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The 15 Best Airbnbs in Florida in 2023

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Florida in 2023

Looking for the best Airbnbs in Florida? You’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite stays to make your next vacation one to remember. Read on to see our top picks and a few things to consider.

Whether you’re heading to one of the hundreds of Florida beaches, theme parks, or any of the more secluded nature areas, you’ll need a place to stay.

Why not avoid costly hotels and choose a beautiful, possibly unique, Airbnb to stay in? We’ve found 15 of the best Airbnbs in the Sunshine State.

Why Stay at a Florida Airbnb?

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for travelers in the United States. They have miles and miles of gorgeous beaches, some of the best theme parks in the country, and plenty of cities to explore. With so much tourism in the state, you won’t have an issue finding a place to stay for your trip.

More and more people are opting for Airbnbs because of the convenience, creativity, and more affordable options compared to traditional hotel rooms. Instead of staying in a hotel for your vacation to Florida, you can stay in an Airbnb.

You can stay in a treehouse, houseboat, and other insanely decorated homes when staying in an Airbnb. Choosing a unique Airbnb can make your getaway to Florida that much more memorable than a typical hotel or vacation rental. 

15 Best Florida Airbnbs

Before you start aimlessly scrolling through Airbnbs, check out 15 of the best Airbnbs you can find throughout Florida. 

1. The Tiki Suite

  • Location: Key West
  • Average Price Per Night: $636

For a good reason, Key West is one of the top destinations in Florida. If you’re planning a trip to the southernmost portion of Florida, you can stay in a floating tiki hut.

This floating tiki hut has everything you need to enjoy your vacation. You’ll have a bedroom with a Queen-sized bed, a full bathroom, and the best view of the waters around.

You can sit back and relax with a drink in hand on the patio, where all you’ll see is the ocean. You can leave the floor-to-ceiling windows open or close them when you’re ready for bed. 

2. Vintage ’71 Airstream

  • Location: Bradenton
  • Average Price Per Night: $197

If you love a small and quiet place to stay while traveling, this Vintage ’71 Airstream in Bradenton is a great option. The hosts decorated the space beautifully with bright white walls, greenery, and other minimalist and rustic accents.

The Airstream has a king-sized bed that can easily sleep two people. You’ll have access to a full bathroom, kitchenette, and a shared hot tub and pool only steps from the front door.

You can easily reach some of the best beaches in Bradenton from this Airbnb and other popular area activities. It’s a perfect rental for couples or solo travelers. 

3. R U Incredible Parents? Themed Home

  • Location: Kissimmee 
  • Average Price Per Night: $295

This Airbnb will make you the coolest parent on the block for those heading to the wonderful theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Or the coolest Airbnb selector.

It’s in Kissimmee, right outside the area where Disney and Universal are, making it the perfect location to be away from the traffic but also close enough to reach the parks. Every room of the house has a different theme.

There are Harry Potter themed rooms, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, and other Disney themed rooms. You can sleep 15 people here, so it’s perfect for larger families or groups. There are four and a half bathrooms, a private pool, kitchen, and other basic amenities.

4. The Spaceship House

  • Location: Navarre
  • Average Price Per Night: $220

One of the most interesting Airbnbs in Florida is in the Panhandle. It’s an entire beach home that looks like a spaceship on the inside and out.

It’s ideally situated on the beach, giving you access to the sandy shores throughout your stay. The rental has a dome shape, resembling something from out of this world. The Spaceship House has five beds, allowing ten people to sleep here comfortably.

There are plenty of bathrooms, and the interior makes you feel like you’re walking around a floating space station. One of the best parts is that you can turn the outside lights on at night, which are bright neon colors, making your space stand out amongst the other beach houses. 

5. Sanctuary of Light Guest House

  • Location: Pensacola
  • Average Price Per Night: $100

Tiny homes are all the rage right now, and now you and another guest can stay in this stunning guest house in Pensacola.

This tiny home features wood and metal planks on the outside, giving it that rustic yet industrial chic appearance. The interior blends modern and rustic styles, making the space appear larger than it really is. 

There’s one queen-sized bed and one bathroom, making it perfect for solo travelers and duos. You’ll have a small living area, kitchen with a refrigerator, and a small desk to sit out on when the weather is nice. The luggage drop-off is a great amenity that not every Airbnb offers. 

6. Treehouse Canopy Room

  • Location: Miami
  • Average Price Per Night: $86

Many people head to Miami to stay in luxurious hotels and other rentals, but you need to see this treehouse if you want something unique yet quiet.

Staying in this fantastic rental will make you forget how close you are to the beaches and nightlife that Miami is famous for. If you’re worried about mosquitos in Florida, you don’t need to be since the bed has a canopy to protect you. 

This Miami treehouse features a kitchen, shared bathroom, fresh veggies, honey, eggs, and chickens that will try to wake you up in the morning. While you’ll feel miles away, you’ll only be five minutes from South Beach and other attractions. 

7. Colorful Studio Apartment

  • Location: St. Petersburg
  • Average Price Per Night: $120

If you’re traveling alone or with another person, this quaint and colorful studio apartment in St. Petersburg is something you’ll want to look at.

Everywhere you look in, this space has vibrant colors, from the ceiling to the walls, the floor, and the furniture. Even though it’s a studio, you’ll have a full kitchen and bathroom.

There’s one queen-sized bed that can sleep two people, and you’ll be within walking distance of many popular businesses in the St. Petersburg area like breweries and restaurants. Even if you’re not within walking distance, you’re close enough to drive to all the top attractions. 

8. Modern Oasis at Reunion

  • Location: Kissimmee
  • Average Price Per Night: $3,010

If you’re planning the ultimate family or friend vacation to the Florida theme parks, this Modern Oasis Airbnb may be perfect. This large and gorgeous house is perfect for larger parties of up to 16 people.

It has all your classic home features like a kitchen, living space, pool, and seven bathrooms. This Airbnb is unique because they have a movie theater with lounge chairs, a large screen, and faux grass.

It’s the perfect place for a movie night with the whole group after a long day at the parks. Another great feature is their arcade, with plenty of modern and vintage games. 

9. Pura Vida Florida Farm

  • Location: Vero Beach
  • Average Price Per Night: $91

If you dream of waking up to roosters crowing and other farm animals nearby, this Pura Vida Florida Farm Airbnb is one of the best places you’ll find in the state.

The guesthouse on the farm has very rustic and beautiful features like a claw tub, barn doors, and more. Four people can stay here easily, but it’s more common for solo or duo travelers. 

The farm feels miles away, but you’re still close to the beautiful beaches and other activities. If you want to stay in for the night instead of exploring, they have a large selection of board games for you and your travel buddy to play. 

10. Pink Oceanfront Getaway

  • Location: St. Augustine
  • Average Price Per Night: $417

St. Augustine is one of the best vacation destinations in Florida because of its historical importance and the beaches. If you want a beach house that stands out amongst the rest, this pink beach home is the one for you.

Everything about this home is pink, from the exterior paint to the furniture and decorations inside. You won’t miss this home when you’re walking by. This oceanfront home sits directly on the beach, so you’ll be able to walk outside and then soak up the sun.

Nine beds can accommodate 13 guests with two bathrooms to share. You and your guests can enjoy cooking meals in the kitchen and sitting in pink lawn chairs around the fire pit at night.

11. Bikinis and Martinis

  • Location: Panama City Beach
  • Average Price Per Night: $99

This Bikinis and Martinis Airbnb is wonderful for the perfect beach getaway in Panama City Beach. It’s a small beachy guesthouse that can sleep two people but is right on the beach.

It has a full bathroom, kitchen, and beach chairs for use during the spring and summer months. Everything about this Airbnb screams typical Florida. There are seashells and other nautical decorations throughout. The space is bright yet is still cozy.  

12. Island Girl Houseboat

  • Location: North Fort Myers
  • Average Price Per Night: $99

You can experience what it’s like to live on a houseboat with this Airbnb in North Fort Myers, Florida. This decent-sized boat has two beds that allow for four people to stay here comfortably and one and a half bathrooms. 

The hosts dock the boat in a marina, so you don’t need to worry about it drifting away.

You can sit on the deck with your other travel companions and play games, read, or simply enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. The area it’s docked in has several restaurants, yoga, and paddleboards to rent. You’ll also have a kitchen onboard the boat to use.

13. Gulfport Studio Steps From the Beach

  • Location: Gulfport
  • Average Price Per Night: $109

A beautiful Airbnb to stay in when you’re in Pinellas County is this studio that’s steps from great beaches. The Gulfport Studio features blue, pink, and purple pastels colors on the outside and more pastel shades on the inside.

It’s a pretty space that’s very unique. There’s one bed that can sleep two people, a bathroom, a kitchen to cook, and other amenities like air conditioning to beat the Florida heat.

You can easily walk to the beaches, stores, and restaurants in the area from the front door. You won’t miss this space on your way back with a beautiful bright purple door. 

14. 14-Bed Mansion With a Lazy River

  • Location: Reunion
  • Average Price Per Night: $3,180

Just outside of Orlando is a mansion that’s perfect for family and friend getaways. This 14-bed mansion is the epitome of luxury, and you’ll be everyone’s favorite when they find out this is where they’re staying.

The estate features enough space to sleep 16 guests and has 16 bathrooms to match. Arguably the most impressive feature of this Airbnb is the lazy river they’ve incorporated into the large pool.

The mansion has everything else you could need. While you probably won’t want to leave this Airbnb, you’re still near the theme parks if you plan on seeing those during your visit.

15. Luxury Mini Yacht

  • Location: Panama City
  • Average Price Per Night: $125

In Panama City is this gorgeous luxury yacht that you can stay on. It’s considered a mini yacht because it has one bed and bathroom. While it has minimal beds, it’s the perfect Airbnb for someone traveling alone or with a partner. 

Even though you’re on a mini yacht, you’ll still have a small work or living space and kitchen to use for your convenience. The boat is in a marina, so you can safely stay here without having to navigate the ship through the waters. 

Finding the Best Airbnb in Florida

As you browse through the options Airbnb has for you, check out this buying guide for further information about staying in a rental and things to consider before reserving the space. 

How Do You Check-In and Out of an Airbnb?

If you’ve never stayed in an Airbnb before, you’re probably wondering how on Earth you’re going to check-in your rental. With hotels, it’s as simple as walking up to a front desk and giving your name before receiving a key to your room. 

While checking in and out of an Airbnb is also simple, you’re more than likely not going to be checking in with someone at a front desk. Since different hosts own each Airbnb, how they prefer you to check-in and out may vary. 

More often than not, your host will probably have a keypad on the door that grants you access to their Airbnb. They’ll change the code for every reservation. Then, they’ll send it to you through a message via the app on the date of your check-in.

It’ll be a four-digit or some other digit code that will only allow you access during your stay. Some hosts have a traditional key to their Airbnb. They’ll have you retrieve it in several ways.

You may be directed to a lockbox near the rental that requires a code. They’ll send that combination to you, and you’ll open the box to get the key. They’ll have you replace it once you’re checking out. 

In rare instances, you’ll check in with a person like you would a hotel. This typically happens when the Airbnb is in an apartment building. You’ll check in like you would a hotel at a front desk. 

Once you’ve booked the Airbnb of your Florida vacation dreams, if you’ve forgotten how the host would like you to check in, you can access that information via the app. 

Staying in an Airbnb Versus a Hotel

As you plan your vacation to Florida, deciding whether to stay in a hotel or Airbnb is going to be a big decision. Where you stay for the weekend, week, or longer is going to have an impact on your trip. 

One of the main reasons you may opt for an Airbnb over a hotel is the price. There are a lot of instances where the cost of staying in an Airbnb is more affordable than your traditional hotel room. 

Many Airbnbs tend to be cheaper than hotels due to overhead costs. Yes, you’ll be paying a housekeeping fee in your Airbnb total, but hotels have a lot more staff to cover and other overhead costs.

Airbnbs have less staff, and therefore, the pricing reflects that. Hotels aren’t always going to be more expensive than an Airbnb, though, so you’ll want to compare the prices of your top choices before booking. 

Another factor to consider when choosing between an Airbnb and a hotel is the experience. Hotels can be fun and unique places, but with the creative minds behind some of Florida’s Airbnbs, you may have a better overall experience since you can’t stay in some of these buildings anywhere else.

Especially if you’re traveling with family, choosing a house to stay in from Airbnb may be a better fit than several hotel rooms spread across the floor. What’s best for you won’t be the best for someone else, so consider these factors before booking. 

Read the Reviews

Even if you’re not the type of person to read reviews when booking a hotel, you’ll want to when selecting an Airbnb.

Generally speaking, the more reviews that an Airbnb has, the more people that have stayed there. Whether the reviews are good or bad, you’ll be able to get an accurate picture of what staying at that particular Airbnb is like.

When reading through the reviews, you’ll be able to tell if the space looks like the photos, if the host is responsive, if there are any issues, and more.

Choosing an Airbnb that not only lives up to the pictures and posting can help ensure you have the best time on your Florida vacation. Once your stay is over, be sure to leave an honest review via the app. This will help other travelers select the perfect Airbnb for them.  

Understand the House Rules

Just like you have specific rules in your home, every host of an Airbnb has their own rules they request guests to follow. These are clearly laid out in the listing, and you’ll be able to view them before you book. 

Taking a look at the list of house rules, if they have any, can make sure you’re choosing a place that you’ll feel comfortable at.

For example, a host may request that you have quiet hours between certain times. If you plan on having loud music, that may not be the rental for you. These house rules can expand into preparing the home before checking out.

Some hosts ask that guests strip the beds and place everything in a pile or in the washing machine. Some often ask that you run the dishwasher with everything you’ve used during your stay. 

The rules are easy to follow, but making sure you understand them before checking in can ensure you have the best stay and aren’t blindsided by additional fees if you break the rules.

Planning Your Trip to Florida

The Sunshine State makes for a great getaway, whether you’re travelling solo or with friends. Florida has some of the best beaches in the country, plenty of theme parks, and other activities to keep you busy for however long you plan on staying. 

Here are some of the top attractions in the state of Florida: 

Which Florida Airbnb Will You Book?

So there you have it — our top 15 picks for the best Airbnbs in Florida. You’ll have your fair share of exciting stays to choose from when you head to Florida.

You can do the traditional route and look for guest houses and traditional homes, or you can go for unique options like a treehouse or tiki hut. Regardless of which path you choose; you’ll find an Airbnb in Florida to make your vacation worthwhile.

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