of the island’s most rural and beautiful spots.

The night air gets chilly during certain times of the year, but every reviewer has commented how worth it the sunrise view over the mountains is. It’s an excellent idea for a unique and romantic getaway.

How to Choose a Maui Airbnb

For a piece on the best Airbnbs in Maui, someone browses the app on a phone while sitting at a picnic bench

Diego Thomazini/Shutterstock

Before you choose an Airbnb based on these pictures and descriptions, you should consider several factors about your general vacation. You don’t want to pick the perfect vacation house only to realize that it’s on the opposite side of the island from all your ideal activities.

Here are some suggestions on planning your trip and how to best take an affordable vacation to Maui.

When choosing your Airbnb, always look at the price, reviews, and the owner rating. All of the Airbnbs on this list have excellent ratings, but it’s always good to check!

Average Prices for Maui Airbnbs

Prices vary depending on the size and location of Airbnbs. Any type of private home will likely be less expensive than a hotel, but if you are booking a larger cottage or home, it might get more expensive.

Anything on Maui will be more expensive than at home because it’s a vacation island, and the demand is high.

However, you’ll be able to buy groceries and save money on food by making your dinners some nights. While the average is impossible to calculate, a Maui Airbnb will likely save you money.

How to Check into an Airbnb

Checking into a hotel is easy – you simply walk up to the desk and ask for your room key. However, Airbnbs are owned by a wide variety of hosts, and they rarely (if ever) have desks. Instead, you’ll have to look at the instructions for your specific Airbnb to see how to check in.

Usually, your host will email you when you book the Airbnb and give you details on how to check in and any special instructions for the house. Many Airbnbs have keypads with codes so you can have a no-contact entrance or exit.

Planning a Trip to Maui

Sunset over a beach in Maui for a piece on the best Airbnbs in Maui Hawaii

MH Anderson Photography/Shutterstock

Of course, planning a trip to Maui is about more than where you’re staying. It’s essential to decide when you’re going, what part of the island you’ll stay in, and what you’ll do when you’re there. Here are some quick tips and suggestions to help you start the planning process.

When to Go

Maui is beautiful year-round; it’s part of what makes it such a lovely place to visit. However, certain times of the year are less busy and still have mild weather. The less crowded times of the year are also less expensive, so a budget-friendly Maui trip usually falls outside of tourist season.

Maui has extreme busyness and “shoulder” seasons, which depend on school schedules, weather, and work availability.

The busiest times of year are December through March and June through August. Families on summer vacation and those escaping winter weather visit the islands during these months.

The shoulder seasons are less busy (although Maui’s never empty). April and May are less busy except for spring break visitors in early April. September through November are some of the best months to visit, as families are back in school and snowbirds haven’t gotten cold yet.

However, the weather in Maui is always in the 70s and 80s.

On average, Maui receives under three inches of rainfall a month. No matter what time of year you decide on, the island will provide sunny warmth and cool breezes. The island feels like a constant vacation with perfect weather.

Where to Stay

Maui is separated into six main areas. Most tourists and first-time visitors stay in West or South Maui. This area of the island has most of the beaches, restaurants, and tourist spots.

Look leeward and book an Airbnb in West or South Maui for a classic Hawaiian vacation. However, each section of the island has a unique personality and a different vibe.

For a new or unique island experience, look into Central Maui, North Maui, East Maui, or Upcountry Maui. Each section gives you a different idea of what it’s like to live on this beautiful island.

The four less commonly visited sections are farther away from the beach and popular restaurants, so you might need to spend more time in the car if you’re planning on surfing and attending luaus. However, you can find less expensive and more peaceful places to stay.

Activities on Maui

Of course, Maui is most famous for water sports and activities. The beaches are world-class and have some of the most beautiful waters in the world. When on the island, you can rent snorkeling, scuba diving, or surfing gear and take lessons for each sport.

Each beach on Maui offers rentals for any water sport you can imagine. You can also enjoy the sand, laying out in the sun or making sandcastles. Once you’re done with the beach, it’s time to go shopping, eat some classic Hawaiian food, or attend a luau.

No matter what you end up doing on the island, you’ll be able to go back to your Airbnb and relax in the evening. Dip in the pool or make your dinner, enjoying the view of your personal Maui backyard.

Which Maui Airbnb Will You Pick?

Whether you stay in an artist’s chalet on the mountainside or a beachside villa, your Maui Airbnb will complete your island vacation. Instead of coming home to a hotel room every night, you can create an island getaway worthy of the best vacation. Enjoy Maui the entire time you’re there. Happy travels!