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The Best Airbnbs in Dallas, Texas in 2023

The Best Airbnbs in Dallas, Texas in 2023

We’ll show you the 15 best Airbnbs in Dallas, Texas, the most interesting things to do when you get there, and why we love each one. Then, we’ll give you a few things to consider before booking your next stay.

Dallas is the fourth largest city in the Lonestar State. It attracts millions of visitors annually and is filled with museums, parks, and other things to do and see. If you’re planning a trip to Dallas, for whatever reason, keep reading to find the perfect Airbnb for your stay!

Why Stay at an Airbnb in Dallas, Texas?

Featured image of the Dallas skyline for a piece on the best Airbnbs in Dallas Texas


Long before Airbnb was available, staying with friends, family, or in hotels was your only option when traveling. Airbnb has made traveling even easier by offering unique places for people to stay. 

There are hundreds of hotels to stay at in Dallas, but staying in an Airbnb may be a better option for you. Why would you stay at a rental property over a hotel? It’s simple: Staying in an Airbnb feels homier.

Many locations are in apartment buildings or stand-alone houses, making it feel like a home away from home rather than a vacation rental. 

Plus, many Airbnb hosts go above and beyond to make their rental unique and exciting. If you love aesthetically pleasing spaces and themed rooms, checking out Airbnbs is a good idea. 

15 of the Most Unique Airbnbs in Dallas

As you plan your next trip to Dallas, why not check out Airbnb? Here are 15 of the most unique and best Airbnb for you to choose from. 

1. Vintage Airstream

  • Location: Deep Ellum and Fair Park
  • Average Price Per Night: $64

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in an Airstream before, now you can. There are several Airstream Airbnbs throughout Dallas, but this Vintage 1932 Airstream near Deep Ellum and Fair Park is one of the best.

The hosts decked out the interior in wood paneling, bright blankets and pillows, and surprisingly a lot of space for how small the Airstream is. You can sleep with one or two people in this rental, and there’s one bathroom.

It’s only 15 minutes from downtown Dallas, in a safe neighborhood.

You can open the doors, hang out outside on the lawn chairs, or cozy up with an excellent book or movie inside. There’s a small kitchen to make your own meals, and you can even bring your furry friends with you. 

2. Saved by the 90s

  • Location: Lower Greenville
  • Average Price Per Night: $154

By far, one of the most unique Airbnbs in Dallas is this Saved by the 90s home. Hosts, Kelsey and Jermey, did everything in their power to make this the 90s home of your dreams.

The rooms feature bright colors, posters from the 90s, and plenty of sugary cereal for you and your friends to enjoy. There’s even a statue of Marge Simpson, an old pay telephone, and VHS tapes for movie nights. 

The home can sleep up to six people comfortably and has one bathroom.

You’ll have free parking, a washer and dryer, and WiFi. It’s in the Lower Greenville area, making it close to great restaurants and close enough to downtown without being in the heart of the city. 

3. Colorful, Contemporary Oak Lawn Townhouse

  • Location: Oak Lawn
  • Average Price Per Night: $95

If you’re looking for a home away from home, this colorful and contemporary townhouse is a great option. It’s in the quiet neighborhood of Oak Lawn and features a beautifully decorated space.

It has a lot of bohemian touches with reds, whites, and other colors throughout the Airbnb. The townhouse is a shared space, but you’ll have your own bathroom and bedroom.

You and other guests might share the communal areas with other guests if someone booked them as well. Two people can comfortably sleep in the room, and the house has a kitchen, patio, washer and dryer, and other amenities for you to use.

4. Escape the City Treehouse

  • Location: Little Forest Hills
  • Average Price Per Night: $319

If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in a treehouse, then you have to try to stay in this Airbnb. It’s a magical treehouse in Little Forest Hills that’s rather large. The home is surrounded by Japanese Maple and other trees, providing a secluded place to stay.

It has a rustic and boho vibe that suits the building perfectly. Most treehouses on Airbnb are tiny and can only sleep one or two people, but there are two bedrooms in this property.

Four people can fit here, and there are two bathrooms, a spacious backyard, fireplace when it’s chilly, WiFi, and a full kitchen to use. The best part is that you’re only eight miles from downtown, but you feel lightyears away. 

5. Custom House Ranked Best by Architecture Digest

  • Location: Old East Dallas
  • Average Price Per Night: $336

One of the most beautifully constructed Airbnb’s in Dallas has been ranked best by Architecture Digest. The house has neutral colors, wood-plank walls, and other natural elements.

This Airbnb is a real architecture work of art that is perfect for larger groups of people. It’s a lavish house with everything you and your friends or family need to make this a great vacation. Custom House has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

You can easily sleep eight people here without fighting over beds. The house comes with bathroom essentials, free parking, hairdryers, washers and dryers, an iron, and everything else that you may need. 

6. Downtown Loft

  • Location: Downtown Dallas 
  • Average Price Per Night: $126

Another wonderful Dallas Airbnb is this downtown loft. It has bright white walls, concrete floors, and deep blue velvet couches.

The living area has floor-to-ceiling windows, which give you an exceptional view of downtown, plus the balcony is the perfect place to relax with a coffee before you venture out for the day. This loft has one bedroom and one bathroom, but it can sleep four people easily with the couch.

Since this property is in a high-rise building, you won’t have to worry about lugging your suitcase up flights of stairs. They have an elevator. Other amenities include a washer and dryer, microwave, air conditioning, and other basic amenities.

7. Tiny House in Wooded Backyard

  • Location: Bishop Arts District
  • Average Price Per Night: $66

Tiny houses are all the rage right now, and now you can stay in one without moving into one permanently. This tiny house is absolutely adorable with rustic touches.

You’ll walk inside and have a small living area kitchen, and the bed is lofted under a vaulted roof. It’s the perfect place to stay when traveling by yourself or with one other person. 

The property owner, Kelsea, goes above and beyond to make sure this tiny house feels like a home for however long you’re staying in Dallas. The home has all the cooking and kitchen utensils you could need, beautiful bedding, a TV where you can log into your favorite streaming accounts, and more.

8. Elegant Urban Cottage

  • Location: Irving
  • Average Price Per Night: $178

For those traveling with a larger group or prefer a larger space to stay in, this elegant urban cottage is the perfect Airbnb. It’s in the heart of Irving, just west of downtown Dallas.

The location is ideal for those who want to be able to quickly get into the city without having to stay in it. The house has a farmhouse elegance with white walls and other rustic touches throughout. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, meaning there’s enough space for up to eight guests.

It has all the amenities you’d expect in a house, plus, they’re incredibly family-friendly. The home has a baby bath, pack and play, a high chair, and children’s dinnerware.

9. Luxe Warehouse in Downtown

  • Location: Downtown Dallas
  • Average Price Per Night: $679

This luxe warehouse in downtown Dallas is spectacular for those looking for a large space to stay in and who don’t mind spending a little extra cash. This large Airbnb is the perfect combination of industrial and rustic.

The renovation of this space can be seen on CNBC’s Crash Pad, and if you’re a fan of the Bachelor Franchise, then you’ll be ecstatic to know Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers were the interior designers.

There are Earth tones, concrete flooring, twinkling lights, and bikes hanging on the walls for guests to use.

The Luxe Warehouse can sleep up to ten people. There are two bedrooms with five beds total and three bathrooms to share. It has all the features you expect like WiFi, a kitchen, TVs, and you can even bring your furry friends with you.

10. The Montclair House

  • Location: Winnetka Heights
  • Average Price Per Night: $165

The Montclair House is a stunning Airbnb that’s perfect for almost any type of traveler. The interior is bright white with antique decor that fits a modern rustic vibe.

There’s a large farm table where you and your other guests can enjoy a meal, play board games or just hang out. People love this rental because of the pool and hot tub outside. There’s room for two guests here.

There’s one bedroom and one bathroom, but there are two couches if you have four people staying with you. You’ll have access to the private pool and hot tub, a fenced-in backyard, WiFi, and you’re able to bring your pets with you if you like.

11. The McFly

  • Location: Swiss Avenue
  • Average Price Per Night: $132

Do you remember that 1990s themed Airbnb that’s also in Dallas? Well, the same owners created a 1980s rental! Every room in this house features classic 80s decor and color palettes.

The walls are pastels and neon colors, and there are vintage video games, original Nintendo games, and Ninja Turtle memorabilia.

There are two bedrooms and one bathroom in McFly. Even with two bedrooms, the space can comfortably sleep up to six people. There’s a backyard to hang out in, free parking on the premises, WiFi, and a full kitchen with a sugary cereal bar for you to enjoy.

This Airbnb is different because they allow you to drop your luggage off before check-in if you arrive before that time.

12. The Peacock Palace

  • Location: Dallas Design District
  • Average Price Per Night: $185

It’s no surprise that the Peacock Palace is nestled in the Dallas Design District. The interior of this rental is probably one of the prettiest and most unique spaces we’ve ever seen. There are shades of blues, greens, and gold everywhere you turn, kind of like a peacock.

There’s an old-school teal phone with a blue neon sign, a velvet couch, plenty of plants. The Peacock Palace has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The rental is in an apartment building that offers guests access to a communal patio, pool, and hot tub. There are security cameras on the property, and you’ll have a kitchen, WiFi, and other amenities inside the apartment. 

13. Jurny; Rustic Downtown Apartment

  • Location: Downtown Dallas
  • Average Price Per Night: $94

There’s nothing better than staying in the heart of downtown Dallas if you plan on spending most of your time in this area of the city.

This rustic downtown apartment is modern, beautiful, and the perfect central location for your Dallas getaway. It’s a decent size, open floor plan with one bedroom. You and another person can both sleep comfortably here.

You’ll have the entire apartment to yourself, including a kitchen, dining area, living room, a pool on the property, a gym, and 24/7 security. Staying here means you’re within walking distance of some of the best restaurants, shops, and other activities in Dallas. 

14. Art District Guesthouse

  • Location: Dallas Arts District
  • Average Price Per Night: $70

Above a pin garage is this art district guesthouse. It’s a studio space that feels larger with white walls, gray flooring, and minimal decor. People love the blue velvet couch that acts as a statement piece for the rental.

It’s a cozy space to curl up after exploring Dallas for the day or when you arrive home after an adventure. There is one bed and one bathroom in the studio, but you can easily sleep three people here if you want.

You won’t have a full kitchen here, but you do have a fully stocked kitchenette for you to use. If you need laundry services, they’re downstairs in the garage. The location is perfect for exploring the Arts District and getting to and from downtown. 

15. Charming Cabin

  • Location: Deep Ellum and Fair Park
  • Average Price Per Night: $60

Dallas is a large and bustling city, but if you want to stay in a more secluded area, this cozy cabin is perfect. It’s near Deep Ellum and Fair Park, which are the suburbs of Dallas.

When staying here, you’ll forget you’re only a few miles from downtown. It looks like a cabin you’d find in a national park. The entire space is wooden with older furnishings and decor inside. There’s one bedroom and one bathroom here that’s perfect for a group of two people.

You can sit on the porch surrounded by plenty of trees, which makes this Airbnb more secluded than other rentals in Dallas. You’ll have a kitchenette for coffee and small meals or to store leftovers from your day. 

Guide to Staying in an Airbnb in Dallas

Whether you’ve never stayed in an Airbnb before or have but not in Dallas, here are some helpful tips to staying in one. 

How to Check Into an Airbnb

How you’ll check into an Airbnb varies depending on the host’s preferences and how they run their rental property. More often than not, Airbnb owners have a keypad on their doors so they can change the door code per reservation and ensure everyone’s safety.

If this is how your host wants to check in, you’ll receive the door code around the time of check-in via message through the app. Some rentals have traditional keys.

If this is the case, many hosts will place the key in a lockbox, to which they will then give you a code to retrieve the key. You’ll be able to take the key and then use it throughout your stay. In some rare instances, you’ll check into your Airbnb with a person.

Many of the hosts who have rental properties inside condo or apartment buildings will allow you to head to the front desk for check-in, just like you would with a hotel.

Since checking in varies depending on the property and host you book with, you’ll want to double-check the check-in requirements before booking. This way, you know what to expect on your arrival day and that it’s something you’re comfortable with. 

Average Prices vs. Hotels

Many times, Airbnbs tend to be more affordable than hotels. Unlike hotels, Airbnbs don’t have a lot of overhead costs to incorporate into their total price.

Yes, you will likely pay cleaning fees, but it may be cheaper than many hotel rooms’ overall costs. You may be able to find a hotel that fits your budget for your trip.

But when you’re traveling for more extended periods, having an Airbnb with a kitchen or you to cook can save you more money. Granted, hotels aren’t always more expensive than Airbnbs, but generally, they are. That’s why people love staying at them. 

Read the Reviews

Reading other guest reviews can give you an idea of how the property was, if it looked like the pictures and if they encountered any issues while staying there. They’ll also discuss the host and how responsive they were if there were issues.

Generally speaking, the more reviews for a property, the better. More reviews mean that they are regularly renting out their Airbnb. The more they rent it out, the more desirable it is, and usually, it means positive experiences.

You don’t necessarily need to read through every single review, but it’s helpful to read a handful to ensure you’re choosing an Airbnb that is best for you and whoever you’re traveling with. 

Understand the House Rules

As you browse through Airbnbs, you’ll notice that each listing has house rules. These are rules put in place by the host to ensure both parties’ safe and positive experiences. 

These rules can be anything from quiet hours, how to prepare the space before you check out, and more. Most hosts have rules in place to assist housekeeping once you leave. They may have you strip the bed and leave everything in a pile or do nothing at all. 

Every host is a little different, so reading the house rules is crucial to you having a great stay. If you don’t know the house rules before going, you may be disappointed or accidentally break some rules, which can cause additional fees.  

Choose One Based on Where You Want to Be in Dallas

If you haven’t noticed, Dallas is a massive city. Airbnbs are all over, and choosing one based on the location you want to be in can help ensure you’re happy with your overall trip. 

For example, if you know that most of the things you want to do are downtown, you’ll probably want to select something downtown or within a few miles from it.

While Airbnb won’t release the exact address of properties before booking for safety reasons, you can use their map feature to get approximate locations. 

Planning Your Trip to Dallas

Dallas zoo entrance, one of the things to do when staying at the best Airbnbs in Dallas Texas

Timothy L Barnes/Shutterstock

Whether you prefer to spend your time outdoors at parks or indoors touring museums and breweries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Dallas. Here are some of the top attractions in Dallas: 

So, What Are the Best Airbnbs in Dallas, Texas?

More and more people choose to stay in Airbnbs rather than hotels. Most offer more privacy than a traditional hotel and can make you feel like you’re at home while you’re away from home. When looking for an Airbnb in Dallas, you have hundreds of options.

Some are more traditional, and there are plenty of unique spaces, like ones decorated like the 1990s, treehouses, and more. If you want to make your trip to Dallas even more memorable than it will be, staying in a unique Airbnb is the way to do it.