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The 15 Best Airbnbs in Maine in 2023

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Maine in 2023

Maine, the most easterly state in the United States, is nothing shy of a magical place to stay and makes for a perfect vacation spot. The White Mountain Forest covers nearly 800,000 acres of this beautiful state, incorporating Acadia National Park, and many different types of landscapes.

From pine trees to oak trees to the beautiful coastline, to chug boats to lobster catchers, this state is bountiful in its beauty and resources. If you are looking for an idyllic Northeastern vacation spot, look no further.

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Maine

The lodging options in the state have a wide range of amenities, and you can find some very unique places to stay that cannot be found anywhere else. In this article, we will explore the 15 most unique Airbnbs offered in the state. 

1. Log Cabin on Mountain Pond

  • Location: Newry, Maine 
  • Average Cost Per Night: $86

This quaint little cabin is surrounded by beautiful mountain fir trees, a mountain pond, and lots of local wildlife such as moose and deer that call this area home. If you love the quiet solitude of your own private space, this is the place for you. 

The cabin is equipped with electricity, running water, a wood stove, a kitchen, a propane stove, a refrigerator, an outdoor shower, and an outhouse with flushable toilets. It looks rustic but doesn’t compromise your comfortability. 

It was built in 1902 as a fishing camp, hence the 12-acre pond right outside your front door. Although fishing is not allowed in the pond, the host provides a canoe, kayaks, a rowboat, a diving board, and even a rope swing. 

There is also a greenhouse, garden, and a small market nearby for you to frequent for your produce needs or simply for the views. Keep in mind that since this cabin is nestled deep in the woods, you are staying in many natural habitats, including mice, frogs, and flies. 

When the temperatures drop in the late fall to early spring, you will need to make your own fire in the wood-burning stove to keep warm. The host is more than happy to provide instructions on how to set up and maintain your fire. 

2. Precipice Studio

  • Location: Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $149

This cute little studio loft right in the heart of Bar Harbor is a unique, eclectic find right on the ocean! It is only a five-minute drive from Acadia National Park and offers a full kitchen, TV, WiFi, free parking, a washer, and sleeps four guests. 

The studio is perfect for the traveler seeking a comfortable, homey space as a basecamp for exploring the beautiful nature in the surrounding area.

Hiking, exploring lighthouses, biking, whale watching, and enjoying the rocky coastline nearby are only some of the many options this location has to offer. In addition, you can enjoy the three-minute walk to nearby downtown Bar Harbor where you can find numerous historic sights.

The Victorian homes that line the streets of downtown are a sight to see on your way to watch the sunsets walking down the nearby Shore Path. Downtown offers shopping and dining, featuring lots of distinctive shops and restaurants that fit well with the quaint small-town atmosphere. 

3. Cute Acadia Cottage

  • Location: Trenton, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $84

Similar to the last posting, this Airbnb is closeby to Acadia National Park and the beautiful scenery and coastline in the area.

This private cottage gives you the feel of staying in an adorable tiny home. It is colorful and quirky, making it a quaint choice for travelers looking for somewhere trendy and unique.

Other than being ideally situated, this cottage delivers a stunning view of the bubbling creek running beside it, a hot tub, bonfire pit, outdoor kitchen, queen bed with a bathroom and shower, cable TV, WiFi, and a microwave and coffee pot. 

The inside of this cottage is very art deco inspired, with rustic wooden walls and ornate light fixtures and furniture. It is the perfect combination of rustic and modern, elegant and cozy. 

4. Lighthouse Retreat

  • Location: Bar Harbor, Maine 
  • Average Cost Per Night: $131

Another beautiful option in Bar Harbor, this retreat is only 200 feet from Acadia National Park! This unique find even has a tiny working lighthouse, hence the name.

If you came to Maine to explore its pretty lighthouses, this Airbnb is ideal as the home has a lighthouse theme throughout and many real lighthouses nearby.  

It offers a queen-size bed, a full kitchen, a full bathroom, a dining room, and a short walk to the park and downtown Bar Harbor. The rustic feel of the inside allows you to still have the cabin feel while also remaining comfortable and feeling at home while away. 

5. The Acadia Tiny House

  • Location: Trenton, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $220

Although this location is one of the more expensive options on this list, it is for good reason. A short walk from Goose Cove, this tiny house offers breathtaking views of the shorefront, nearby mountains, and Mount Desert Island.

You can see this view and watch the sunrises or sunsets from your own private deck with an outdoor dining table to share with friends. Stargazing is more than practical here as this location has a full view of the night sky.

Featuring a large field, and a path including a cute little bridge that brings you down to the water’s edge where you can go kayaking, paddleboarding, sunbathing, or simply enjoy the view. 

The tiny house itself is much more than just tiny, giving a modern and updated interior. The two sleeping areas are loft-style, with one featuring a cute ladder that brings you up to your queen size bed.

It even features a skylight in the master bedroom, which you can use to do your stargazing indoors! It has a fire pit out by the chairs situated by the water’s edge, making for unforgettably atmospheric nights.

This option comes with all the high-end amenities of a hotel room, such as high-speed internet, bathroom toiletries, a full kitchen with pots and pans, outdoor furniture, and wine glasses for celebrating. 

6. Tiny Garden House

  • Location: Belfast, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $135

This magical fairy-like stay is another tiny house on the list but does not compromise on amenities just because of its small size. Adorned with quirky chandeliers and unique artwork, the interior of this location is one that you might find in an art gallery.

Unique frames line the mirrors, and the bedroom offers a queen bed with a mosquito net for keeping out any bugs that may wander in. As you look from the outside, this house looks like it was made out of a greenhouse, and sits on an acre of beautiful flower gardens.

This space has even been used for wedding ceremonies unsurprisingly due to its beautiful garden full of birds, fireflies, and many different types of flowers. It features a private deck, great for gatherings, celebrations, coffee dates, cute picnics, or even a space to do some yoga and meditation.

The amenities include a kitchen, composting toilet, hot shower, and even a wood-burning hot tub. This location is highly recommended for couples looking for a cute, romantic getaway.

7. Narrows Edge

  • Location: Brooklin, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $225

This beautiful ocean cottage is settled directly on top of the Maine coastline at Blue Hill Bay, with an immediate view of the vast ocean. Perfect for watching ships, sailboats, and even whale watching, you can see the ocean from any vantage point in this house. 

You will have a direct view of Tinker Island to one side and the mountains on the other.

The house has been renovated and includes a full-size kitchen, washer and dryer, free parking, WiFi, and miles of shoreline for you to walk down. The bedroom window faces east, catching beautiful sunrises right from the comfort of your bed. 

8. Canopy Treehouse

  • Location: Sanford, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $425

The most expensive vacation home on this list, this treehouse getaway falls nothing short but spectacular. This is a tiny home way up high, nestled among the trees, and features a winding staircase to climb up.

The area is very isolated, perfect for the traveler looking for some peace and quiet, and to be amongst the local wildlife. 

Although the inside is relatively small and remote, you can vacation in luxury with a full kitchen, stove, silverware, appliances, wine glasses, queen beds, hot water, and updated interiors featuring stylish renovations.

The bathroom sink sits atop a tree stump, and throughout the house, there are many pieces of handmade wooden art adorning the walls. The Canopy Treehouse features large windows, giving you spectacular views, and an outdoor deck that allows you to be up in the trees and one with nature. 

The surrounding area features the Littlefield Pond, where you can go kayaking, go fishing on your private dock, or go take a dip in your private hot tub. This luxurious treehouse stay keeps your inner child happy while indulging you in a combination of nature and living in luxury, 

9. Lobsterman’s Cottage

  • Location: Brunswick, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $250

This 100+-year-old cottage is a fabulous option for those seeking the classic Maine experience. Known for their lobster, this cottage was built originally to provide shelter for lobstermen coming and going from the sea each day. 

There are two bedrooms, a full-size kitchen with cooking supplies, WiFi, a wood-burning stove indoors, an outdoor charcoal grill, and even a sauna!

The host can provide guests with an outdoor propane tank and lobster pot for cooking lobster to do what the lobstermen did many years ago at the same location. You are truly one with the sea at this cottage, as every angle and every window gives beautiful views of the ocean the home overlooks. 

10. Waterfront Barn

  • Location: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $245

This unique find is perched right on the Piscataquis River and is surrounded by beautiful blooming wildflowers. The inside is nothing short of luxurious, offering two stories for guests to enjoy.

These feature a gourmet kitchen, fire pit with BBQ grill, queen beds, large TVs, large bathtub, fireplace, staircase, courtyard, and patio leading straight down to the river. Beautiful inside and out, you are right in the middle of the woods surrounded by nature.

It is a short walk downtown for shopping, dining, and nights out, and on Friday evenings the local lobster truck makes its way downtown to hand out delicious food. This location is fantastic for a couple, and the beautiful courtyard and patio can even hold an outdoor wedding ceremony.

11. Appleton Treehouse

  • Location: Appleton, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $202

Otherwise known as the Breeze treehouse, this is our second treehouse on the list and this one sits on 120 acres of land. It is surrounded by a nature preserve, making it a charming getaway to enjoy nature on the treetops.

You get complete seclusion at this location and sit 20 feet up in the trees in this beautiful large treehouse. Since you are up so high, the host even posts an advisory, to be aware of wind gusts that could rock you back and forth- hence the treehouse’s name.

Talk about being up in the trees! The walls of the treehouse are completely windowed, giving you the illusion of sitting directly in the trees. 

The amenities include a secluded pond, hot tub, sauna, and even a ship’s ladder to get up into the treehouse for the thrill seeker. This Airbnb is definitely recommended for the traveler who is seeking excitement and solitude. 

12. Oceanfront Chalet

  • Location: Steuben, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $181

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to fish from the shoreline, look no further. This vacation home is perched 60 feet from the ocean and gives you the opportunity to watch lobster fishers in action, working their traps.

The chalet is surrounded by trees and wildlife, and includes two bedrooms inside, with a loft that features games and a vintage record player. Beautiful inside and out, it has a full kitchen where you can cook up some of your fresh catches and then serve them fresh at your dining table.

There is an electric fireplace to keep you warm in the winter months, so you can enjoy resting by the fire and watching the boats drift by your windows. 

13. Cozy Woods Chalet

  • Location: Atkinson, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $135

This triangular-shaped chalet is nestled right in the middle of the woods on the ITS trail, making it a lovely spot for nature walks, hiking, biking, and exploring.

It is well-suited for the adventurous traveler seeking outdoor adventure year-round, as you can bring your snowmobiles, bikes, and trailers (as the host permits). 

The interior shape is unique with high walls and features a full kitchen, a lounge area, and a loft upstairs with a ladder and a catwalk. Overall, it is an excellent choice for a couple or a family to go on a nature-filled, action-packed vacation. 

14. Hot Tub Time Machine

  • Location: Swan’s Island, Maine
  • Average Cost Per Night: $304

As the largest Airbnb on this list, the name on this one says it all. Take a trip back in time with this 1970s-inspired home that features three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

With high ceilings, a sauna, hot tub, full kitchen, and two fireplaces, this location comes with all you will need to host some guests for a stay. Swan’s Island is a highlight of this location, which you can access by ferry, which is an experience in itself for those new to the area.

The hot tub is perfect any time of year, and one of the best times to enjoy it is during the Maine winter when it snows and lines the tub while you enjoy the warm bubbles. 

The kitchen is fully upgraded with granite countertops and is well-suited to cooking up some fresh fish from the local markets nearby.

15. Cliff Cottage

  • Location: Machiasport, Maine 
  • Average Cost Per Night: $300

This unique architectural cottage is definitely an eyecatcher, designed to mimic a ship perched atop the cliff. The home features floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the guest to have a full view of the cove nearby.

Howard’s Cove is ideal for experienced kayakers as the rocky cliffs cause the currents to be rough, but makes for a great view for those indoors. There is a large deck for you to enjoy outside, and a picnic table to have guests enjoy the coastline with you.

One of the favorite features of this location is the private hiking trails available to you. This cottage has two bedrooms and one bathroom to accommodate four guests. 

The interior of the cottage is stunning, as the owner has adorned the walls with art reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. There is lots of vintage decor lining the walls, such as old brass boat rudders, a typewriter, and an antique rotary phone. 

It is the perfect mix of modern and vintage, as the interior is completely updated and modern while having a beautiful contrast of antique art. It is a fantastic choice if you want something truly unique while experiencing Maine’s natural amenities. 

Staying at an Airbnb in Maine

Big house (that could be one of the best Airbnbs in Maine) overlooking a bay

Lamar Sellers/Shutterstock

In the list above we mentioned many different towns and cities you can stay in while in the great state of Maine. Once you’ve chosen the one for you, your next step will be to plan out your vacation. To start, check this guide to staying at an Airbnb in Maine. 

Average Prices 

The average price for an Airbnb in Maine can run anywhere from $80-$300 a night on the higher end. The average price of a hotel in Maine can range from $70 for a basic motel to $330 for a hotel.

However, with the average hotel or motel, you do not get the same unique amenities that staying in an Airbnb makes possible. 

How to Check-In

Airbnbs in Maine have various check-in methods. Given that, always reach out to the host to ensure that you know what to expect. The majority will be self-check-in. Some Airbnbs use a smart lock or a keypad system that sends you a unique code after payment is confirmed.

You will likely not receive the code until the day of your arrival. Other Airbnbs might have you pick up a key from the host, a neighbor, or someone who has responsibility for the property.

Travel Experience

Many of these places on the list feature unique architecture, ideal locations on the waterfront or in the mountains, and are beautifully adorned with artwork that you can enjoy while bathing in the hot tub. 

Maine stays very cold for the majority of the year due to the state being at the most north-easterly point of the United States.

Since it lines the cold Atlantic, this also contributes to the colder temperatures the state experiences and its short summer months. Winter average temperatures range from 15 degrees Fahrenheit, only rising up to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit each summer.

So, keep this in mind when booking an Airbnb in Maine. You will want to be aware of the weather changes, so you can plan your trip accordingly and account for bodies of water freezing in the cold months such as ponds and lakes. 

Planning Your Visit to Maine

Gorgeous lighthouse in Portland Maine for a piece on the best Airbnbs in Maine

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Many of the main talking points Maine has are near many of the Airbnbs on this list, such as Acadia National Park, lighthouses, and lobster fishing.

These attractions are especially appealing to those travelers who have never experienced the great North-East before and are perfect to explore when staying in an Airbnb nearby. 

Of course, there are many other attractions in Maine. They include:

So, What’s the Best Airbnb in Maine?

No matter whether you’re looking for a quaint cottage in the countryside or a sumptuous chalet, Maine has something for everyone. By booking an Airbnb that meets your needs, all that will be left is to make unforgettable memories in this beautiful state.