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North Korea

North Korea?

North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is a secretive and isolated nation located on the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. Covering approximately 120,538 square kilometers, it shares a border with South Korea to the south, China to the northwest, and Russia to the northeast.

The country’s history is marked by division and political tensions between North and South Korea. North Korea is known for its authoritarian regime, controlled media, and strict isolationist policies. Limited access for foreign travelers and the absence of diplomatic relations with several countries contribute to its enigmatic status.

Where Should You Stay in North Korea?

North Korea, a country shrouded in secrecy, offers a highly unique travel experience characterized by meticulously planned tours and a glimpse into a society unlike any other. Visitors to North Korea can expect a journey that is carefully curated, offering a blend of historical sites, cultural performances, and natural beauty, all presented within the context of the country’s distinct political and social landscape. Let’s explore some of the key locations typically included in guided tours to North Korea.


  • Best For: Monumental architecture, state-run cultural performances, historical museums.
  • Attractions: Kim Il-sung Square, Juche Tower, Mansudae Grand Monument.


  • Best For: Historical sites, proximity to the DMZ, traditional Korean architecture.
  • Attractions: Panmunjom (DMZ), Koryo Museum, Tomb of King Kongmin.

Mount Kumgang

  • Best For: Scenic beauty, hiking, natural landscapes.
  • Attractions: Samil Lagoon, Kuryong Waterfall, various hiking trails.


  • Best For: Coastal scenery, public gatherings, East Sea (Sea of Japan) views.
  • Attractions: Songdowon International Children’s Camp, Wonsan Beach, Kalma Peninsula.

Mount Paektu

  • Best For: Mythological significance, volcanic landscapes, crater lake.
  • Attractions: Heaven Lake, Paektu Mountain, Revolutionary Battle Sites.

Finding the Right Spot in North Korea

Choosing where to stay in North Korea is largely determined by the predetermined itineraries set by tour operators. Pyongyang offers the most comprehensive look into the country’s culture and history, with its grand monuments and state-sponsored art performances. Kaesong is significant for its historical value and proximity to the DMZ, offering a rare glimpse into the divide between North and South Korea.

Mount Kumgang and Mount Paektu provide natural beauty and opportunities to see more of the countryside’s landscapes, while Wonsan offers a look at North Korea’s coastal regions.

Traveling in North Korea is unlike anywhere else, with every aspect of the visit tightly regulated and monitored. It’s an experience that provides a carefully constructed perspective of this secluded nation, ensuring your stay is as intriguing as it is controlled.

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